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Updated by Divers Institute on Jan 11, 2015
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Divers Institute of Technology Blog

Divers Institute of Technology Blog

Dive Museum Showcases Vintage Deep Sea Diving Suit

Check out this cool vintage deepwater diving suit on display at a Florida diving museum! Looks like a futuristic suit of armor!

70-Year-Old Commercial Diver Still Going Strong

Talk about a career with longevity! This 70-year-old still works in commercial diving and teaches diving classes.

Navy Divers, Sailors Recover F-16 Fighter Jet

Search and salvage effort by Navy Sailors and Divers leads to successful recovery of downed fighter jet in Atlantic Ocean

Divers Institute Earns Military Friendly School Designation

DIT recently earned a coveted spot on the Military Friendly School list, an honor given to the top 20% of U.S. schools who provide outstanding support to military service members, veterans and their spouses!

Time-Lapse Video: Costa Concordia Pulled Upright at Last

Check out this amazing time-lapse video of the Costa Concordia being pulled to an upright position after months of lying on its side!

Salvage Divers Work to Raise Capsized Alaskan Ship

After three months, salvage teams are still working to dislodge and remove the capsized Alaskan fishing vessel Lone Star. Read how salvage divers are helping with this challenging task!

Divers Explore Submerged Egyptian City

Divers discovered archaeological wonders that have been submerged in the Mediterranean for 1,200 years!

Bomb-Sniffing Dolphins: A Navy Diver's Best Friend

Did you know the US Navy uses trained dolphins to pinpoint hidden explosives? Take a look at how these dolphins are currently helping Navy divers with a minesweeping mission near Croatia!

Massive Meteorite Hauled Out of Russian Lake by Divers

It’s not every day that divers are tasked with salvaging an item from outer space! Learn more about how Russian divers retrieved a giant meteorite out of a frozen lake after this year’s explosive meteor shower.

Diving Team Identifies Pre-Civil War Shipwreck off New Jersey Coast

A NOAA Maritime Heritage diving team recently identified a mysterious shipwreck off the New Jersey coast. Learn more in our new blog!

LOOK: Archaeologists Recover Cannons From Blackbeard's Shipwreck

Divers race against the weather to recover Blackbeard’s infamous flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, before the remains of the shipwreck are lost to hurricanes and other storms.

Cannons from Blackbeard's Pirate Ship Recovered

On Oct. 28, underwater archeologists helped recover five cannons and two other large artifacts from the shipwreck of the Queen Anne's Revenge, the infamous flagship that once belonged to the legendary pirate Blackbeard.

Navy Divers Help Recover Segment of Sunken Confederate Warship

Divers recently helped salvage a piece of a Confederate warship that sunk in 1864. Learn more about this Civil War shipwreck and the effort it took to recover this piece of history in our latest blog!

Rena Salvage Divers Tackle Reef-Damaged Ship Off New Zealand Coast

The wrecked container ship Rena has proven to be one of the most challenging and expensive salvage operations in history. Learn how salvage divers are prepping the ship for removal in our new blog!

Underwater Cartographer Charted Florida's Pristine Silver Springs

Underwater Cartographer Charted Florida's Pristine Silver Springs Divers Institute of Technology Most divers only get to explore crystal clear springs for pleasure, but professional underwater cartographer Eric Hutcheson was one of the few who actually got paid to do it!

Massive WWII-Era Submarine Found off Hawaiian Coast

Undersea explorers recently found the wreckage of a historic aircraft-carrying submarine dating back to WWII. Check out this amazing video footage of the discovery!

Mysterious Shipwreck Found in Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are chock full of shipwrecks. Read about a sunken steamship that was recently discovered by a team of shipwreck hunters and the mystery surrounding it in our latest blog.

Commercial Divers Might Help Clear Path for Bertha

Bertha, the giant digging machine that’s tunneling under Seattle, has been stopped in its tracks by an unknown obstruction. Learn how professional divers might help identify and remove the blockage in our latest blog!

Marine Salvors Recover Wrecked Aircraft off Molokai

Marine salvage professionals typically recover ships and cargo after shipwrecks, but this salvage team recovered an aircraft instead. Learn more about the plane’s recovery near Hawaii in our latest blog!

Divers Rescue Man Trapped Underwater for Three Days

A Nigerian cook survived three days trapped underwater until divers came to the rescue. Watch video footage of his rescue in our latest blog!

Superstorm Christine Reveals Century-Old Sunbeam Shipwreck in Ireland

Superstorm Christine revealed an unexpected shipwreck! Read more about the Sunbeam Shipwreck on our blog.

Amazing Exosuit Could Help with Deep Sea Work

Amazing Exosuit Could Help with Deep Sea Work A fascinating new diving suit could make it possible for diving professionals to do deep sea work at surface pressure with surprising dexterity, according to Wired . The Exosuit, developed by Nuytco Research Ltd, is extremely high-tech with thrusters to provide propulsion and an optional hook hand that divers can use as a tool, the article explained.

Historic San Francisco Shipwreck Tells Tale of Heroism

Not far from the Golden Gate Bridge is an underwater shipwreck that was largely forgotten for more than 100 years. NOAA recently identified the ship as the SS City of Chester and uncovered the heroism that took place on the day of its sinking