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Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning Blog

Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning Blog
Air Conditioning as a Home Remedy for Asthma | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. on Wor...

Have asthma? Find out the health benefits of running an Air Conditioner in your home!

Central Air Conditioning Important to Home Buyers | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. o...

Survey shows homebuyers rank central air conditioning the most important feature!

Trouble Sleeping? Air Conditioning Can Help! | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. on Wor...

Research shows hot indoor temps can lead to serious lack of sleep. Learn how air conditioning can help you sleep longer and more deeply.

Air Conditioning Keeps High Humidity at Bay

High humidity can be harmful to your health and home. Find out how a good air conditioning system can help!

Fall Is Coming: Is Your Furnace Ready?

Fall begins Sept. 22! Is your home’s heating system ready for chilly fall weather?

Now Is the Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. on ...

Heating system maintenance is a vital part of prepping your home for winter. Learn why keeping your furnace in top condition is so important!

The History of Home Heating | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. on
Ever wondered how people warmed their homes before modern home heating systems? Travel through time and learn how home heating has evolved over the years!
5 Ways to Winterize Your Home | Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. Comfort You Can Count On. on
Scheduling a heating system tune-up is an important part of getting your home ready for winter. Learn other ways to winterize your home and cut back on wasted energy and high energy bills here!
Replace Unsafe Space Heaters with Reliable Central Heat

Did you know space heaters are a riskier way of heating your home than central heat? Learn more about the dangers posed by space heaters in our new blog!

It's Freezing Out There! Reliable Home Heating to the Rescue!

It’s been a chilly week for the Seattle area, and it’s not letting up any time soon! Does your furnace have what it takes to withstand freezing temperatures all winter long?

Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat: A High-Tech Heating Solution

Wouldn’t it be great to warm up your home from your smartphone or tablet? This holiday season, give your home the gift of high-tech heating with the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat!

Brennan Heating Earns Angie's List Super Service Award for Eighth Year Straight

Eight years and counting! Brennan Heating just received the 2013 Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the eighth year in a row for providing exemplary service to our customers!

This Winter, Focus on Indoor Air Quality

The cold and rain has us spending more time indoors during the winter, but breathing all that recycled air can be hazardous to those with health problems. Learn why winter is a great time to focus on air quality!


Quality Heating Helps Fend Off Freezing Temps in Seattle

Quality Heating Helps Fend Off Freezing Temps in Seattle

Cold enough for you? Learn more about how reliable home heating can come to the rescue during Seattle‘s cold snaps in our latest blog


Humidity Control Keeps Winter from Drying Out Your Home

Humidity Control Keeps Winter from Drying Out Your Home

Does your home get dry and stuffy every winter? Learn why flow-through humidifiers are an essential part of any home comfort system in our latest blog!


Going Green Starts With Your Furnace

Going Green Starts With Your Furnace

Are you committed to having an environmentally friendly home? Explore the benefits of energy efficient furnaces and solar-ready heat pumps in our latest blog!

Is It Time to Replace Your Noisy Furnace?

Have you ever had guests over to your home and noticed that every time your heater kicks on, everyone has to raise their voices? Or maybe your furnace is so loud that you can't relax and watch TV or a movie without constantly adjusting the volume.

4 Good Reasons to Keep up with Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace is essential to a healthy, energy-efficient home. Learn more about the importance of furnace maintenance in our latest blog post.

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace Filters?

Ever wondered how often you should change out your furnace filters? Take a look at our latest blog to learn why it‘s important to swap out your filter at least once a season.

3 Things to Look for in a Seattle Heating Contractor

If you need your furnace serviced or replaced, it's important to choose a heating contractor with a good reputation. With so many heating contractors to choose from, how can you tell the good contractors from the bad? Here we'll explore three ways a quality heating contractor sets itself apart from the pack.

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?

The warm weather we've received in the Seattle area this spring has been a pleasant change from all the cold and rain, but all that sunshine can lead to heat gain in your home. It won't be long before homeowners are switching on the AC for the first time.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating Systems Over the years, hydronic (hot water) heating has been used in the best comfort systems in a wide range of new and traditional homes. Hydronic heating is a method of heating that uses hot water or steam instead of air.

5 Ways to Get Cleaner Air by Summer

Outdoor allergies are bad enough without having indoor allergies to deal with as well! Check out our new blog for tips on now to boost your home's indoor air quality this summer!

Heat Pumps: A Heating and Cooling Solution in One

Summer might not last too long in the Pacific Northwest, but temperatures can still get plenty hot during the warm months. When the sun finally comes out in full force in the Seattle area, heat builds up quickly in the home.

3 Great Lennox Temperature Control Options

If you own a home with an old thermostat or recently purchased a home with an older thermostat, it might be a good time to think about replacing it. Not only are old thermostats often unsightly and add to the age of your home, but they may also lack the money-saving functionality and advanced features of today's thermostats.