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What to do In Ahungalla – Get the best out of your beachside stay

When you are visiting a stunning island nation such as Sri Lanka, you will find yourself almost drawn to the coasts where the most resplendent beaches in the world lie in wait. While still undergoing a growth spurt, Ahungalla is an up-and-coming destination that has much to offer travellers!


Take a trip to see sea turtle conservation in action

Something remarkable about the beaches on the coast of Ahungalla is that it is a space where sea turtles use to lay their eggs. Given the vulnerable nature of these eggs and the low probability of survival of hatchlings, an initiative has been developed to foster the eggs discovered by fishermen.
These conservation efforts play a large role in ensuring that the local turtle populations are healthy as they would otherwise be decimated by predators. When in Bentota, things to do may feel scarce but just ask the lock tuk-tuk driver and they will be able to take you to these hatcheries.


Gem shopping

While the coast is not exactly known for its abundance in gems, there are still a few gem factories and retail jewellery stores that may be worth a visit.


Time for tea

If you are staying at a location such as the Heritance Ahungalla you would likely already have gotten a good taste of the types of tea that Sri Lanka has to offer. So, the island is filled with different types of tea and suppliers. It is an interesting experience to simply immerse yourself in the world of tea during your time in Ahungalla.
Take the time to visit some of the nearby suppliers to get some souvenirs but also get a better understanding of the history of tea in Sri Lanka.


Explore the spice gardens

Along with tea, spice plays a major part in Sri Lankan food and life in general. With a huge history of Ayurveda remedies and other ancient forms of medicine, the culture of Sri Lanka places a major emphasis on understanding these spices but also on how to cultivate them.
As such, there is a Spice Garden available for people to visit and learn a little more about this cornerstone of Sri Lanka life. You will be able to walk away with a better understanding of the healing properties of a plethora of spices and plants.


Visit the sitting Buddha

When you move up the hill along the southern bank of the Bentota river, you will be able to see a large statue of the Buddha looming in front of you. It is said that this statue dates all the way back to the 12th century, making it a historical landmark that is well worth a visit.
Given that much of the country is Buddhist, it is also a great way to learn more about what makes this island nation tick.
Taking the time to simply bask in the peace and quiet of the temple is an excellent way to round up your time in Sri Lanka.