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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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7 Reasons why Co-living is Great for Digital Nomads – discover affordable luxury for Digital Nomads

While as a digital nomad, you may not necessarily crave the comfort of a long-term home, it will be important that you have a place that is convenient, comfortable, and fun to live in. Here are a few reasons why co-living might be the perfect solution.


They are super affordable without being too shabby

If you are a digital nomad, you have to be where technology and creativity can be found. This usually means that most of your business travel will include metropolitan cities. While such locations can be very convenient and inspiring to live in they also tend to be extremely expensive. This is where co-living comes into play. You can enjoy a comfortable living space while sharing the rent with others. Unlike having to share rent and other costs with roommates in a conventional sharing setting, co-giving spaces offer a fixed monthly rate and you don't have to deal with anyone else to settle your bills.



Every co-living space including properties by Discover ASR goes by the tech-first philosophy. This means that you can be sure to have high-quality access to the internet and all other amenities that will allow you to engage in a hassle-free digital life.


Not tied down

This is perhaps the fact that makes co-living extremely attractive to digital nomads. Unlike other types of living arrangements, you don't have to sign long leases to rent a co-living space. This means that you have all the flexibility to change your location monthly.


A like-minded community

A problem that every digital nomad encounters at least once in their lifetime is feeling lonely. It is very challenging to form relationships and maintain them when you are constantly moving from place to place. Co-working spaces provide a solution for this by encouraging community engagements and collaboration. The common spaces and the working area are usually made in such a way that people can work together if need be. Some host dinners, movie nights, or professional events which will bring all its residents together.


A celebration of diversity

Living in a co-living space means that you will have almost anyone sharing the location with you. There will be people of different ages, diverse professions, ethnicities, and belief systems. The one thing that will unite everyone will be the lifestyle that they've chosen. This gives plenty of opportunities for you to learn about new cultures, try new food or even make life-long friendships.


Supportive network

Having a like-minded community around you means that you will have a network of people who understand your struggles and will be happy to lend some help. This can come in very handy when you first arrive at a new city and a brand new space.


Personal growth

The diversity that is seen within co-living spaces encourages a lot of personal growth. This is partly because you have the chance to grow as a person in terms of developing empathy and respect towards your co-residents. Additionally, the space will also put you in touch with people with different skill sets which will allow you to learn from each other.

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