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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for List of Professions Under Hospitality Management Degrees – Enjoy Top Job Opportunities
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List of Professions Under Hospitality Management Degrees – Enjoy Top Job Opportunities

The hospitality industry is growing. It's recognised as a top profession across the globe. Hence, opportunities within the trade are varied and as this article explores, a degree in hospitality management can open many a career path. Here's a look at professions available after a hospitality degree.


A Hotel Manager within the Hospitality Trade

All operating departments of a hotel come under a hotel manager. Enjoy a challenging job where you get to meet new and interesting people daily. Tackle challenges and establish routines and enjoy playing varied roles within the dynamic hospitality industry. You will learn all about the many roles a hotel manager plays at your hospitality and tourism college. Some of the best will make sure a host of job paths open up to their graduates. Plus, like Asian Institute of Hospitality Management offer students the opportunity to study hospitality at the world's top tourist hubs.


Get into Luxury Retail as a Brand Marketing Manager

Very similar to the hospitality industry, brand marketing too is centred on seeing to the needs of customers and ensuring they are kept happy. Focusing on maintaining brand loyalty, this career option is also focused on excellent customer service. Polishing up a set of skills that will help you deal with any situation or the most difficult customer will help in safeguarding brand reputation. Skills required here are similar to those learned at a tourism and hospitality management college, which makes it a profession open to hospitality management graduates.


Dabble in Event Marketing as Director Operations

If you love to travel and meet people from diverse backgrounds and professions, event marketing is the path for you. Enjoy working with professionals from various industries such as entertainment, sports, medicine, construction etc. Plus, planning events and meetings for global clients will see you globetrotting in turn, to some of the more exciting destinations across the planet.


Explore Sales and Marketing as a Sales Manager

Enjoy tackling challenges and being a 'go-getter' in your capacity as a sales manager. Not only will you enjoy travelling and meeting new clients, but you will also be responsible for increasing your company's sales and turnover. The job of a sales manager is not desk-bound, and you get to travel, plan strategies, enjoy bringing in new business, and of course, meeting top management from far and wide.


Be a Private Banker

Yes, students graduating from the hospitality industry are considered assets within the financial trade. This is because, unlike the typical business school graduate, a student from the hospitality trade will possess a whole range of skills, including excellence in understanding customer needs.


Director for Holistic Services

Hospitality management graduates will easily fit into the roles of spa and wellbeing centre directors. The lifestyle experience offered at world-class spas is more than holistic treatments and massages. On offer is a range of services designed to uplift the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of the client. Spas at top international hotels are not just selling massages to relax you. They offer help for dealing with disease, understanding and evaluating one's health, and future plans for maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. As a senior director of a reputed spa, you have ample opportunity to showcase your skills learned at hospitality management college.