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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 16, 2021
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Things to Know Before Exploring Muslim Street in Xian China – A Fascinating Quarter

Xian is known across the world for its Terracotta Warriors. But did you know that Muslim Street is also a top attraction in Xian? The area is also a beloved foodie street! But first here are some things to know before exploring Muslim Street in Xian China!


Get Ready for the Crowds

Due to Muslim Streets popularity, everyone wants to visit the place, and it can be quite crowded. This means you are going to get pushed and shoved as you walk along. And you may not want to wear any expensive jewellery. Plus, it would be advisable to keep any valuable items close to you. Oh, and make sure to watch out for those bikes and garbage trucks that also whizz up and down the street! But don't worry it's all a part of the whole experience.


Don't Expect Special Treatments

Take along plenty of change in the local currency. And you must go into bargaining mode only once you have decided to buy an item. The vendors on Muslim Street are not the type to hassle customers and will also not tolerate any sass. You will benefit from choosing central Xi ' An hotels. Sightseeing is easy, and you can access places like Muslim Street whenever you fancy a delicious local meal. Some popular options like Grand Park Xian are only 9 minutes from Muslim Street and other top attractions in Xian.


You Can't Be Too Squeamish

Muslim Street is an acquired taste of varied experiences. And one sight you most likely will not miss is the sight of animal carcasses being carved. It is a normal part of the eat street and nothing out of the normal. However, it can be quite disturbing to those of you with a sensitive stomach. If you want to avoid such sights make your way across the smaller by-lanes.


Visit the Smaller Shops for the Best Deals

There are plenty of souvenir and gift shops located along Muslim Street but if you are on the hunt for some good bargains avoid the bigger shops. Instead, go check out the smaller stores located off the main street and you will be able to snag some pretty good deals.


All Food is Halal

In keeping with the street's name, Muslim Street does not sell any pork items. Plus, all food sold there comes with Halal certification. Alcohol too is not sold there but the variety of food is so amazing you won't miss the two items. Food stalls open from around 9 am in the morning and will continue until midnight.


Night-time is the Best Time to Visit the Market

For that magical experience of Muslim Street, visit the place after dark. The entire area comes alive with twinkling lights, happy tourists, and the delicious smells of food being prepared. The chaos, the noise, and the crowds are all a part of your experience on Muslim Street.


It's Mostly About the Food

The main allure of Muslim Street is the array of food. And you must try most of the popular favourites on offer. Look out for favourites like yangrou paomo (pita bread that has been given a good dunk in lamb soup) and biang biang, a top noodle dish.

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