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Tout savoir sur l'utilisation d'instagram. Les meilleurs pratiques des marques. Truc et astuces. Audience. Fondateurs

12 Most Instantly Awesome Brands on Instagram

Back at the start of 2012, Instagram was the hip new app that people were using to share photographs of their lunch, their lives and themselves. In fact, the third most popular hashtag on Instagram is "#me." Then, in the Spring of last year, Facebook bought the photo-sharing social network for a billion dollars.

Instagram Video: How Brands are Using Their 15 Seconds

When Instagram announced the platform was adding video in mid-June, it sent marketers and consumers into an exciting frenzy on the heels of the very popular Twitter app, Vine. What could Instagram offer that Vine hadn't yet?

5 Ways Small Business Brands Can Use Instagram Video

5 Ways Small Business Brands Can Use Instagram Video So it happened. Facebook owned released video functionality on their app to go head to head against Twitter's Vine app. The battle lines are drawn and people and brands are already choosing sides. But what does this mean for your small business?

What Marketers and Brands Should Know About Instagram Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Try searching for the answer on your favorite search engine and you'll likely come across mentions of research from Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, which found that a one-minute video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words.

4 Tips to Create a Successful Instagram Strategy

At 435 Digital, we love all things social media and are big supporters of brands incorporating social into their daily marketing efforts. At the same time, we will be the first to tell brands to be cautious when deciding which social networks are right for their business.

10 Brands That Jumped on Instagram Video (And Rocked It)

When new social media features are released, every news outlet and blog jumps on the story. (Hey, we do it, too.) Everyone's thinking: what is this new feature, and how does it fit into my current content strategy?

20 best tips for brands on Instagram

In between the lo-fi selfies, the gratuitous food porn and the #nofilter sunsets that often seem to define Instagram, smart brands are finding creative ways to distinguish themselves and gain targeted followings on this visual social powerhouse.

Instagram Video Presents Opportunity for Brands

Most Recent Articles On Digital More Articles By NEW YORK - Instagram said Thursday it would integrate video into its platform in a move that could have major implications for the fashion world's digital efforts.

What Every Company Needs To Know About Instagram Video

Hot on the heels of Twitter-owned video app Vine's phenomenal success comes Instagram's latest announcement that video is being introduced to their platform. Instagram is already hugely popular, with more than 130 million users, but Vine is currently more popular than Instagram for media sharing on Twitter...

These Brands Are Doing Amazing Things With Instagram

Instagram has provided brands with a creative new medium through which they can reach as many as 50 million users (turned amateur photographers) in an artistic and engaging way.Skip directly to the best brands on Instagram > After Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of the startup in April, at this point if you haven't heard of Instagram you probably still use dial-up, have a flip-phone the size of a chinchilla, and aren't reading this site; but for the uninitiated: Instagram is a photo sharing site that allows users to share snapshots of their lives through artistic sepia filters.

5 Greats Brands Using Video on Instagram

Have you seen any brands using Video on Instagram yet? Instagram's competitor to Vine is about two weeks into its existence, but it took about two days (or less) for social-savvy brands to start using the new social video tool. Always recycle.

5 Cool Brand Instagram Videos

As with every shiny new digital object, brands have been quick to jump on Instagram video, which was released just last month. Spun as the Vine killer, Instagram video appears to be living up to the hype: Vine sharing plummeted 40 percent on June 20, the day that Instagram video was released, according to data from Topsy.

Instagram video for brands: 'The 15-second format is killer'

Instagram users posted more than 5m videos in the first 24 hours after Facebook's photo-sharing app added 15-second clip capabilities. At its peak on Thursday night, more than 40 hours of footage was being uploaded a minute. And it's perhaps inevitable that Justin Bieber quickly became the first user to attract 1m likes for an Instagram clip.

Brand Marketing Success with Instagram - Ignite Social Media

If the brand they manage has an ounce of creativity, Instagram may be a platform for community managers to consider for their social media marketing efforts. So how should brands incorporate Instagram into their social media marketing strategies to achieve Instagram marketing success? Read on for tips and tricks, and also how Instagram could improve its functionality.

Brands Are Already Using Instagram Videos and Planning for More

Now that Facebook has officially trotted out a video feature for the increasingly popular Instagram-which was formerly limited to helping smartphone users act like stylistic photographers-social media creatives are licking their chops at the marketing possibities.

8 Brands Posting Videos on Instagram

Last week Instagram made big waves in the social media and marketing world when they announced they added video functionality. Now, users can upload 15 second videos to the platform. Edging in on Twitter's popular Vine app, which allows users to upload six-second videos, Instagram videos are providing an interesting option for consumers and brands to make creative short videos .

Instagram Video: 5 Excellent Examples From Brands

On Thursday, Instagram added video to its iPhone and Android apps for the first time. While many users flooded the service with hastily shot clips, typically from their offices, some brands uploaded videos that show how beautiful and fun the feature can be. Instagram's video feature functions much like Twitter's video app, Vine.

Meet the First Brands On Instagram Video

Instagram for video - a competitor for Twitter's Vine that's capped at 15 seconds compared to Vine's six -- was officially revealed at a mysterious Facebook product announcement event today. Like Vine, the product allows users to stitch together cuts of video.

6 Retail Brands Using Instagram Video

Instagram, the photo-sharing app that is owned by Facebook, recently launched a feature that allows users to take 15-second video clips. Instagram presumably did this to counter rival Vine, which has grown quickly since its introduction in 2012. Retailers have already jumped on the Instagram video bandwagon and found creative ways to promote their brand and products.

5 Ways Marketers Can Use Instagram

Have you noticed how more marketers are using images in their social media marketing? Would you like to know how your business can use the popular sharing site Instagram? In this article, I will show you five ways to use Instagram to enhance your marketing. Why Instagram?

Anaïs Anaïs Girlstribu

A l'occasion du lancement de la nouvelle fragrance Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice, Cacharel célèbre la nouvelle génération romantique des jeunes filles d'aujourd'hui. Initiée par la jeune photographe et en collaboration avec des bloggeuses qui vous inspirent, la #girlstribu réunit les jeunes filles créatives en les invitant à s'exprimer par la photographie.

alexanderwangny on Instagram

The Official Instagram for Alexander Wang, Inc.

brioni_official on Instagram

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni is the most prestigious luxury brand in men's fashion world

How to Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide | DashBurst

Instagram, a photo and video sharing social network, allows users to upload and share content via its mobile app. To get started, you download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. After that, it’s simply a matter of signing up, finding friends and sharing your first photos! 1. Sign Up Once you’ve downloaded […]