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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Things to do in the Maldives when on honeymoon – Spice up the honeymoon

When people are travelling for their honeymoon, the main thing on their minds is the moment of romance and intimacy that they may be able to enjoy. However, when the third or fourth day rolls around, there is going to be plenty of time to kill and you will want to try something new.


Embrace the variety

When you are in a location like the Maldives, the reality will always be that you are going to be spoilt for choice. This is true in terms of the different formats of activities available to try out, however it should be obvious that a lot of what you can do will revolve around the ocean and what that has to offer.
The most important part however is that you are able to use this time wisely to bond with your beloved partner and create new memories in your new shared life.


Embark on a fishing trip

While some people may have qualms about going fishing, this is still a brilliant activity to get engaged in as it simply requires taking a bit of a boat ride and throwing out a line into the ocean. With a little bit of patience, you and your significant other is likely to be rewarded with a whopping haul of fish that can be taken back to land for a barbeque.
During such an outing you can expect to run across snapper, sailfish and even tuna so you will be in for a real treat.
If you are staying in one of the honeymoon resorts in Maldives such as the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo it would be well worth asking in advance for such an excursion to be organised for your benefit.


Head out on a dive

This is the kind of experience that tends to take the uninitiated out of their comfort zones. While people generally do not enjoy the idea of diving into the depths of the oceans, the reality is with the correct gear and guidance this can be a hugely rewarding experience.
As a newly married couple, there will be no better way to add some awe and wonder into your relationship than by exploring the wonders of the ocean as well as the fauna and flora that await you down under.


Try your hand at snorkelling

If scuba diving is a little too extreme to start off with, take the baby steps by trying out some snorkelling with your partner. This does not require any major training and simply allows you to explore the coral reefs as well as the aquatic life that lies just under the surface.


Explore an uninhabited island

Given the scale of the Maldives, there are a variety of completely uninhabited islands. This means that you and your partner will be able to enjoy having an island all to yourself while you explore and set up camp for the night.
The sight of the sun setting and a bonfire blazing is a great way to realise how little people really need to enjoy life.