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Delicacies to Try in the Maldives – Test your tastebuds

No matter how well-travelled you may be there will be some dishes in the culinary world that is, unbeknownst to you, delicacies that are quite beloved. These can vary from type of vegetables to a range of fish, but at the end of the day, they form the backbone of delicious cuisine.


The flavours of Fried Yams

While many nations enjoy the flavours of sweet potatoes, the Maldives has been enjoying their fried yams for quite some time as an extremely popular dish, fried yams are something that can be enjoyed in a spectrum of ways. Some people enjoy it on their own, while others look to try out the variety of sauces and drinks that accompany it for the best experience.
With a flavour that is a little less sweet compared to yams, this meal is also less starchy as well. If you do visit the Maldives, you will notice that this is an extremely commonplace dish that is found in all the restaurants and cafes in the nation.


The beauty of a fish curry

It may seem obvious, but one of the favourite flavours of the Maldives is fish curry. Given that the nation is surrounded by stunning oceans that are teeming with wide varieties of fish, the Maldives has truly been able to elevate the humble fish curry to delicious proportions.
As a staple food of the people, you can find many varieties of fish curry. Many households will use fish such as the little tunny, bigeye scads and even mahi-mahi when making their fish curry. Whether you are at one of the Maldives bars in a place like the Adaaran Club Rannalhi or a roadside café, the humble but delicious fish curry is enjoyed with some rice, roshi or some Maldivian poppadom's.


The Gulha

Something that you may not have had any experience with before is the Gulha. This is a classic Maldivian dish that is essentially a rice flour dough ball that is filled with tuna fish, onions, coconut as well as chillies. It can even be thought of as a fried cutlet but it is not covered in crumbs.
The soft interior and crunchy exterior make this a delightful dish that is hard to put down. Some people even go ahead and add items such as turmeric and chopped curry leaves to amp up the flavour as well.


Mas Huni

This little dish is a famous breakfast in the Maldives. It is essentially shredded smoked tuna that is mixed with onions, chilli and coconut. It is quite typical to be a part of someone's daily food and is enjoyed with some roshi.


The lovely Maldivian Lobsters

A good sign of the bounty of the ocean can be seen in the manner in which lobster forms a large part of the main dish of Maldivian cuisine. These plump lobsters are cooked and served right in front of you and have a stunning flavour while also having quite tender meat.
If you are a fan of seafood, you simply cannot miss out.