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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 13, 2021
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5 Things to Pack for a Sunny Langkawi Outing – Enjoy Blissful Island Vibes

Malaysia's most popular beach destination is Langkawi. And if you are planning a holiday to the gorgeous island, get set for a blast. The island boasts pretty surroundings and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But first, here is a packing list for your sunny Langkawi outing.


Pack Plenty of Cool Comfy Cotton Clothes

Make sure that you pack for the tropics. Langkawi is your tropical island getaway, which promises loads of sunshine and warm weather. Hence, you will be comfortable in lightweight cotton clothing. Take along plenty of t-shirts and shorts. And since the place is a top tourist destination in Malaysia, you can take along any type of clothing you feel comfortable in. you may want to add a few long-sleeved shirts too, which you can use as coveralls for when the sun is too strong or you decide to go sightseeing, straight from the beach. A few loose dresses and cotton shirts will be ideal for your dinners. Make sure to choose the best resort in Langkawi for that overall experience, including some fancy dining on the best cuisine. Popular options such as Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa are noted for variety, including beachside dining.


Take along Sensible and Practical Shoes

As an island, Langkawi is surrounded by sand, and the most practical footwear to deal with sand are rubber slippers or strappy sandals. Both options are perfect for keeping your feet cool and making sure sand does not get trapped inside. But since Langkawi offers plenty of opportunities to explore its fascinating interiors, you should pack a pair of comfortable sneakers for long walks and plenty of adventures – adventures that will include exploring caves, mountain climbing, and jungle trekking.


Don't Forget Your Shades

Make sure to take along your favourite pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Trekking across the island or indulging in island-hopping adventures, during the day, will expose your eyes to the strong sunshine, and having a pair of shades will make sure your eyes are protected and you are comfortable.


Remember the Tropical Basics

Bug spray and mosquito repellent is a necessity. Remember you will be visiting the tropics, an island of lush foliage. Hence, you will most certainly encounter bugs and mosquitoes. But spraying yourself with mosquito repellent and having bug spray handy will make sure nothing interferes with your fun.


Pack Cameras and Wi-Fi

Having a portable Wi-Fi device will help you to easily navigate around the unknown streets of Malaysia. The same goes for exploring Langkawi. Plus, a portable Wi-Fi device will be useful for when you want to update your social media status or let your Instagram followers know how amazing the island and your Langkawi resort is.

A good camera is, of course, necessary for chronicling your magical adventure on Langkawi. Make sure to take along a dry bag too for storing your camera and other electronic devices when you are on the beach. Sand can cause irreversible damage to sensitive equipment.


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