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EAP Provider India - Employee Assistance Programs by BetterLYF

EAP Provider India - Employee Assistance Programs by BetterLYF

BetterLYF Wellness, an online mental health counselling platforms offers Interactive wellness solutions for your corporate workforce.
Employee Assistance Programs can help organizations create workplace of humanity and compassion where individuals can bring and accept themselves completely with mental health challenges and all.
Take a step towards productivity and wellbeing. Bring Betterlyf Corporate Wellness Program/EAP at your workplace today.
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How to Know If You Have Depression?

Depression is a kind of mood disorder that involves a constant feeling of despair and loss of interest. It is something more than just mood fluctuations that people usually experience as a part of life. But how do you know if you have depression or you are just sad?

How to Deal With Differences in a Marital Relationship

It is a well-known fact that conflicts in a romantic relationship are inevitable and specially in a committed relationship like marriage its all natural to happen. Every relationship is different thus has its own ups and downs, and conflict are a part of it that are mend to occur in the territory.

How does relationship counselling work?

Relationship counselling helps a couple resolve conflicts and improve relationship satisfaction by gaining insight into their relationship, utilising a variety of therapeutic interventions. There are several aims that a counsellor has to make relationship counselling effective-

Benefits Of Online Counseling

In this fastest changing world, lots of mental health professionals in all over the world have started offering counselling and therapy online, via telehealth platforms and it has quickly shown to have many beneficial effects. Some of these are mentioned here

Key Facts about Depression and Its Treatment

To understand what depression is and how it can be treated first of all we need to know some key facts related to Depression. Depression is the most common mental illness worldwide

5 Benefits of Online Counselling You Cannot Ignore

Online counselling is proving to be more convenient for people looking for counselling privately and seeing the pandemic situation it is becoming a popular form of counselling.

Coping With Anxiety That A Holiday Brings In

For many of us the holiday season brings the feelings of warmth, joy, and belongingness unconditionally. But for many people those are alone due to work, far from family or don’t have anybody, the festival time can induce the feelings of loneliness, stress and anxiety. 

Why Self-Care is Important?

Unlike the popular concept of self-care, it is not just about taking a break from day-to-day chores, traveling, taking a long nap or taking a long bath or just following a skincare

Tips to Improve Communication in a Relationship

Effective communication is the key ingredient if you want along-lasting relationship with your partner and create harmony with family members. It helps people in increasing subjective well-being with enhanced quality of social relations.

What is Anxiety – How Counseling Can Help

Various changes or events in life can bring stressors and triggers beyond exceed our coping ability. Such as loss of friendships, loved ones, family members, or a relationship like marriage, moving to a new place, being a caregiver, or being a parent spouse, a responsible job position.

How Counselling Helps To Deal with Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are serious psychological disorders that keep people from living in the current moment and the life they want to live. Individuals with anxiety get anxious quickly about anything, while a person in depression usually feels stuck with the past incidents.

Beginner’s Guide: On how to deal with the Negative Effects of Social Media Comparison

We quite a lot of times look out for something to compare on social media with others and feel good about ourselves, but is it right?

Are You Experiencing Psychosis - Identifying Psychosis & its Treatment

Psychosis is a condition that affects the way brain processes information, resulting in losing contact with reality and causing, hallucinations and delusions.