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Updated by Sebastian Angelo Cork on Jul 31, 2013
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Summer 2013 Cancelled Web apps and Services

Here are a list of web apps and services that have been shut down during this summer.

Official Google Reader Blog: A final farewell

Thank you for stopping by. Today, we powered down Google Reader. We understand you may not agree with this decision, but we hope you'll come to love these alternatives as much as you loved Reader. Frequently-asked questions: 1. What will happen to my Google Reader data? All Google Reader subscription data (eg.

Rockmelt Browser Retirement - July 31, 2013

We promised to notify you when we retire the Rockmelt Browser. The date has been set for July 31st at 10am PT. After that point in time, you will no longer be able to log into the Rockmelt Browser.

[Another One Bites The Dust] Google Is Ending Support For The Catalogs Android App On August 15th

Another day, another cancelled Google product. Try to sound surprised as I report that the Google Catalogs Android app will go the way of the dodo on August 15th. Too difficult? I understand. I couldn't muster up any shock either. Catalogs scratches a very niche itch, one Google was willing to address on tablets but never bothered with on smartphones.

Note-Taking Service And Associated Android App To Be Killed On August 30th, a well-known multi-platform note-taking service, is shutting its doors on August 30th. The company began giving notice of the decision to users on its site today, providing an option to export any notes before the service is taken offline. The associated Android app, Catch Notes, will presumably become non-functional on the 30th as well.

Google retiring Latitude on August 9th, pushes Google+ instead

As Google rolls out its updated mapping experience for iOS and Android, the company has announced it will retire one of its older location services: Google Latitude. In a post on its support website, Google says all of its Latitude properties - which include mobile apps, website, API, and badges - will be killed on August 9th as it looks to strengthen location-sharing and check-in features available on Google+.

Google Will Shut Down Alfred, The Local Recommendations App, July 19

Looks like Latitude wasn't the only Google product that got shut down yesterday in the wake of a new version of Google Maps. Alfred, the local recommendations app that Google picked up through its acquisition in December 2011 of developers The Clever Sense, is getting shut down on July 19...

Google shuts down Meebo bar, puts team to work on Google+

We won't have the Meebo bar to kick around any more. A year after Google acquired the makers of the social networking web page plug-in, the company has shut down the Meebo bar and integrated its team with Google+.

Yahoo Shuts Down AltaVista

Believe it or not, there was a time before Google when many search engines battled for supremacy. One of the most popular search engines from that long ago age (the 1990s) was AltaVista, which lost the battle to Google and was acquired by Yahoo in 2003.

Napster Shut Down

Napster has hit a sour note in court. A federal judge in San Francisco shut down the popular music swapping Web site - saying the online company encourages "wholesale infringement" against music industry copyrights. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel noted that 70 million people are expected to be using Napster by year's end unless the service is halted.