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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 12, 2021
Headline for Best places to go shopping in Bangkok – Deals, Brands and the thrill of shopping awaits
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Best places to go shopping in Bangkok – Deals, Brands and the thrill of shopping awaits

When it comes to shopping there is no better place on the planet than to be in Bangkok with some disposable income. Well known for the great variety of items and the affordable prices, people flock here from all across the region to complete their holiday shopping.


Explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Covering close to 25 acres, this is the cluster of 15,000 stalls that is called the Weekend Market. It is easy to get lost in this maze as you drift from one shop to another so be sure to keep track of where you're going! While it is overwhelming, keep in mind this is the norm for what is essentially the world's largest weekend market.
If you are simply looking for some souvenirs to buy, this is the place to be, but be prepared to haggle and arrive early in order to get the best pick of the items for sale. If you are staying at a hotel in Asoke such as the Avani Atrium Bangkok, be sure to ask if they know where you can source a map of this gigantic weekend market as this is the best way to keep track of where you are!


Check out the Icon SIAM

This stunning complex was constructed in 2018 at a total cost of over $1.5 billion and now is the home to two malls, a riverfront park, and an indoor floating market. A sight to behold, this complex is also home to Thailand's first authorized Apple store, which is well worth a visit simply to admire the manner in which it is designed.
If you are looking to buy items on a budget and haggle, this may not be the place to frequent, but it still offers some amazing European brands worth investing in. Regardless of what you plan to buy, there are plenty of other things you can enjoy in the Icon SIAM. It is a great way to spend a lazy evening with close to 100 places for a quick bite and a free ferry ride on the nearby Chao Phraya River.



Prior to the establishment of the Icon SIAM, Central was the big dog on the block and easily the largest mall in Thailand. Despite it being relegated to second place in 2018, it is still very much one of the biggest malls in the world.


Experience the MBK Centre

If you are travelling on a budget then the MBK Centre is where you need to be. With plenty of inventory, you will be able to find anything you require on your shopping spree. However, keep in mind that this mall experiences daily traffic of close to 100,000 people trying their best to visit the 2,000 shops that are jammed into this building!


What about Terminal 21?

When it comes to a mid-range and travel themed mall, there is no better place to visit in Thailand than Terminal 21. With each floor representing a specific region of the world, it is a delight to visit with the entire family and can be considered relatively budget-friendly as well.