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Updated by Staff.Melissa Wiegand on Aug 05, 2013
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Great iPad Apps

Here is a list of iPad apps to support digital experiences within your classroom and even possibly homework. Many of them are FREE!


Haiku Deck - Presentation and Slideshow Maker with Beautiful Charts and Graphs

Haiku Deck - Presentation and Slideshow Maker with Beautiful Charts and Graphs

Free . . . Presentation and Slideshow Maker with Beautiful Charts and Graphs for the iPhone, iPod or iPad. It has a lot of backgrounds, fonts, layouts and images


Evernote - App and website

Evernote - App and website

FREE . . . A great way to create and organize e-portfolios. Students can also use this app to type notes as you teach. They can even create a screen shot of images.


Apple Maps

Apple Maps

FREE . . . Included on all iDevices. Use this app to find places in the world. You can can look at the hybrid view, which shows you a street view and satellite. On left bottom of screen, click on the building icon and it will show 3D buildings at the location.

Decide Now!

$0.99 This app is a great way to pick just about anything: an activity, reward, game, etc. This is the digital version of drawing a paper from a bag or a popsicle from tub. You can input your own activity and the spinner will select it for you. As you select something, it will be removed from the wheel

Quizlet- App and website

FREE . . . This is a digital version of index cards. You/the student can create study cards with images and audio to study: vocabulary in any subject, roots and stems, etc. There are also quizlets that are already created that you can use.


Nearpod-App and website

Nearpod-App and website

FREE. . . Create interactive multimedia presentations to engage your students. You create it online and it will be displayed on mobile devices or computers. You control what is displayed on the student's screen

Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch - It's Addictive!

FREE . . . Draw in the app, add app provided stamps (funny sounds are paired with the stamps) and add your doodles to pictures on your camera roll. There are lots of tools to work with: paintbrush, glitter, chalk, text, stencils and lots of backgrounds. One the doodle is complete, you can share it or save it to your camera roll. This would be a great app to create collages or for a presentation.

14! - App and website! - App and website

FREE . . . Record up to 30 seconds of audio. After recording, you will get a url to the audio file that you can share digitally.

Pic Collage

FREE . . . This is a fantastic app that can be used in countless ways. Students can select backgrounds, add and edit pictures, find pictures online, use pictures from the camera roll, add text, change the font, etc. After creating a pic collage, it can be digitally shared. This is great for creating visuals for vocabulary words or even demonstrating understanding of a concept.

Tellagami ™

FREE . . . This app is so much fun! Students create a character, choose a background and voice (or you can use your own) to record 30 seconds of audio. This is great for demonstrating comprehension of a concept that a student has learned.


Popplet - App and website

Popplet - App and website

FREE . . . Create mind maps with pictures and words. Once you create a popplet, you can save it to the camera roll. The paid version ($4.99) allows you to create multiple popplets.

Felt Board

$2.99 Create a scene. Save it to the camera roll and use for creating stories. It also includes numbers and letters to add to the scenes. Can add to a Popplet.




FREE . . . This app is has so many uses. You can annotate over a picture or a pdf with arrows, stamps, text and shapes.

Write About

FREE . . . This app provides a student with a writing prompt. You can select a level of difficulty. It can be digitally shared. There is a paid version ($3.99).

Trading Cards

FREE . . . This is a fun app that allows a student to demonstrate knowledge on a subject in a very unique way. Students can create trading cards on fictional characters, real people, fictional places, real places, objects, events or even a vocabulary word.




FREE . . . This is a screencasting tool. It allows you to choose different backgrounds. You can use the drawing tool to annotate on a pdf or free draw. You can also record audio. Once recorded, you can digitally share the recording. This would be a good way for students to teach a concept. Students can help a friend with homework or even share ideas for a project.




FREE . . . Ask3 allows students and teachers to collaborate on lessons in and outside of the classroom. The iPad is turned into a recordable whiteboard. You can post lessons into an Ask3 classroom where others can add text and video comments, questions and answers. Whether students are asking questions or answering them for others, peer to peer teaching is possible with Ask3- anywhere, and any time.

  • Students can answer each other’s questions before asking the teacher
  • Provide an open forum for discussion in an iPad classroom
  • Create quick visual lessons, and narrate as you go
  • Encourage students to give constructive feedback and praise
  • Collaborate with your students through sets of video conversations
  • Easily get your point across on visual problems (math, science, physics)
  • Visually explain photos, sentence structure, and more in social studies, art, foreign language and English
  • Help with homework even when you're not in class
  • See what students are struggling with & personalize your teaching
  • Fill knowledge gaps for your students
  • Easy-to-use teacher app for a flipped classroom
Sock Puppets Complete

FREE . . . This app is so much fun! It can be used for explaining a concept, create a conversation between two people, etc.. Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and digitally share them. Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to your voice. With the paid version ($3.99), you get more backgrounds and editing abilities.


$30.99 This is a writing app that has a lot of tools within it. Text-to-speech: words will be highlighted as you read! It has word prediction that offers suggestions of the next word. It has a phonetic spell checker, homophone and confusable word checker. There is also a dictionary.


FREE . . . This app allows you to text parents and students without sharing phone numbers. You can send out reminders for field trips, changes to homework or requests for whatever you need.


FREE . . . 30hands Mobile is a fun and innovative storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create stories or presentations based on photos, images or slides using a smart phone or tablet. the story or presentation can be published to the device’s photo area or uploaded to a 30hands collaborative learning site.