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Top JQuery Interview Questions and Answers

List of frequently asked 50+ JQuery interview questions and answers in 2021 for freshers and experienced professionals. Tips and tricks to crack the interview.


2. Explain different features of jQuery?

jQuery has Offered a simple technique to pick the Dom elements, walk along with them, and manage their content by using a Sizzle which is a free, cross-browser open source selector engine. Now some of the other core features also include:

  • Event Handling
  • Ajax support
  • Lightweight

What are the Benefits of jQuery?

  • There is no above in learning any new syntax if you know JavaScript.
  • It also can retain the code uncomplicated, readable, clear, and reusable.
  • Cross-browser support.
  • No composite loops and Scripting of DOM Library Calls.
  • Detection and handling of events.

Name the latest version of jQuery.

The latest version of jQuery is 3.6.0, released on March 2, 2021.


Describe selectors in jQuery?

You can use jQuery selectors to select and edit HTML elements (s). Selectors in jQuery are used to select HTML elements depending on their name, id, classes, styles, attributes, attribute values, and other criteria. It makes use of existing CSS selectors and also some specific selectors of its own.


How many types of selectors are there in jQuery?

You can see that you have three main types :

  • Tag name
  • ID
  • Class

Define jQuery .noconflict?

jQuery no-conflict is a jQuery choice for resolving conflicts between various javascript libraries or frameworks. When you make use of jQuery’s no-conflict mode, you change $ to a new variable and grant jQuery access to other libraries of JavaScript. Also, $ can be used as a jQuery subroutine or name of a variable.


What are the several methods used to deliver the effects?

  • animate(params,[durations,easing,callback]):
  • fadeIn(speed,[callback]):
  • fadeOut(speed,[callback]):
  • fadeTo(speed,opacity,callback):
  • stop([clearQueue,gotoEnd]):

Discuss the various cases in which jQuery could be used effectively?

  • Static or dynamic CSS functions may be used.
  • Use events to call features.
  • It’s for the sake of convenience.
  • To create various animation effects.

1. Explain jQuery in brief?

1. Explain jQuery in brief?

jQuery is a well-organized, quick JavaScript library that was built in the year 2006 by John Resig. The motto is to write less and do a lot more. So this is a quick and brief JS library that simplifies the traversing of HTML documents, handling of events, animating, and Ajax interactions for quick development of the web.