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Alternative Medicine

Last news about effectiveness of different methods of alternative medicine for different medical conditions.

Holistic Evaluation - Features and Methods - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Unlike allopathic and traditional diagnostic, during the alternative holistic evaluation, various steps are initiated to find the origin of your illness.

Acupuncture for Skin Diseases | Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture for skin diseases used to treat a whole lot of conditions including Urticaria, psoriasis, acne atopic dermatitis, skin irritation and even postherpetic neuralgia

Hypertension - Homeopathic Approach - Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic

Hypertension is a common condition, which can be successfully treated using natural homeopathic remedies. Call Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic for details

Iridology Near Me - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - Dr. Tsan and Associates

When you look for an iridology near me, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you find a reputed iridologist. For more info read this article

Treatment for Neck Pain | Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic | Dr. Tsan & Co

Acupuncture treatment for neck pain became popular among patients and physicians because of its effectiveness and simplicity.

Homeopathic Medicine - Homeopathy - Homeopathic Doctor Near Me

If you are fan of the Homeopathic Medicine and live in Philadelphia this clinic directed by famous homeopath Dr. Victor Tsan would be your best choice.

Natural Medicine Near Me - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - Dr. Tsan and Co.

In a world that is becoming cautious and aware of many side effects conventional methods can bring, natural medicine paves new way torward for healing

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - by Dr. Tsan

Natural treatment for anxiety often appears more productive and effective than the use of traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is effective and should start as soon as the disease manifests to prevent surgerical intervention

Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic led by Dr. Tsan developed the new effective approach to the Natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Homeopathic Remedies, myth of reality - Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic

Homeopathic remedies treat various illnesses and conditions and are an excellent alternative. In his article, we look into how homeopathy works. 

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - Dr Tsan & Ass

The most popular natural treatment for frozen shoulder are acupuncture massage reiki yoga and homeopathy. All of them are available here

Treatment for Migraines - Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic - Dr. Tsan & Ass

Each patient in our clinic getting customized natural treatment for migraines rather than average protocol for best success rate in industry

Ulcerative Colitis - Homeopathic Treatment - by Victor Tsan, MD

At Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Tsan provides natural, harmless and effective treatment for ULCERATIVE COLITIS combining homeopathy & acupuncture

Home Remedies for Vertigo and Home Treatments for Vertigo - by Dr. Tsan

Home remedies for vertigo are a safe and alternative option to deal with your vertigo symptoms. Acupuncture and Homeopathy - natural treatments for vertigo

Regional Pain Syndrome treatment with acupuncure - Dr Tsan & his team

Regional Pain Syndrome treatment using acupuncture provided by Dr. Victor Tsan is the most effective alternative to painkillers and steroids for RSD

Homeopathic Treatment for Shingles - Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic

Homeopathic Treatment for Shingles At the Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic, by internationally certified homeopathic practitioner Victor Tsan

Ear Infection Treatment - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - Dr Tsan & Associates

For effective natural and holistic Ear infection treatment contact Philadelphia Holistic Clinic to schedule your appointment with Dr. Tsan

Treatment for Sports Injuries | Sports Injury Treatment | Dr. Tsan and Co.

The most important in the Treatment for Sports Injuries is to balance the energy in the body system. Have your treatment done by Dr. Tsan and associates