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Updated by Matt McAuley on Feb 14, 2020
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Best Influencers to follow on Google Plus

This is a list of the best people to follow on Google Plus that have over 10,000 followers. These are great people to follow because they consistently post excellent content.


Christine DeGraff - Google+

Christine DeGraff is a partner at Websketching Web Design w/15 yrs experience in website development, SEO and marketing. Specializing in developing responsive web designs w/ content management systems, search engine optimization and social media.

martin shervington - Google+

Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach, Marketing Psychologist. About me: I consult on Marketing, Google Adwords, Google+ and apply 15 years psychology training to the field of marketing and communication: I'm happy to do speaking events and conferences overseas.

Bobbi Jo Woods - Google+

Loves music, talking to all kinds of people, and enjoys LOLcats. When she's not on G+, she likes being a freelancer doing all sorts of stuff helping people be awesome in their businesses.

Ward Anderson - Google+

Ward Anderson - Skinny as a rail but I'm still Big Poppa smooth. - Oakland, CA - I am the only sitting pope that doesn't live in Italy.

Acadia Einstein - About - Google+

I run (badly), fight evil and I wrote the unpopular short story Whalewolf. All that said, you want me on your side! The only things I really hate are olives. If you talk to me, you get talked to. If a self-important wind bag, you won't. Unless you pay me.


Matt McAuley - Google+

Matt McAuley - Google+

Tech obsessed nerd who writes a blog at . I am an AZ native that attended Centennial High School and Ottawa University. I am Married to my wonderful, beautiful wife, Karen and have 2 fantastic kids

Denis Labelle - Google+

Denis Labelle - Google + Business

Rory S - Google+

Rory S - I've been unplugged from the Matrix - I build things - The Acme Company - Jedi Academy - I am living outside the Matrix

Matthew Hicks

Open source advocate, and I have an epic girlfriend, two awesome daughters, a son and 2 cats named Sega & Gaston. SQL, PHP, Javascript, Web app design and development and I want to learn everything there is about everything possible.

matthew rappaport - Google+

matthew rappaport - I Amuse You. Host of Hangout Conversations, Conversations+, & The PLUStainment Show. Comedian. Crashing the Hangout & Taking +names. #rappatag #hangoutsonair #awesomesauce - Comedian. Host. Filmmaker. Actor. Writer. Social Median. Willy Wonka's Assistant. Singing the song of Plustatic People! - SECTION 10 Media - bayside, nyc - Welcome to my Google+ Profile!

Mike Elgan - Google+

Mike Elgan - The world's only lovable technology writer. - Writer, columnist and blogger - Elgan Media Inc. - Florence, Italy - I Live On Google+! After 10 years of blogging with conventional blogging sites and services, I abandoned that approach a year ago and started blogging on Google+.

Mike Allton - Google+

I love to help small businesses and organizations that are interested in using the Internet more effectively. I provide a comprehensive set of consulting services, which include Social Media, Blogging, website development, SEO and Internet marketing. Suggested Circles Social Media News Content Marketing Information Blogging Tips Technology Discussion Background I started my own website design firm in 2007 when I moved to St.

Scott Buehler (TygrScott) - Google+

Hi! I'm Scott Buehler and have been an Internet Marketer for over 12 years. My primary focus now is Web Hosting Choose where I offer video tutorials and step by step guides to help those new to web hosting get their first website online.

Dustin W. Stout - Google+

Dustin W. Stout - Social. Web. Strategy. Design. - Social Media Consultant, Web Designer, Blogger, Strategist. - - Canyon Country, CA - I am a web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. Creativity is my fuel, social media is my game, and Jesus is my homie.

Joe Martinez aka @Wrecktify - Google+

I focus mainly on topics of Technology, Social Media, Robotics, Science, Entertainment, Photography, Occasional Foodie and reporting on the unique. Here you will find a collection of my thoughts, opinions, and random tidbits of things i find interesting online (and offline!). I love all things tech related!

Kate Blass - Google+

"When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.

Yas "Hot Tequila" Mean - Google+

My typical day consists of the following: wake up, write something groggy. Shower. Write something clean. Get ready for work. Write something defiant. Go to work. Write mass amounts of excitement to balance the boredom within my cubicle. Go home. Write something witty. Game. Write something gamey. Get ready for bed.

Christy Ramsey - Google+

Self-proclaimed Social Networking Junkie and Internetophile. Social Networking Maven. Lover of "internet interestia". I'm geeky, techy, crafty, artsy and kind of "all over the road" as far as what I post. Also, I crack myself up A LOT . If I've made you laugh, then I feel as though I've succeeded.

A.V. Flox - Google+

A.V. Flox - Velocitus delectibus. - Journalist; columnist; editor - BlogHer - Silicon Valley - I have written about sex, relationships, technology and health for a variety of publications, including the Village Voice, LA Weekly and Los Angeles Times, the Good Men, and,

Stephan Hovnanian - Google+

New Google Plus cover photo design: If you are looking for a professionally-designed, marketing-focused Google Plus Cover graphic for your Business Page, head over to . Why hire me, when you can simply select a pretty photo? Because the cover graphic gives you a chance to market yourself everywhere on Google+.

Richard Green - Google+

I'm a professor of mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder, interested mainly in algebra and combinatorics. Some of the most popular posts in my Google+ stream are those with the #mathematics tag. My aim in these is to explain both new and historically interesting mathematical ideas to a general audience, and to produce posts that can be enjoyed on various levels.

Hermine Ngnomire - About - Google+

With a strong empathetic drive and love for uncovering what makes people thrive, I am seeking out the truly remarkable on G+. Comfortably aware that change happens in the most obscure of realms, I seek out the prime movers: those with convictions and ideas (in that order) on any particular subject or object.

Russell Holly - Google+

I accidentally became a tech blogger, who then accidentally became an Author. Or something. Maybe. I'm never quite sure one way or the other. Hi. If you're here for the writer bits, I cover mobile tech primarily. Sometimes I just pick stuff up and go with it though, there's really no rhyme or reason to it.

Daniel Mihai Popescu - Google+

More than a ship engineer with background in sea transportation, real estate, yacht brokerage , even industrial ocean fishing, and construction, mostly property development. Movie lover and critic. Avid reader, traveled a huge part of the world. INTJ... Never stopped learning. I want to help you, with a very competitive and good looking blog!

Tad Donaghe - Google+

Hi kids! I'm Internets Tad! I am an unapologetic optimist. I've written software for 16+ years, and I also enjoy making a fool of myself on the internet! Find my daily Developer Diary entries using the hashtag: #DeveloperDiary My frequent musings on software engineering usually have the header Dev Alert My essays on technology: Techstropia I am passionate about the use of technology to help humanity move forward.