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Fun Things Kids Can Do in Phuket - Vacations for all

Phuket is a fun place to hang out at during your holiday in Thailand and if you want to know of the great things you can do with young ones here, read on.


Pha Nang Bay

During your trip to this part of Thailand, you will find that there are many luxury villas for sale, and since you are not going to settle there, but only want to be there for a holiday, you can stay at Avadina Hills by Anantara. Once you are settled in your accomodation, you have to make time to visit Pha Nang Bay as this is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the summer here. Take a look at the scenery the bay offers, from limestone cliffs to deep blue waters. Everything that the perfect Phuket pictures show can be seen at the Bay.


Amusement parks

If your children cannot choose and are arguing between Jurassic Park and The Flintstones park, then you might want to head straight to the Dinosaur Park. This prehistoric jungle is artificial, and you will find a combination of both worlds here. From full-sized dinosaurs to a volcano that might erupt at any moment, this will be a fun experience for people of all ages. There is also a mini golf course at the park that you can enjoy during the sunset or later when your kids are busy doing other activities. The Splash jungle is also close to this park and you can make a day out of visiting or going park hopping.



For the young ones that really enjoy swimming, there are the shallow waters of a few beaches in Phuket. There is a lot of excitement when they get into the water for the first time thus, make sure you keep an eye on them for their safety. There are many watersports activity centres that will train children for just a day or two of surfing so they can get the basics down to pat. There are specially designated spots at the beach that cater just to the kids so make sure you take them there and not to the adult side of the beaches.



Getting behind the wheel and driving a vehicle is a dream for many young kids because they won't be able to do it for quite some time until they become of legal age. Therefore, going karting will really make your kids vacation that much better. Your child has to be 16 to be able to drive the go-kart but the younger ones can sit in the backseat of the double karts and you can take them on an adventurous ride around the track. The speed of the go-kart is kind of an illusion that you feel because of how close to the ground you are sitting so do not worry. It is perfectly safe for the kids as long as you don't overspeed and crash.



This is quite a bizarre activity but can be fun if you do it for the fun of it. You will be in a giant ball, literally, rolling about. It's quite a trend in Phuket.