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Things To Do in Ubud - A beautiful getaway for all

Ubud is a beautiful place to spend a holiday at and there are many things for you to do here. Here are a few things that you can do the next time you go to Ubud.


Visit the elephant cave

This 11th-century site is a place that will take you to a realm of meditation and spirituality. Though the place is called the elephant cave, there are no elephants inside this place. The name comes from the former name of the river that some people say was named after Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God. This historical spot is located on the Western side of the country and you will see many ancient artefacts and relics spread out over the courtyard. As a visitor, you can take a look at the intricate carvings inside, on the cave walls and also go meditate in the central part of the cake. If open, you can opt to take a cool bath in the surrounding pools and cascades. The cave itself is quite shallow, and you can explore it leisurely and discover beautiful stone images within it. There is also an area that sinks deeper inside and this is where the priests used to sit and meditate at one point. If you choose to get a one bedroom pool villa in Ubud at properties like Anantara Ubud Bali Villas, this place is not too far for you to travel to.


The Monkey Forest

This is definitely something you must add to your list regardless of whether you are fan of monkeys or not. Being one of the most popular holiday sites in all of Ubud, this is a natural location where an immense amount of monkeys live. When you walk around you will spot them cheekily swinging from one tree to another. This wonderful area has been well maintained because of the local community and their combined efforts. The main highlight of a visit to the Monkey Forest is the chance to take a look at the monkeys in their natural habitat and free-range roaming areas. You might spot them tasting a bunch of bananas or playing around with their mates as they watch you go by with sneaky eyes.


The Rice Terrace

Almost every picture of Bali will have the rice terrace that just goes step-by-step down the mountains and this is a sight you should see with naked eyes to completely enjoy everything it has to offer. These magnificent rice terrace areas have been passed down from generations and this tradition began in the 8th century. There are many wonderful sightseeing spots here from where you can spot the terraces and paddy fields way before you enter the area. Several creators and artists are known to come here for inspiration to do their work.


The Royal Palace

Located close to the many retreats, the palace is also known as Puri Saren Agung. Being the highlight of Ubud, the palace has many things for you to be awed by. You can schedule a trip to the Puri Saren palace and see the ancient Balinese heritage and architecture displayed in all of its glory. You can also stay back and watch the Balinese dance performances which happen during the sunset.


The Local Museum

The house and studio of Don Antonio Blanco is a part of the Blanco Renaissance Museum. Located on top of a hill with a grand view of the green valley of below, this place is home to paintings, collages and illustrated poetry.

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