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Pamela Wilson Content Audit

How to Market Your Business with Stories

Human beings are hardwired to be captivated by stories. We find them irresistible! That's why when your marketing message is delivered as a story, your prospects find it easy to listen to, pay attention to, and act on.

How to Use White Space to Make Your Marketing Clear and Easy to Read

(Watch the video to see why I made that face!) There are a few design concepts that confuse people when they're first learning them. White space is definitely one of them. You know that well-designed pages use white space. But when it's time for you to use white space yourself, you may not know how to approach it.

Are Your Colors Helping Your Brand?

Choosing brand colors to represent your business is one of the most difficult tasks you may face as you create your marketing materials. It doesn't have to be, though. First, it's important to realize there's an aspect of trial and error when it comes to color. It's usually not a "once-and-done" task.

How to Choose and Combine Fonts

Your marketing message is delivered wrapped in fonts. The fonts you choose - and the way you combine them - will affect how your message and your business are perceived. That's why it's crucial to spend some time searching for and combining unique, readable fonts to represent your business.

How to Define Your Target Market

One of the biggest stumbling blocks people encounter when they try to do their own marketing is that they don't know where to start. Is that where you are right now? The First Step to Marketing Your Business It's simple, really. Start by gaining a deep understanding of the people you want to reach - your target market.

Why Good Design Matters to Your Brand

This week marks the first in a series of ten video posts that will run on Big Brand System through August. They feature the ten basic concepts in my Design 101 series, which you can get when you sign up for my Marketing Toolkit. In this series, I'm adding short videos to explain the concepts visually.

What's Your Biggest Website Frustration Right Now?

When your small business has a solid, professional website, it feels like everything is right in the world. You have a place to invite your prospects, and a way to build interest in all the products and services your business offers. The bonus? Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are Your Website Visitors Lost? Send Your Navigation Menu to the Rescue

When your site visitors hit your home page for the first time, it takes a second or two for them to orient themselves. It's a little like walking out of a dark room on a bright summer day. Their eyes have to acclimate to what they see and take in the structures around them before they can move forward.

You Can Market Your Business Yourself (and I'll Help)

You've got a great business idea. You've poured all your sweat and hustle into it. But it's still not quite "there." You want to play in the big leagues. But your brand doesn't look like it belongs. It's amateurish. It's small-time. It's embarrassing. Your business isn't growing.

Have You Created Your Best Brand Yet?

Do your prospects really know what you offer? Do they understand how your business is unique? If you asked them to describe your business in one sentence, could they do it? If you answered "no" to any of the previous questions, it might be time to finally build the BIG brand your business deserves.

How to Get Powerful Testimonials that Convince Even the Most Skeptical Prospects

There's nothing like a testimonial from a real-life customer to convince your skeptical prospects to do business with you for the first time. Testimonials show prospects how real people have used your product or service to get real results. Testimonials break down your prospect's defenses because they're easy to believe, especially compared to regular marketing copy.

The Possibilities are Endless: Encouraging Words from Ebook Expert Susan Daffron

You're busy. Why should you carve out time in your schedule to write an ebook? What will it really do for your business? Today's post is the last in a series about ebook publishing for small business owners. We've talked about how reading habits are changing because so many people own tablet devices now.

How to Reach a Global Market with Ebooks

This week, I'm very pleased to have Ali Luke as an invited guest here on Big Brand System. Ali is a prolific writer, penning 4000+-word posts on her blog Lately, a lot of her writing has been about ebooks. She's the author of Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Wiley.

Ebook Publishing Ideas to Grow Your Business

We're focusing on ebook publishing here on Big Brand System for the next few weeks. It's part of the build up to the re-launch of eBook Evolution , which is coming up on May 8.

Let's Hear It: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed?

In a few weeks, I'll be releasing brand-new "flavors" of one of my flagship products, eBook Evolution. I've been hard at work creating the new products, and building all the support materials to go with them: quick-start ebooks, videos, FAQ pages and more. I can't wait to show it all to you!

How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Marketing Images

"I'm not an artist." "I don't have time." "I don't know where to start." Excuses, excuses, excuses. We all start out as artists. The difference between the art we made when we were kids and the art we make now is: When we were kids, we didn't care about whether our drawing "worked."

The 3 Reasons Images Will Transform Your Marketing

There's a revolution in the making. Have you noticed? We're getting more information from images than ever before. We're relying on infographics, video, and all sorts of marketing images for information, entertainment, and connection. Does your business "speak" images yet?

Why I Don't Hate Graphic Designers

I got my first piece of hate mail from a graphic designer this past weekend. To be honest, I expected the angry emails to start rolling in as soon as I started this blog back on January 2, 2010. I'm grateful it has taken this long.

How to Build a Sales Page that Hits All the Right Notes

If your business does anything online at all, chances are good you've had to build a sales page for a product or service. How much fun did you have? The truth is, if you're not creating sales pages on a regular basis, they're not easy to put together.

Why Simple Websites Work Best

We know that simple website design works best. At least, we've been told that. But why? What is it about simple designs that makes them timeless, functional, and beautiful? When you're creating your own website, part of the reason a simple design style is so appealing is that - frankly - it means less work for you.

The 5 Red Flags That Signal It's Time to Make Over Your Website

Do you have the sneaking suspicion your website needs a redesign, but you're not sure if it's worth the effort? You may know all the basic website information. You may have been inspired by some great websites as you put yours together. But when you look at your site now, it's just not quite there.

Have Infographics Jumped the Shark?

Infographics are all over the web. They're those graphic representations of data that look like this: Infographics can be a great way to absorb information if done right. But too often, they're not. Too often, the time you spend trying to decipher an infographic leaves you scratching your head and feeling like you just wasted five minutes of your life that you'll never get back.

How to Boost Your Business with the Power of "Nice"

I've lived in Pennsylvania for many years now. People here tend to be plain-spoken, straightforward and friendly. But this past week, I've spent some time in Nashville, TN. Here in the south, I've seen the power of "nice" in action. What does it look like?

Learn Marketing and Design for Your Business Over the Next Six Weeks

You're reading this, so there's a good chance you enjoy learning online. And you're reading a blog that features information about marketing and design, so there's a good chance you're interested in learning more about both of those topics.

Marketing: Are You Doing it the Hard Way?

You might be making this journey harder than it needs to be. When it comes down to it, marketing your business is just a 3-step process. Work through these steps, and you can market your business successfully: You need to understand marketing tactics and strategies.