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Headline for Seychelles Food: Traditional Creole Food You Have to Try - Top Creole Treats to Sample during a Holiday in Seychelles
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Seychelles Food: Traditional Creole Food You Have to Try - Top Creole Treats to Sample during a Holiday in Seychelles

A trip to Seychelles is not only a chance to enjoy some of the world's best beaches but an opportunity to sample authentic Creole cuisine. Here are some of the best traditional Creole treats every traveller must sample during a getaway to Seychelles.


Coconut Curry

Curries form an integral part of local Seychellois cuisine. And these side dishes are consumed daily in various combinations by the local populace who love to infuse both meat and vegetable dishes with coconut milk to convert it into curry form. Everything from potatoes to chicken and fish is cooked in creamy coconut milk that's also infused with masala spices and curry leaves and all of these curries are types of coconut gravy curries that are made in nearly every Seychelles home.


Sausage Rougail

Also called "rougay sosis", Sausage Rougail is an easy-to-prepare dish that involves the use of Tuscan-like sausages that are saltier than the average sausage. It is important to purchase the right kind of sausage for this dish as it will determine the flavour and the texture of this culinary masterpiece. Ginger, garlic, chilli, and onion sauce lend their unique flavours to this dish, which is often consumed on its own or with some rice or flatbread.


Fresh Grilled Fish

The ready availability of fresh seafood means that Creole cuisine is full of delicious seafood dishes that are the envy of the world. Fresh grilled fish is one such local creation. Purchasing fresh fish right off the boat, the seafood items are grilled on hot coals, which are typically fired by dry coconut husks. This adds an irresistible smoky flavour to this dish that's a big hit at local parties and family gatherings. There's virtually no marinating during the cooking process as the flavour of the fish, along with some salt, pepper, ginger, chilli, and maybe crushed garlic, is enough. Barracudas are usually consumed in this fashion.


Banana Madness

With more than twenty-three species of bananas cultivated on its lands, one would be right to call Seychelles a banana republic. Creole food includes many iterations of banana-infused dishes including succulent desserts. Bananas are often tried in sugar and butter to create a toffee-texture treat in local homes while baking bananas in a pot with sugar and milk to create a dish called Banana Ladob is also common practice. Creole desserts don't get any fancier than bananas flambéed in rum or even brandy. One can treat their taste buds with a delicious assortment of Creole desserts during their stay at Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas and countless other restaurants in Mahe.


Salted fish

Called Pwason Sale in the local tongue, this dish is more obscure even in Seychelles but those who wish to sample this delicacy that preserves fish without refrigeration may be able to find it in select stores and restaurants. The excessively fishy and salty taste does make this a less than popular dish among the younger generation but if you are a fan of anchovies you will likely enjoy salted fish.