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Barry Feldman content audit

The Right Way to Write Content | Feldman Creative

Jul I've been asked to give a brief lesson on how to write content for the web. While it's writing we're going to cover, to apply the lesson I want you to think of yourself as an artist. You're going to paint a picture-illustrate a point (or several).

Podcast: Your Content Don't Rock and Roll | Feldman Creative

Jul "The Point - In Your Ear" is back sneering at crappy content like the king of rock and roll. In this wild tale, you'll hear about a street corner advertising rock star, the ho-hum state of online content, the point of view of advertising legend Tom McElligot, how content is too much like merlot, and why you need to step on some blue suede shoes.

A Secret Source of Powerful Content Ideas | Feldman Creative

Jul While a wide variety of professionals will define content marketing in different ways, no one who actually gets it would deny the central idea is to provide valuable insights and answers. Therefore when the conversation becomes about finding powerful content ideas and the drill-down process begins, more often than not, you'll hear: * Identify your customers' pain points and/or...

21 Tweets for Twitter Beginners (#21Twips) | Feldman Creative

Jul Is this your first visit to The Point? Good to have you. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with all the great insights offered here. Are you new to Twitter? Or maybe you haven't even started yet? It's time.

The Power of Twitter-An Interview with Mr. No Bullshit Social Media | Feldman Creative

Jul More times than I can count, I find myself yakking about social media with friends. I talk about all that I love and appreciate about it, and invariably we wind up going down the list of the obvious candidates of popular networks.

Podcast: Your Website is a Mousetrap | Feldman Creative

Jul Is this your first visit to The Point? Good to have you. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with all the great insights offered here. This is a fun (and slightly gross) episode of "The Point - In Your Ear," explaining how to create the content that becomes the effective bait you need to attract visitors to your website.

Podcast: Why You Shouldn't Do Content Marketing | Feldman Creative

In the first edition of The Point in My Ear, I share an article I wrote for Convince and Convert. Here are three reasons you shouldn't do content marketing.

Click to Convert: Why People Do and Don't Click Your Links | Feldman Creative

Jun In online marketing, clicks are a currency. We bank on making it happen and we're busted when it doesn't. This thing many call the sales funnel or buying cycle is often largely a series of pick, point and click decisions.

Podcast: Social Media - Worthless as the Telephone? | Feldman Creative

Jun Is this your first visit to The Point? Good to have you. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with all the great insights offered here. In this episode of our new podcast program, "The Point - In Your Ear," we pay a visit to the "Theater of the Absurd" for a comedy sketch-a parody.

The Mount Everest of Marketing Mistakes | Feldman Creative

Jun Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Of course you haven't. You've probably heard: it's dangerous. If you were to consider an adventure of this magnitude, you'd have a plan, right? Allow me to give you a little glimpse into the life of an online marketing consultant. Yes, that would be me.

Marketing Experts Present the Content Marketing Hall of Shame | Feldman Creative

Jun Shame on me. Why am I so hell-bent on writing about the mistakes marketers make? Good question. Why do teachers mark-up essays with red pens? Why do they give exams? Why do athletes review the "film" of their performances? Why do speakers practice their delivery by videotaping themselves?

11 Leading Website Conversion Killers [INFOGRAPHIC] | Feldman Creative

Jun Is this your first visit to The Point? Good to have you. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with all the great insights offered here. You've got it going on with your keywords. You're ranking high. The traffic is coming now. Web-a-palooza. Party time.

Build Authority to Build Your Audience and Brand Recognition [featuring Prezi] | Feldman Creative

Jun Thought leadership: the term's become inescapable in marketing circles. You might have read my article, "7 Things Thought Leaders Don't Think." It invoked a lot "hell yeahs" here at our blog, The Point, but caused a bit of a commotion in a LinkedIn group where I apparently teed-off a few thought leaders (or wanna-be's).

A Key to Finding Your Brand's True Voice [INFOGRAPHIC] | Feldman Creative

Jun A majority of the messages flying around the website's where modern marketing is covered today focuses on the media itself. The big questions tend to be: - Which is the right media for reaching my customers? - How do marketers best capitalize on this media or that?

Virtual Assistant: The Solution for Effectively Growing Your Business | Feldman Creative

Jun Hi, my name is Deena and I'm writing these words from Israel, 10 time zones away from Feldman Creative headquarters in California. I'm Feldman Creative's new Virtual Assistant, an employee of Secretary in Israel.

Inbound Marketing Doubles Website Conversion Rates | Feldman Creative

May HubSpot wrote the book on Inbound Marketing in 2010, literally. It's 215 pages of awesome insights. You need to read it. Recently, they published their annual inbound marketing report. It's 175 pages. You don't need to read it. I know you're not going to read a report that long.

10 Reasons Why Your Content Could Be A Bit Too Boring | Feldman Creative

May The original version of this article, "Why is Your Content Boring?" ran at the Vertical Measures blog. "Our content isn't producing the results we want." As a content marketing consultant, I hear this one often. As a content consumer, I see why-all day, every day. Most content is flat out dull.

Enlarge Your Digital Footprint for More Effective Online Marketing

May Your digital footprint is huge. Okay, well, truthfully, I don't know what size it is. But here's what I do know: your digital footprint has a huge effect on your online marketing. When it comes to factors you can control to improve your website traffic, it's Mr. Big.

SEO Guilty Culprit in Silicon Valley Murder Plot | Feldman Creative

May [Nothing's ever as funny as a true story.] Early Thursday morning, an up-and-coming slogan was shot down in the Silicon Valley office building of a software startup. An intern, recently hired to handle social media marketing by the software company (whose brand must be kept secret), claims to have witnessed the entire sequence of events that transpired in the conference room, where the tragedy occurred.

Are You Making these Content Marketing Mistakes? | Feldman Creative

May Not everyone is a pro. If you've been doing marketing for as long as I have you may recall when the Macintosh came out in the 80s. It was a landmark in personal computing. And it opened the floodgates for countless amateurs trying their hands at design.

The Most Effective Online Marketers Focus On One Thing | Feldman Creative

May You devour online marketing lessons. You feast on articles, reports, books, and eBooks. Perhaps it's so important to you, you spend some of your precious time attending webinars and conferences and you can't help but join the conversation on blogs and via social media. Good for you.

When to Shut Your Social Trap | Feldman Creative

Stop the press. I had a different idea for the blog here at The Point this week. But then I read, "Be helpful, be kind, or be quiet," by a friend from Raven Tools, Courtney Seiter. Her article was recognized and shared, but not nearly enough, in my opinion.

Content Marketing: How to Get Started - HubSpot & Feldman Creative

Apr One fantabulous thing about the Google/ YouTube/ Google+ connection (the links here are to my YouTube and Google+ pages) is how easy it is to create, publish and share video content. This interview recorded just a few weeks ago is a great example.

Is Social Media as Worthless as the Telephone? | Feldman Creative

Apr Today we present "Is Social Media as Worthless as the Telephone?" Playwright Barry Feldman explained the inspiration for his one-act play came from having read 7,777 articles about how C-level executives don't recognize the value of social media and seldom endorse its use.

The Top 10 Leading Website Conversion Killers

Mar Let's talk about website conversion... Four years ago, my friend Marcus Sheridan discovered the power of content marketing and rescued his nearly bankrupt pool and spa business. He dove deep into blogging and propelled River Pools and Spas to a dominant leadership position in his home state of Virginia.