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Updated by Relocation Coordinates International on Apr 25, 2022
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Global relocation services

For more than 30 years, Relocation Coordinates International has been providing the finest global relocation services to clients of varying sizes, industries, and relocation volume.

Relocation Coordinates International | Developing a Workplace Strategy: Flexibility

The experience of applying resilience in the workplace has made us more open to change, and proven to ourselves that we can adapt, succeed, and maybe even come out better on the other side.

Relocation Coordinates International | Unmanaged Lump Sum vs. Value Added Lump Sum Program

A relocation program that provides a lump sum payment to an employee, without additional support, can leave your employee feeling disheartened as they embark on creating their relocation strategy and identifying service providers to help them.

Relocation Coordinates International | The Employee Experience Continues to Rank #1 in Importance

Mobility professionals continue to express that a positive employee experience is ranked #1 in importance to the overall success of a relocation. Most corporate executives agree with this belief system. They recognize that a global mobility program should be designed to attract and retain top talent and develop future leaders.

Relocation Coordinates International | The TCJA Impact on Employer Gross-Up of Relocation Benefits

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has created many questions for mobility professionals as they seek to understand its impact on the relocation industry. There have been numerous conferences, webinars, phone calls and email exchanges involving the application of the new Federal legislation. Guidance from the government has not covered every question that still plagues the mobility industry and payroll departments which leaves certain aspects of the law left to interpretation.

Relocation Coordinates International | Relocation Coordinates Unveils New Look with More to Come

We are pleased to announce the launch of Relocation Coordinates International’s (“RCI”) newly designed website – Our new uncluttered design creates a user-friendly browsing experience which has our clients and their employees in mind.

Relocation Coordinates International | The Benefits of Outsourcing Relocation

Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition and attract the best available and highest qualified employees will offer an expertly designed global relocation program. A program that adheres to an industry’s best practices while also staying up to date on constantly changing tax and legal requirements is time consuming and requires expert knowledge, which is why HR departments outsource the process to a relocation management company (RMC).

Relocation Coordinates International | Is a Lump Sum Program Right For Your Organization?

As an alternative to a policy-driven approach, companies are utilizing lump sum relocation assistance programs for some, or all, of their relocating employees.  While evaluating whether this type of program makes sense for any organization, it is important to consider all the attributable factors that may impact the organization and its employees.

Relocation Coordinates International | Changing Your Hiring Process Improves Relocations

From searching for candidates to training new employees, the hiring process is extremely important to the success of a relocation. The interactions between your company and the new employee before they even step foot into your office can have a significant impact on whether or not they remain part of your team long term. Fortunately, there are things that your staff and Relocation Company can do to ensure each new transferee develops a positive connection to your company from the day they accept your offer.

Relocation Coordinates International | Attract High Level Talent with These Three Specialty Relocation Services

Relocating for a position is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Many believe it produces only slightly less stress than getting married or losing one’s job.

Relocation Coordinates International | Technology | Employee Relocation Technology - Relocation Apps | RCI

RCI systems are designed to be customized to our client’s individual global mobility program; which provide real-time access to every file and program level. To find out more, visit us.

Relocation Coordinates International | Relocation Consultants & Experts for Management Services | Relocation Service ...

Relocation Coordinates International (RCI) delivers customized, cost-effective solutions in the global marketplace that exceed client expectations. We also offer our clients fair & competitive pricing. Schedule a consultation today!

Relocation Coordinates International | Relocation Consultant | Relocation Experts | Personal Relocation Specialists |...

Our nimble approach, combined with innovative relocation consultants & managers, allows us to identify methods to improve program efficiency, monitor competitiveness & determine cost containment strategies. Contact us at +1 (866) 915-8631.

Relocation Coordinates International | Why Are Pre-Decision Services Essential to Successful Corporate Relocation?

As relocation services continue to gain popularity in the recruiting process, employers are coming to the realization that pre-decision services are an essential aspect of securing high job acceptance rates. With qualified professionals, putting in the extra due diligence early in the relocation process brings measurably improved results for productivity and cost reduction.

Relocation Coordinates International | Lump Sum Employee Relocation: Is it Part of Your Policy?

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, a lump sum relocation policy can make your company’s offer stand out and attract the best talent.

Relocation Coordinates International | Gain a Recruiting Edge with a Global Mobility Strategy

Once upon a time, companies achieved success by sourcing both talent and supplies locally, all in support of a homegrown niche market. Corporations became integral parts of their headquarters’ locale, creating a symbiotic relationship of the business relying on the city, and the city on the business.

Relocation Coordinates International | 10 Tips For Recruiting Passive Talent

According to the LinkedIn Talent Trends of 2014, passive job seekers make up 80-95 percent of the talent market, but only 15 percent of those employed are completely satisfied with their current role. The majority of these candidates are open to exploring new job opportunities or talking to a recruiter.

Relocation Coordinates International | How to Convince Top Talent to Relocate

In today’s global marketplace, companies are looking much further than ever before to source the best talent for job vacancies. But once a talented candidate is targeted, it doesn’t guarantee that person will want to relocate for the position. Positioning open jobs is a paramount duty for recruiters and hiring managers to improve their talent acquisition strategy and convince top talent to relocate.

Relocation Coordinates International | Relocation and the “Boutique Experience”

With today’s ever increasing reliance on technology to improve workplace efficiency, the human element is often overlooked. Customer service remains a top priority and companies that embrace this philosophy and demand it from their employees are able to retain their customers for the long haul. They know personalized and attentive customer service that meets the needs of the consumer is the key to success.

Relocation Coordinates International | Why Does Passive Talent Matter?

With a steadily improving economy, companies are beginning to feel the need to hire more workers. But a rapidly declining unemployment rate means many of the best qualified candidates are already back to work. This talent, who is often very skilled, is what comprises the elusive and highly coveted pool of workers referred to as “passive candidates.”


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