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Oral Health & Dentistry

If you are looking for the latest news in oral health, click here to know more

The Canadian Dental Association Have Called for Mandatory Vaccines – Are They Correct?

CDA Have Urged the Government to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers. Click Link to Know More!

Researchers Develop Exciting New Dental Implant - Taradale Dental

A Recent Body of Research Has Resulted in the Creation of a New Innovative Dental Implant. Will It Change Dentistry? Click Here to Know More!

Could this Heartburn Drug Be a Secret Weapon Against Gum Disease?

Recent Research Has Shown That a Class of Medicines Typically Used for Heartburn Can Help With Gum Disease. Click Link to Know More!

Calgary Residents Say Yes to Water Fluoridation - Taradale Dental

Calgary Residents Have Voted in Favor of Fluoride Being Added to the Public Water Supply. Click Link to Know More!

What Impact Do Oral Health Problems Have on Children? - Taradale Dental

Colgate-Palmolive Have Carried Out a Large Study That Has Produced Findings Relating to the Impact That Oral Problems Have on Children.

Can Certain Filtration Devices Make Dental Clinics Safer? - Taradale Dental

Recent Study Has Found That Certain Filtration Devices Could Reduce the Spread of Aerosols in Dental Clinics. Click Link to Know More!

Calgary Council Agrees to Reintroduce Fluoride: What Impact Will It Have?

The City of Calgary Will See Fluoride Return to the Public Water Supply After the Council Approved the Results of the October 2021 Plebiscite

Should the Government Help With Quebec’s Oral Healthcare Project? Singh Says So

The Leader of NDP, Jagmeet Singh, Has Requested That the Federal Government Helps to Finance Oral Healthcare Project in Quebec

Could a Snoring Appliance Help to Slow Down Cognitive Decline? - Taradale Dental

Researchers Have Found That Our Sleep Can Help Identify Those at Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Snoring Devices Can Help Us Sleep Better

How Did Dentists Treat a Patient That Had a Tooth Grow in His Nose? - Taradale Dental

Two Dentists Have Been Discussing a Recent Remarkable Situation That Involved an Ectopic Tooth Growing Through the Nose of a 38-Year-Old Man

Is Mouth Taping Good for Our Dental Health? - Taradale Dental

Mouth Taping Is a Practice That Has Increased in Popularity in Recent Months, Helped in Part by the Social Media Application TikTok.

What Are Chalky Teeth, and What Causes Them? - Taradale Dental

Chalky Teeth Refers to a State Where a Person’s Teeth, Primarily the Molars, Appear Discolored or Abnormal. Click the Link to Know More

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Recent Research Has Found That a Plant-Based Chewing Gum Could Actually Reduce Transmission Rates of COVID-19. Click the Link To Know More

Can Our Oral Health Affect Pregnancy and Premature Births? - Taradale Dental

A Recent Study Has Shown That the State of a Woman’s Oral Health During Pregnancy Can Actually Increase the Risk of a Premature Birth

Can Pfizer’s New Paxlovid Oral Medicine Help to Treat COVID-19? - Taradale Dental

Pfizer Have Developed an Oral Medication Called Paxlovid, Which Appears to Be Effective at Treating COVID Cases Involving High-Risk Patients.

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Recent Research Has Found That There Is a Strong Link Between Social Isolation and Tooth Loss. Click the Link to Know More!

What Happens When You Don’t Go to the Dentist for Decades? - Taradale Dental

Many People Are Cautious About Visiting the Dentist, Due to Fears Around Pain, Injections, Drills & More. However, This Causes a Huge Range of Problems.

Could Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented by a Protein in Our Gums? - Taradale Dental

Research Team Has Found That a Certain Type of Protein in the Mouth Can Potentially Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Gum Disease

Can Good Oral Care Help Prevent Strokes in Later Life? - Taradale Dental

Recent Research Has Shown That Strong Oral Care Can Help To Lessen the Chances of Further Strokes for Those Affected Already by a Stroke

What Is the Connection Between HIV and Oral Health? - Taradale Dental

There Has Long Been an Association Between HIV and Poor Oral Health. Click the Link to Know More!

Can a New Dental Tool Measure the Acidity of Bacteria? - Taradale Dental

Research Has Led to a New Dental Tool That Researchers Have Stated Is Capable of Measuring the Acidity Built Up by the Bacteria in Plaque That Leads to Cavities

How Much Does Sugar Consumption Cost Canada’s Healthcare System? - Taradale Dental

Recent Research Has Found That Excessive Sugar Consumption Costs the Healthcare System of Canada Up to $5billion per Year. Click the Lin to Know More!

Liberals and NDP Agree Landmark Oral Health Agreement - Taradale Dental

Improved dental care for middle and low-income Canadians could be nearing, following a landmark agreement between the Liberal Party and the NDP.