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Updated by Steve Smithwick on Jan 30, 2019
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Top WebRTC Resources: Blogs, Experts, Studies

A list for the best, informative sources and experts on WebRTC. From general info to code advice, I've started it off with some of my favorites - include your suggestions below!

Source: Me. Blog. Geek.

There aren't a lot of individuals that keep as up to date on WebRTC as Tsahi Levent-Levi. His blog features interviews, opinions, and is regularly updated with the latest WebRTC news.


Most folks that set out to write an application, or build an architecture, begin with nothing but features and functionality in mind. Many might start out assuming they will be traversing flat, reliable, and secure networks.

WebRTC World

WebRTCWorld hosts an annual Expo, a great opportunity for companies, web application providers, investors and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape. They also have a very well written and informative blog.

Dialogic WebRTC Survey Results

Dialogic has posted an interesting 2013 WebRTC survey with 39 companies participating. Worth the read!

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but not my favorite. The official WebRTC website has a blog but it is usually very technical and not business or opinion oriented. Though, the news is definitely broken here when new features are added.

EnThinnai Blog

Blog by EnThinnai Team Members

Bistri: WebRTC Video Calls since 2012

Bistri: WebRTC Video Calls since 2012 Chrome and Firefox have already implemented the new W3C P2P communication standard, from the network protocol to the audio and video codecs. But the most important thing : the implementations are working together ! Anyone can enjoy this new experience on Bistri, for FREE.

6 Types of Customers that Engage in a Live Video Chat Support -

The aim of any online business is to attract customers, provide a very positive experience for them and inspire loyalty. This ensures that a customer will keep coming back, as well as telling other people about your business.

A Window to Multiple and Golden Opportunities - MBA Course

The MBA, known as Masters Degree in Business Administration, is a very popular degree program not only in Canada but throughout the world. With an increasingly global economy, many students find that study overseas, perhaps at Canada University, gives them the edge they need in today's competitive job market in order to gain the language and cultural benefits that employers are seeking.