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Updated by dstanbro on Sep 27, 2021
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8 WireGuard Tools to manage your Virtual Network

Managing WireGuard can be tough, especially when you have a whole bunch of machines to manage. Get organized, and get automated, with some of these great (free) tools to manage WireGuard.


Gluetun is a self-described "swiss army knife" for managing VPN connections, and recently added support for WireGuard! If you want a single client to manage all your connections across VPN providers, Gluetun is for you.


If you're managing a large number of machines, your WireGuard configurations are gonna get messy. Even worse, if any network settings change, you need to go in and change the settings on all your machines!

Netmaker is a server and client for automating and managing all your WireGuard connections. By default, you can automate peer-to-peer mesh VPN networks, and manage private DNS between all the machines. It also lets you do stuff like site-to-site networking, and multi-cluster networking for Kubernetes!


Tailscale is kinda like Netmaker, though it will start to cost you if your network gets bigger than 20 devices, or if you have multiple users. On the plus side, it has great integrations across a lot of platforms, and it has very good auth integration. It's also SaaS, unlike Netmaker which you will need to host yourself.


If you're setting up a simple hub-and-spoke VPN, wg-easy is a great way to get started quickly, and has a very convenient and easy-to-use UI.

WireGuard Installer

A simple, quick and dirty script for setting up a wireguard VPN server.

Website at

Okay so this isn't really a tool, but you definitely need all the resources you can find when configuring a WireGuard network! These docs have some great tips that will help you get setup.

GitHub - k4yt3x/wg-meshconf: WireGuard full mesh configuration generator.

Setting up a mesh WireGuard network is challenging! The hardest part is generating the right WireGuard configs. WG Meshconf handles exactly that: It will generate WireGuard configs for all your machines to form a mesh network.

This is something tools like Netmaker and Tailscale will handle automatically under the hood, but if you're not looking to automate management of this network, or just prefer to have a more hand-configured/managed approach, this tool will be great for you.


A more "fully featured" WireGuard VPN server / GUI. Hasn't been updated in a while but still a great option!