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Headline for The Most Strategically Located Sea Ports in the Indian Ocean – Ports that Witness the Ongoing Power Struggle in the Indi
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The Most Strategically Located Sea Ports in the Indian Ocean – Ports that Witness the Ongoing Power Struggle in the Indi

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the busiest shipping routes in the world. Read on to explore some of the most strategically located seaports in this region.


Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka

A massive percentage of Sri Lanka's seaborne goods are checked in through Colombo harbor via the assistance of shipping services such as South Asia Gateway Terminals. Port of Colombo is popularly recognised as the busiest port in South West Asia. In 2017, it accounted for the passage of 6.21 million twenty-foot equivalent units. It has also attracted the attention of China, as it connects Europe, Africa, Asia, as well as the Middle East.


Port of Djibouti, Djibouti

Port of Djibouti is located right on the Red Sea's mouth and it is conveniently located on one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. It connects the Far East, Europe, the Horn of Africa, and the Persian Gulf. In the recent past, the Port of Djibouti was the beneficiary of many investments from CMPorts (China Merchants Port).


Port of Victoria, Seychelles

Port of Victoria in Seychelles serves as the sole maritime hub of the island nation. Port of Victoria has strategic importance to India. India has also signed a 20-year contract with the government of Seychelles to build naval facilities of the islands. Seychelles' Port of Victoria is nestled in the very heart of the Indian Ocean, and it is said that this port is currently straining under overcapacity. This is because recent years has seen a surge in the number of ships crossing over from South Asia and the Gulf over to Africa's east coast. Measures have been taken to implement a new quay in order to meet rising trading volumes. It will be financed by the European Investment Bank.


Gwadar Port, Pakistan

Gwadar Port in Pakistan lies adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz and it is well recognised as one of the strategically located waterways of the world with a special focus on transporting oil in and out of the Gulf. Since 2015, Gwadar Port has been in the hands of the Chinese, once it was sold to the state-owned COPHC (China Overseas Port Holding Company). This port is a major part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Scheme, as it helps form Beijing's One Belt initiative; this aims to connect the Republic of China to Europe and Africa via an array of trade projects and billion-dollar infrastructure.


Chabahar Port, Iran

Chabahar Port in Iran is the country's sole oceanic port. This is located on the south-eastern coast of the country, in the Gulf of Oman. The port signifies a major gateway between Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Europe, and Russia – the Commonwealth of Independent States. A trilateral transit agreement was signed by India, Iran, and Afghanistan in 2016, which confirmed easier access of Indian goods to Iran, Afghanistan and beyond. India took over the operations of Oman's Chabahar Port back in December 2018, which also further consolidated its position in the region.

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