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Headline for 5 Amazing Things to Do in Male, Maldives – Captivating Experiences for the Visitor
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5 Amazing Things to Do in Male, Maldives – Captivating Experiences for the Visitor

Although depending on when you visit, it may not be possible to tour Male due to the worldwide pandemic, when restrictions are eased there will be several fun things to experience there; here are some of the key highlights.


Experience the markets

By visiting the markets of Male, you will have the opportunity to obtain a genuine insight into the lifestyle of the native Maldivians. Male's fish market may be considered the pulsating hub of the nation's fishing industry, which for many centuries was the mainstay of the local economy before the development of tourism. If you visit the fish market, you will notice the local fishermen bringing in their catch, predominantly tuna, to be sold. Another interesting experience would be to visit the fruit market where you will find exotic fruits like papaya, mango, guava, watermelon and bananas.


Do some sightseeing

You will find that Male has its share of captivating sightseeing attractions, many of which are representative of the island nation's engrossing history and culture. Take the opportunity to stroll down Boduthakurufaanu Magu, which happens to be named after a local hero, and make your way to Sultan Park and Jumhooree Maidan. From this location, you could easily visit attractions like the 17th century Old Friday Mosque, known locally as Hukuru Miskiy, the National Museum and Muleeage, the impressive presidential residence. These noteworthy sites are sure to capture the interest of the discerning visitor. A Maldives resort to consider staying at and from which you could enjoy a tour of Male when restrictions ease would be Kurumba Maldives.


Savour local foods

Food lovers will be in their element in Male as they will find plenty of delectable local dishes to savour. A very popular breakfast dish would be mas huni, which is made from tuna, onion, coconut and chilli; these ingredients are chopped finely and mixed together. This zesty dish is typically enjoyed with roshi, a thin chapatti-like bread. Also make sure to try out hedhika, which are delicious snacks made primarily from tuna, potatoes, coconut and eggs. You could also take the opportunity to try out Male's street food; a highlight would be mas kashi, a combination of dried fish, mango and coconut.


Hire a motorbike

Since Male happens to be a tropical and sunny city, you may prefer to avoid walking about especially when the sun is at its peak. Therefore, renting a motorcycle will be a great way to explore this relatively small city and experience all its attractions. If you take a motorbike tour of Male, you will be able to visit its features of interest and even the less explored relatively secluded parts of the city. In this way, you will have the chance to obtain a genuine feel of the lifestyle of the Maldivian capital. Of course, remember some resorts in Maldives near Male will offer guided tours which are good alternatives especially if you can't ride a motorcycle.


Take a ride on the Whale Submarine

A unique experience for visitors to the Maldives would be to take a ride on the Whale Submarine; the departure point for this excursion is in Male, namely Jetty #1 (the presidential jetty). You will be transported to the nearby submarine which gives you the chance to descend into the ocean depths and experience the entrancing sights of the undersea world. Particularly if you are a non-diver, this will be a great way to take in the fascinating views of the underwater scenery and marine creatures in the waters of the Maldives.

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