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Top Things to Keep in Mind When Snorkelling in the Maldives – Useful Insights & Tips

If you plan to go snorkelling in the Maldives, there will be some things to keep in mind; from the diverse marine life you will encounter to the need for protecting yourself against the sun, find out more below.


The Maldives is a great place for snorkelling

The Maldives is unquestionably a wonderful place at which to go snorkelling, with shimmering clear waters, stunning undersea scenery and exotic marine creatures. You can go snorkelling at practically every resort in Maldives. The underwater visibility is fantastic and the ocean temperatures will be pleasant. As you might expect, it will be very easy to reach the waters in the Maldives; you will just have to stroll onto the beach or perhaps enter the waters directly from your accommodation. If you don't happen to be an experienced snorkeler, you will be able to take your first steps in this captivating water activity in the Maldives.


You will encounter many kinds of sea creatures

Beneath the waters of the Maldives, you will find a mesmerising selection of sea creatures that are sure to entrance the snorkeler. Amidst the enthralling marine scenery, you will encounter creatures like rays, dolphins, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, moray eels, vibrantly coloured reef fish, squids and so on. On your snorkelling excursions, you may also have the chance to view octopus, stingrays, triggerfish, clownfish, barracudas and tunas just to name a few. In fact, in the Maldives, you may feel that you have stepped into a huge exotic aquarium!


Sharks and mantas will be a highlight

Naturally, for most snorkelers, encountering large creatures like sharks and manta rays would be a highlight of their experience in the Maldives. You will often have the chance to see whitetip and blacktip reef sharks whilst snorkelling; these creatures are typically shy and not dangerous. You may even have the chance to observe a huge whale shark during your adventures, while it may even be possible to snorkel in the company of large manta rays; this will surely be a memory that you will treasure. An accommodation choice to consider from which you can go snorkelling with sharks and mantas (seasonal) would be Velassaru Maldives which may be regarded as a pleasingly located luxury hotel in Maldives.


Protect yourself from the sun

Particularly if you are a native of a cooler climate, you should undoubtedly take care to protect yourself from the rays of the tropical sun in the Maldives. You should apply plenty of sunscreen, especially on your back, around 10 to 20 minutes before snorkelling; the SPF of the sunscreen should be 30 or more. Ideally, you should wear a rash guard shirt designed to be used in water for protection from ultraviolet rays; however, if this is not available you could don a white T-shirt instead.


Check if there are snorkelling gear charges

Although Maldives resorts will provide snorkelling equipment, some of them will charge you for it; thus, if you plan to snorkel extensively over several days, the cost could be significant at such properties and you can consider bringing your own gear. That said, you do get some resorts that offer both complimentary snorkelling equipment and guided house reef snorkelling tours and such properties are ideal for those looking to enjoy this water sport.

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