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5 Exciting Things to Do in the Maldives – Captivating Experiences for the Discerning Visitor

If you choose to holiday in the lovely Maldives, you will have the opportunity to engage in many exciting things to do such as windsurfing, catamaran sailing, snorkelling, diving, and so on.



There is no doubt that windsurfing is a well-established water sport with innumerable enthusiasts around the globe. You will have the chance to windsurf in the Maldives which is sure to be a memorable experience amidst the islands' picturesque beauty, laidback ambience and balmy tropical weather. Windsurfing provides unique and rewarding sensations as you skim across the surface of the waters propelled by the power of the winds. Both exhilarating and challenging, it will provide endless fun once mastered. On the other hand, if you happen to be a novice in this water sport, you could avail yourself of expert instruction in the Maldives as well.


Catamaran sailing

A rather different water sport that you can engage in would be catamaran sailing. Journeying out to sea in a catamaran in the Maldives is always a distinctive experience as you sail serenely on the gleaming waters amidst the stunning views and refreshing sea breezes. Even if you have no experience in catamaran sailing, you will still be able to obtain private lessons which will be a great way to develop your skills in this water sport. Meanwhile, you will also have the chance to enjoy exciting catamaran sailing with a skilled expert piloting the craft.


Snorkelling with whale sharks

Snorkelling will be a comparatively simple and enjoyable water activity that many tourists to the Maldives would be able to take part in. You will also have the chance to undertake a snorkelling adventure on which you will be able to observe whale sharks at close quarters. Whale sharks are considered the largest existing species of fish and encountering one whilst snorkelling is sure to be an unforgettable experience. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could enjoy this experience would be Kandolhu Maldives which is an appealingly located Maldives luxury resort on a private island.



Diving enthusiasts are sure to be enthralled by the outstanding conditions for this activity in the Maldives. Here, you will encounter marvellous dive sites featuring excellent visibility, spectacular undersea scenery and an abundance of engrossing marine creatures. As you dive in the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to encounter fascinating sea creatures such as exotic fish, reef sharks, turtles, rays and more. Experienced divers will relish the diving opportunities in these islands and beginners will be able to undertake certified courses that will enable them to eventually become proficient divers.


Take a champagne sunset cruise

Another distinctive experience in the Maldives would be embarking on a champagne sunset cruise. One of these cruises will take you into the ocean expanses at the time of sunset; it will provide you with the opportunity to experience the glorious sight of the tropical sun setting on the horizon, which will be truly magnificent and awe-inspiring. This experience will be made even more memorable as you will be able to enjoy a glass of champagne and savour delectable canapés with that special someone on your sunset cruise.

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