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Delicious Southern Thai Dishes to Try in Koh Samui – A taste of Authentic Thailand

The repute of Thai food is far-reaching. With a variety of flavours and smells, Thai food steals the heart of every traveller. Here are a few Thai dishes a first-time visitor should try.


Massaman curry

No one knows the origin of this delicious Thai dish, although some historians believe it was originated in the Middle East. In terms of spices and the cooking method, massaman curry is slightly different; the use of anise, cardamom and cinnamon is what makes massaman unique. The curry is made in a frying pan with a paste of coconut cream and tamarind. This contains both savoury and spicy flavours and can be enjoyed at Koh Samui restaurants.


Pad Kra Prao

This should be your go-to-dish if you are not sure what to eat in Thailand. You can find this at any Koh Samui restaurant, hotel and resorts like Avani+ Samui Resort. Pad Kra Prao is rice served with minced pork; the type of rice used for the dish is typically jasmine rice, and the pork curry is made with chopped chilli and basil. Pork makes the standard version of Pad Kra Prao, but you can alternate it with beef or chicken.


Khao Kha Moo

Commonly found at night markets, Khao Kha Moo is a rice dish served with skewered pork. The preparation of the dish is a delightful spectacle; a large aluminium pot is used to make the dish. The braised pork is chopped into small pieces and served on top of a steaming bed of rice. You can also request a boiled egg along with pickled veggies.


Khao Soi

A favourite in Thailand, Khao Soi can be found anywhere in the country. This is a soup dish that contains rice, noodles and yellow curry. There are different versions of the dish. Khao Soi has a similar flavour that can be likened to the flavour of massaman curry. The soup base of the dish is made of cabbage, shallots, chicken and pork; once the soup is done, egg noodles are added to complete the dish.


Yum Nua

Koh Samui cooking classes, often include Yum Nua in their curriculum. A popular choice with those who are tired of eating papaya salad, Yum Nua is zesty and spicy. This salad is a delicious concoction of chopped beef, shallots, spearmint, garlic, lime juice and chillies.


Pad Woon Sen

Almost like pad thai, Pad Woon Sen is a favourite among locals. This glass noodle dish pairs well with a range of other food items. Pad Woon Sen is made by frying the noodles along with vegetables, scrambled eggs, shallots, garlic cloves and prawns. To enhance the flavour, Thais like to add a dash of soy sauce.


Char Kway Teow

This simple dish can be found be anywhere in Thailand, but for the best version, you should head to the Koh Samui Street markets. Pork, rice noodles, minced meat and a variety of vegetables are added to Char Kway Teow, making it delicious and healthy in equal measure.


Seafood coconut curry

This is another curry you must try while in Koh Samui. Also called Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn, this dish is commonly found on Thai islands. The curry is placed in a whole coconut allowing you to scoop the curry right out of it with delicious bits of coconut flesh. The curry is steam cooked, and it includes squid, kaffir lime leaves, prawns and galangal.


Mango Sticky Rice

One of the dessert items served in Koh Samui – and other regions of Thailand – sticky mango rice is made of sweet glutinous rice and mango slices. This is the go-to food item for anyone who's downed a few spicy dishes.