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Omdena is the collaborative platform to build innovative, ethical, and efficient AI and Data Science solutions to real-world problems.

Omdena Chapters - Join our Global AI for Good Family

Stay updated on local events, access case studies, network with like-minded individuals in your region, and grow with Omdena´s global family.

Using AI for Stress Recognition in Modern Day Office

Stress recognition using AI to help us recognize how stress actually works physically & mentally then how AI can help us detect and solve it.

Internet Safety for Children: Using NLP to Predict the Risk Level of Online Games, Websites, and Applications

Using Natural Language Processing to predict the risk level of online games and websites to improve internet safety for children.

Omdena´s Scholarship Recipients: Two AI Changemakers from Africa

May Omdena Scholarship Award. It will be given for 3 months from April 2021 to June 2021 and can be spent on covering educational expenses.

My Path to Becoming a Product Owner in Omdena´s AI Challenges

I came to Omdena in Fall 2020, as a lawyer and machine-learning student anxious to learn more about AI and eager to give back.

Securing a Data Science Job in 2021: Inspiring Success Stories from Microsoft, Impact Startups and More

A proven and tried data science road map to start a learning journey from the basics to advanced levels, with all skills needed

Getting A Senior Data Scientist Job at FedEx (Overcoming Roadblocks and the role of a PhD…)

How to get a senior data scientist job? Juber shares his most helpful tips on interviewing, real-world projects, and what every jobseeker should...

NLP Data Preparation: From Regex to Word Cloud Packages and Data Visualization

Natural Language Processing (NLP) data preparation for basic packages, tools, and visualizations. From regex to word clouds, and sentiment analysis with applications.

An AI Driven Risk Predictor for Mental Health Impacts Due to COVID-19

Build mental risk predictor model to analyse mental health using Machine Learning during Covid19 pandemic with Pycaret with social media data

Uncovering Infrastructural Needs Using Topic Modelling and NLP

How to get insightful data and identify Africa's infrastructural needs by scraping Twitter through NLP libraries and topic modelling.

Denoising Images: How to Use Autoencoders to Produce Clearer Images

For better neural networks results, using images denoising is one technique to generate clearer images for data analysis.

Using GeoSpatial Data Analytics: A Friendly Guide to Folium and Rasterio

A step-by-step geospatial data turtorial, handling how to download (.tif) images, analyse data and visualize them using Rasterio and Folium

Four Powerful Tips for Working on an Omdena Real-World AI Project

How to excel in Omdena AI projects? Here are four tips shared by one of our collaborators on how to improve your data science skills while making an impact.

The Complete Life Cycle of Data: From Exploration to Deployment

A complete handbook of a machine learning pipeline and data life cycle, from data cleaning, exploration, model training till deployment.

How I Secured a High Paying Machine Learning Engineer Role (In Just Two Months, After A Long Career Break)

My transition journey from being a stay-at-home mom to a high paying Machine Learning Engineer role (NLP) in 2 months! How to do that?

How to Build a Data Science Portfolio in 2021 That Gets You a Top Job

11 proven Do's and Don'ts you need to know to build your data science portfolio (+ How to create a LinkedIn Page + Resume to showcase your portfolio)

AI for Good | Overcoming Data Challenges Through Diverse Teams

To find and prepare high-quality data sources and overcome challenges an organization needs to build diverse and collaborative teams.

Omdena Youth Interview: Pravallika Padyala

Omdena Youth Interview Pravallika Padyala, shares his learnings, insights, setbacks and advice to all those interested in Data Science.

Learning OpenCV from Scratch to Build a Pedestrian Detector

Object detection using OpenCV from scratch, images transformation tools, and how to build a pedestrian detector using computer vision

The Most Important Data Science Soft Skills (By a 20+ Years Experienced GIS & Remote Sensing Veteran)

What are the most essential soft skills to work better in data science teams, solve problems more effectively, and excel in your career?

Understanding Climate Change Domains through Topic Modeling

Applying various topic modeling techniques (Top2Vec, LDA, SBERT, etc.) to understand climate change domains.

12 AgTech Startups Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI

Agriculture is the backbone of civilizations. Here are 12 AgTech startups revolutionizing agriculture with AI.

Omdena | Building AI Solutions for Real-World Problems

Omdena is the collaborative platform to build innovative, ethical, and efficient AI and Data Science solutions to real-world problems.

Labeling Text Data for News Article Classification and NLP

This article walks through labeling text and preparing several datasets for ML models to detect political bias and hate speech in news

AI for Solar Energy Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa

Implementing two dashboards, for predicting the return on investment on the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system over the long term and for alerting clients with existing PV systems for near-real-time predictions of solar energy adoption in the short term.