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August 2013 Blogging Challenge

Below are a list of blog posts written in the August 2013 blogging challenge. Check them out!

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Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State

Washington, D.C. just isn't our nation's capital. It's a symbol of all the freedoms and ideals that make America, well...America. It's history, politics, and a study of the human spirit all shoved into its tiny borders. Oh, and its bursting with ghosts!

Review Of Self Published Kindling: Memoirs Of A Homeless Bookstore Owner

For today's post, I am supposed to write about a book I've read recently. This is perfect because it allows me to kill two birds with one stone. I owe one of my author friends a review.

Blog Challenge - Topic 12

I am in the middle of reorganizing things and putting them into better order so my desk is a mess right now. I promise to revisit this post and post pics when I'm done. The reorganize is taking me a while because I want everything accessible and handy while not in my face.

Blog Challenge - Topic 11

This will be easy. I. Hate. Contests. I'm not even kidding. I have never won anything in my life. Sadly enough, Mini is better at carnival games than I am. They hand her the darts and she knocks out those balloons 1 2 3. Me?

Blog Challenge - Topic 10

I wrote a great post in May of last year about my obsession with rabbits.. You can find it HERE. Honestly, I don't know how I can top that, but I'll try On second thought, maybe I will just post some videos of songs I like with animals in their titles..

Blog Challenge - Topic 9

HUH?? Okay I have to admit that this topic threw me a little. Do I talk about my favorite color? Do I post a pic of a painting or sunset? What exactly does 'color' mean? Hmm........ Okay here goes nothing.. My favorite color is blue. For one thing, it's the color of my eyes.

Blog Challenge - Topic 8

I read a lot of food blogs. I love learning others' tips and tricks. I love expanding my recipe collection. I like to challenge myself with baking and cooking. I'm good, but I have a tendency to be boring at times. I also love reading blogs that alert you to sales, steals and deals.

Blog Challenge - Topic 7

I would have to go with the day of my car accident. I was really having a fun day and then it all went to hell somehow. We were just driving and next thing I know, I hear a loud thump and the car started spinning.

Blog Challenge Day 13: Create an infographic and write about it

This challenge asked me to create an infograph. I did something simple, since this is my first one. I used my own photos, and I think it looks amazing. My infograph is about accepting yourself, but always striving for more. We must see the beauty within ourselves in order to be beautiful on the outside, and for success.

Blog Challenge Day 12: Take a picture of your "office" space and write about it.

I refuse to take a picture of my office space, sorry guys. My house is a mess because we are in the process of possibly moving. I will, however, describe it to you. That won't take much work. I sit in my living room, with my laptop on my lap (or on a kitchen chair in front of me).

Blog Challenge - Topic 6

This made me laugh when I read the blog topic.. You may laugh along with me The other day, as Mini and I were watching FernGully, I was thinking back to when I first saw the movie.

Blog Challenge - Topic 5

"In Defense of Divorce" by Ennis B. Pepper Jr. This book was written by a Pastor and I wanted to read it to maybe have something to bring back to my parents. I kinda want something to justify my husband and I splitting up. My uber-Christian adopted parents want to hear nothing of it.

Blog Challenge - Topic 4

Oh heavens-to-Betsy. Where do I start with this one?! I would say about 75% of the plans I have in mind don't pan out the way they're "supposed" to. If there is a possibility something could go wrong, by jeezis, maury and josephine it will!

Blog Challenge - Topic 3

I say it all the time and I will say it a thousand times.. I am most proud of the relationship between me and my daughter. I'm proud that she has a healthy respect for me. No, she's not afraid of me but she does know I mean business when I say something.

Blog Challenge Day 11: Write about a contest or create a contest

I am about to embark on a five day break from here, so this is the perfect time to to do a little contest, of sorts. Between now and Sunday, email me a poem about relaxation, to I will pick my 3 favorites and post them here on the blog next Tuesday, along with links to your own blogs or websites.

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State

I've always been a Southern girl at heart even though I technically have never lived in the deep South! Still, I think that fascination with southern culture ultimately influenced my love of the color and legend of Haint Blue.

Blog Challenge Day 10: Write about an animal

The only animal I can possibly write about when asked to write about an animal is my dog, Gunner. Normally when asked to write about animals I would chose to write about the meanings of animals. But right now the animal that has the most meaning in my life is my own pet.

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State

After taking another weekend break, I'm back with Day 8 of the blog challenge and today's topic is to write about a blog that I regularly read. Honestly, I don't read as many blogs as I should, especially in my niche, but there is one in particular that I make a habit of reading whenever new material is posted.

Blog Challenge Day 9: Write about color

When I think about the challenge for today, "write about color," I think about the meanings of each different color, and what the vibrations from colors can do for us. Did you know that you can use different colors to change your mood?

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State

I wanted to take advantage of today's Blog Challenge topic (write about a memory that haunts me) to share with you another personal experience of a ghostly nature. Having cultivated this interest in the paranormal since an early age, and a having a long history of seeing and experiencing things that I cannot explain, there are very few things I've encountered in my 30 years that really scare me.

Blog Challenge Day 8: Write about a blog that you read regularly

There are a few blogs that I go to often, but there is really only one (other than my own) that I visit on a nearly daily basis. This is kind of a shameless self promotion, since I write for this blog, BUT it is not my blog and I am not the only writer.

Blog Challenge - Topic 2

I haven't added a page introducing my fur babies yet but we have a few of them. The newest addition is an American Foxhound (at least that's what I think she is - she was a rescue) named Eli-Princess. Mini named her after Eli Manning, QB of the NY Giants.

Blog Challenge - Topic 1

I kinda wish this had come later in the month. My Mother's birthday is the 30th and she would have been 61 this year. I will write about her at that time though.. There have been some great role models in my life. So many people are worthy of my admiration.

August 2013 Blogging Challenge: Day 6

Long title is long. This is a hard topic. I don't really watch a lot of films. However, I had a movie night with my boyfriend not too long ago so I can probably write about the film we watched then.