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Headline for Omani desserts you must try in Oman - Discover the yummy sweets of Oman
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Omani desserts you must try in Oman - Discover the yummy sweets of Oman

This part of the world specializes in amazing sweet treats that are rich in spices and exotic flavours. Here are some tasty treats to try out next time you have the opportunity to visit Oman.



In the Arabic language, Halwa expresses something sweet. This tasty concoction is the most popular and classical Omani dessert. It makes an appearance during important occasions such as Ramadan, weddings and birthdays. It is also recognised as the national dessert of Oman. The dish is prepared with almonds, flour, caramelized sugar, butter, rose water, cardamom and saffron. However, the ingredients used will differ according to the maker. The Omani Halwa is usually found in three colours; brown, yellow and white. The colour will change according to the ingredients used. They will also change in flavour and value. Halwa is normally accompanied by Omani Qahwa, which is Oman's traditional coffee. You are sure to come across this treat in many of the restaurants in Oman.



Luqaimat is a popular delicacy in the Arab world. It is usually followed after breaking fast, known as Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan. This crispy dumpling is served slathered in sweet and sticky date syrup. served It is made from flour, yeast and sugar. It is made to rise and then fried in oil. Quite similar to a doughnut ball. In Omani homes, the host will serve it alongside coffee for visitors along with other goodies such as dates and fruits. If you visit Oman during the month of Ramadan many hotels and resorts will offer such delicacies during Iftar as well.


Omani pudding

This yummy pudding is made from milk, eggs, pistachios, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, almonds and lemon zest. The dish is served with chopped nuts and takes on a beige hue. This sweet and creamy pudding is quite popular in Oman.


Halwa Al Jazar

Another halwa type of dish is made from carrots, ghee, sweetened condensed milk, milk and pistachios. It is a popular dessert in India as well, known as Gajar ka halwa.


Maho Halwa

This Omani dessert looks like a brownie but has a light brown colour and a texture of milky fudge. It is prepared with cardamom, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and saffron. The sweetened condensed milk is boiled together with the butter until it forms a thick fudge, then it is taken off from the fire. Lastly, the spices are added and it is allowed to cool, on a buttered dish. Once the mixture cools down it gets hardened then it gets cut down into squares and served.


Halawet Ahmad

Vermicelli is one of the main ingredients in the dish which gets pressed into moulds to make it look like nests or domes. The vermicelli can sometimes be coloured to make it more appealing. The other ingredients that go into the dish include coconut, almonds, sweetened condensed milk, butter and sprinkled with pistachios.



This is an easy baked coconut cookie similar to a coconut macaroon. The main ingredients used include desiccated coconut, butter, sweetened condensed milk, baking powder, and vanilla. All the ingredients get mixed until it forms into a soft dough. Then the dough balls are placed in the oven and baked. The perfect treat to pair with a strong cup of Qahwa. Even nice hotels will serve all these delicacies, if you are looking for something special try places like Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resorts.