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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Essential Safety Tips for Water Sports in the Maldives- Some facts to double-check before your next holiday
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Essential Safety Tips for Water Sports in the Maldives- Some facts to double-check before your next holiday

The Maldives is a haven for lovers of water sports. The magnificent blue waters that surround the islands beckons thrilling days of fun under the sun. To make sure everything goes to plan, prepare well ahead to ensure peace of mind and safety.


Get insurance

Travel insurance is a requirement now and mandatory for those entering the Maldives on holiday. If you intend to be very active on your holiday, ensure your insurance plan includes injuries that could occur as a result of water activities.

Operators will take all the essential precautions, but unexpected things can happen in life, so best to be prepared. The medical facilities can handle basic first aid, and a doctor is available in most resorts. However, for more serious injuries, one will have to travel to Male by boat or plane. Such a trip will be expensive, and so will the care. Thus, it is better to pay a bit more and have a good coverage plan. Make sure it covers all transport and hospital stays.


Pack the right clothes

Other than packing your favourite t-shirts, dresses and swimsuits for active water sports activities, you need to be properly attired. Certain gear such as wet suits and bodysuits act as a protective shield against the elements. The Maldives is loved for its sandy white beaches, but make sure to pack some wet shoes. It will come in handy if you will be snorkelling nearby the reefs, as they can have thorny corals and fish that may gnaw on your toes.


Don't leave out information

When trying out certain water sports, it is required that you endorse a declaration form. It entails notifying the tour operator of all your medical issues if you have any. Even if you consider your health to be in good condition, this is still an essential step. It is important to disclose any past or continuing infirmities you may have undergone and any medications you might be taking. It is seldom you won't be permitted to participate in a sport due to your medical records. As this is for your safety, be upfront. Furthermore, if you do not share your medical history and a situation arises, your insurance might not agree to pay the medical costs.


Wear your life jacket

The water throughout the Maldivian atolls is typically calm. Nevertheless, the sea can be unpredictable, and tides can be deceptively powerful. The anxiety of being on the open seas might get to the most excellent of swimmers at times. Thus even an accomplished swimmer should wear a life jacket throughout any water sport.

Be it a boat ride, a jet ski, paddle boarding, or a banana boat, life jackets should be mandatory. Tour operations and water taxis will also have life jackets on hand. Always wear one as a precaution.
Life jackets are obtainable in various sizes. But, when travelling with children, ask the resort if a smaller-sized life jacket is available during your stay. In most resorts, such as Atmosphere Kanifushi, all amenities will be provided and many of the Maldives watersports can be experienced.

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