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Locker keys

Key cutting of locker and cabinet keys to code, including laser keys and dimple cut keys.
We cut and engrave most of our locker keys on a next day delivery.
If you order and supply the key codes before 10:00 we will dispatch your keys for delivery the next day.

Helmsman locker key cutting next day delivery

Helmsman locker key cutting

Helmsman locker key cutting next day delivery.
We cut series 95/97, 31/33, AA30 and A0001 to A2000 keys to code delivered UK mainland on a next day delivery.
We also cut coin lock keys AA12, AA30, ASSA 13629, 29220, 13734, 28220, 27220.
Send us the key codes and we will send you a quotation. If you need a master key no problem.
You will need to email us your request as we don't sell master keys over the internet for security reasons.

Lowe and Fletcher Dry Specification Coin lock Keys

heading text Lowe and Fletcher Dry Specification Coin lock Keys

Lowe and Fletcher Dry Specification Coin lock Keys Series 66000-68000.
Dry specification coin lock keys cut to code on a next day delivery if ordered before 10:00.

Ojmar coin lock securitykey key cutting

heading text Ojmar security key

Ojmar security key, key cutting, Ojmar dimple key cut to code current delivery 2 working days.
We can quickly supply you with all Ojmar security keys to the mainland UK

Ojmar key cutting

Total Locker Service Blog | Replacement locker key cutting next day serviceReplacement locker keys Key cutting next d...

Key cutting, here at Total Locker Service, we offer a next day service on a large number of replacement locker keys

Types of key
Coin lock keys
Metal locker keys
Coin lock keys
We offer ASSA 29220 and 13629, Lowe and Fletcher AA12 and AA30 on a next day service

Other ASSA series are available on a 2 week lead time.

Ojmar V series and soon to be added Ojmar standard key on a next day service.

All other Ojmar keys series are available on a 2 week lead time.

Metal locker keys
All other Ojmar keys series are available on a 2 week lead time.

Metal locker keys
We offer Probe, Helmsman, Link, Garran, Link and QMP locker keys on a next day delivery.

How to order keys
You can find most of our common keys at the following web page Key Cutting and order the keys at Probe key form

Lowe and Fletcher coin lock key cutting next day delivery

heading textLowe and Fletcher AA12 and AA30 key cutting

*Lowe and Fletcher coin lock key cutting next day delivery

We cut both AA30 and AA12 Lowe and Fletcher coin lock keys to code and dispatched them to the UK mainland

Keyline | Ninja Total

heading text Ninja Total key cutting

Ninja Total is the exclusive all-in-one Keyline electronic key cutting machine that copies, decodes and codes edge cut keys and decodes and codes laser and dimple keys.

Ninja Total is the exclusive all-in-one electronic key cutting machine that copies, decodes and codes edge cut keys and decodes and codes laser and dimple keys.

Ninja Total is the ideal machine for all the locksmith who want to offer a key cutting service with a complete and high-performing tool.

Versatile and complete. The combination of two key-cutting stations makes it possible to cut both residential and car keys, with a single machine, quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality and precision during the cutting process. Ninja Total is available with the optional engraving function for the head of the keys, through the dedicated C25 clamp.

Quick and performing. The high quality technology based on the combined action of three axes and two powerful motors allowing single passage key cut.

New clamp. Ninja Total is equipped with the new, exclusive C30 single clamp for the majority of dimple and laser keys, and with a large set of small milling cutters to cut the most popular keys.

Ergonomic and sturdy. The Keyline “Ninja” design is a symbol of solidity and compactness. Easy to handle and use,thanks to its wide operating station, Ninja Total is the ideal tool in all situations, for all jobs and environments.

Easy and intuitive. The advanced Liger Software developed by Keyline makes Ninja Total easy to use through an intuitive user interface, supported by a strong and stable industrial console which allows the quick access to one of the most complete key databases in the market.

Patented technology. Innovation and quality are guaranteed by extensive international protection: Patent for Utility Model for the double cutting station and Patent pending for the sliding reading group.

Key cutting

locker keys order online and receive the next day with a low carriage charge, all our locker keys are cut to code, Oj...

heading text Locker Keys

Locker keys available online, Probe, L&F, most locker keys delivered the next day

If you need quick, quality and cost-effective replacement keys, then Total Locker Service can provide you with your replacement keys.

We have a wide range of coin locks, cam locks, locker locks and more, all on fast delivery.

ASSA Lock key cutting; next day delivery for ASSA patron keys

ASSA Coin Lock Keys

ASSA Lock key cutting; next day delivery for ASSA patron keys

We can supply ASSA keys quickly, including series 13629, 29220, 13734, 28220, 27220 and more.

Cut to code and delivered to the UK mainland

Ojmar S (S001 - S698)series key cutting for office furniture

Ojmar S Series Keys

Ojmar locker key cutting next day delivery S series

We cut Ojmar S series keys.

Ojmar S (S001 - S698)series key cutting for office furniture.

Locker keys

Locker parts, Locker locks, metal locker locks locker service and repair

Locker key cutting

Locker key cutting to code

We provide a wide range of locker locks and locker parts. We manufacture laminate number discs, hotel key fobs, locker key fobs, cut our replacement keys including the Ojmar security key and L&F AA30 series on a next day delivery

Locker keys next day key cutting
We at Total Locker Service cut the vast majority of our keys at our facility. Therefore cutting our keys in-house allows us to turn around your replacement keys speedily. Therefore we can cut keys that other companies have to have cut by the original lock manufacturer. This includes Ojmar, ASSA, Lowe and Fletcher and Probe coin lock keys

This allows us to provide our customers with a much quicker delivery as some of the locker keys can only be cut by the manufacturer.

Therefore this allows Total Locker Service to provide our customers with locker keys up to 10 days faster

However being an Ojmar approved key cutting service gives us the ability to cut Ojmar coin lock keys without ordering the keys directly from the factory in Spain.

Key cutting service
Probe, L&F, Helmsman and ASSA Locker keys are available to purchase online for a next day delivery

Therefore we aim to provide a fast key cutting service for locker keys; we specialise in leisure locker replacement keys. If you are unsure which type of replacement keys you need, our friendly staff are here to help you. You can call 01284 749211 or email us at we are here to help.

If you would like a quotation, email us your key numbers and we will email you back with a quotation.

We cut keys on-site and usually dispatch the same day. The range of keys on our website is just a selection of the keys we can cut.

Total Locker Service specialises in spare keys and replacement keys for office furniture and lockers.

In other words Total Locker Service cut a large quantity of Lowe & Fletcher and Bisley Keys.

They are the UK's leading manufacturer of locks for office furniture and lockers.

We are specialists in replacement coin lock keys ASSA 29220, 13629, 13734, Lowe and Fletcher(L&F) AA12 and AA30, along with Ojmar V series keys, standard series and the drilled Ojmar security keys.

Locker keys we cut Helmsman 95001 to 97000, 31001 to 33000, Probe 36001 to 36000, Lowe and Fletcher 92201 to 92400, and much more.

Replacement filing locker, cabinet & Pedestal keys cut to the code engraved on the key

When you are looking for a quality replacement filing cabinet and locker keys, we at Total Locker Service will be happy to help you identify the replacement key you need guiding you through the complex range of key codes.

Key duplication - Wikipedia

Key duplication refers to the process of creating a key (lock) based on an existing key. Key cutting (after cutting, the metalworking term for "shaping by removing material") is the primary method of key duplication: a flat key is fitted into a vise in a machine, with a blank attached to a parallel vise, and the original key is moved along a guide, while the blank is moved against a wheel, which cuts it. After cutting, the new key is deburred: scrubbed with a metal brush to remove burrs which, were they not removed, would be dangerously sharp and, further, foul locks.

A restricted key blank has a keyway for which a manufacturer has set up a restricted level of sales and distribution. Restricted keys are often protected by patent, which prohibits other manufacturers from making unauthorized productions of the key blank. In many cases, customers must provide proof of ID before a locksmith will cut additional keys using restricted blanks. Some companies, such as Medeco High-Security Locks, have keyways that are restricted to having keys cut in the factory only. This is done to ensure the highest amount of security. These days, many restricted keys have special in-laid features, such as magnets, different types of metal, or even small computer chips to prevent duplication.

Another way to restrict keys is by trademarking the profile of the key. For example, the profile of the key can read the name of the manufacturer. The advantage of a trademark is that the legal protection for a trademark can be longer than the legal protection for a patent. However, usually, not all features of the profile are necessary to create a working key. By removing certain unnecessary features, a non-restricted profile can be derived, allowing the production and distribution of non restricted key blanks.

UKLA Member Benefits | UK Locksmiths Association


ULKA Locksmith Association trade organisation gives members many benefits including giving your customers peace of mind they are dealing with a vetted locksmith

Locker key cutting

Why be a Member of the UK Locksmiths Association
Being a member of the UK Locksmiths Association gives your company a more professional profile that your company needs to be a success in business.
When in contact with external companies such as Letting Agents, Estate Agents, key cutters, Councils, Housing Associations, Builders Merchants, sub contractors etc. or even the every day customer it is important that they see you as someone they can trust. By being a member it gives them the confidence to trust you to get the job done efficiently and at a price that it is fair.
It gives the customer the confidence that you will be there when you say you will be there. Too many trades persons are not reliable enough the “Trusted and Vetted” on our logo tells them you are the person for the job
By having the UK Locksmiths Association “Trusted and Vetted” Logo you demonstrate someone who is at the top of your profession. The Logo can be on your business cards, headed paper, invoices, vehicle, flyers, shop front, any adverts and of course on your corporate clothing (which you can purchase through us).
The customer can have trust that if there are any problems they can contact the UKLA. By having the UKLA as a backup the customer knows they won’t be overpriced and if problems will occur as they can simply contact us.
All members are vetted with C.R.B. checks giving the customer extra peace of mind and the trust that goes with it.
We can mediate in the event of any problems at times a customer has felt they have been overcharged yet feel appeased when the Association point out contributing factors to fair charges.
Having a membership ID offers comfort to the client. After a home invasion or dealing with elderly / female clients putting customers at ease with the fact you are who you say you are can make a big difference.
UK Locksmiths Association Cost
The cost of a yearly membership to the UK Locksmiths Association is only £175.00 incl VAT with a yearly renewal of just £50.00 incl VAT! Alternatively Lifetime Membership is £500 incl VAT with no further renewal charges and includes free clothing (see below)!
Having the use of the logo is worth this small amount on its own let along all the additional extras that come with it.

You only need two jobs over the whole year to cover this investment so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Other big advertising companies would charge you over £1,000.00 to have just the advertising that we are offering.

UK Locksmiths Association LIFE MEMBERSHIP
By paying £500 (incl VAT) this will give you life time membership. This means you will never need to pay for a renewal fee again and still have all the benefits that comes with the membership. You also receive a UKLA Gold card, standard ID card AND includes one free jacket, free polo and free sweatshirt!!

Make a Working Lock and Key : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

How To Make A Lock And Key

In this instructable I'm going to run through the process of making a working 5-lever mortice lock and key. Steps 1 & 2 are an overview of 3D printing requirements and how the mortice lock works, with steps 3-7 showing you the construction of the lock, and the final piece demonstrated on page 8. For the purposes of this I will leave out the making of the decoration, though it can certainly be 3D printed also, but feel free to contact me if you want to know how to do it.

Step 1: Planning a 3D Print
Firstly, I'm going to run through the basics you need to keep in mind when preparing a model for 3D printing. If you have already used 3D printers, then feel free to skip on to the next page, or take a quick look at the bold writing to double check the basic rules.

There are several types of 3D printer available, and depending on what one you're using will affect the way you make your model. For example, a printer using photopolymerization uses light to harden a liquid resin in layers, so when completed the model is simply pulled from the liquid, allowing for all types of undercuts/ interlinking items. However, Thermal Extrusion printers heat plastic and print each layer on top of the previous, meaning that it has to create supports to reach any undercuts in the model. As a result, the supports need to be cleared away before the part is ready, so interior or interlinking details are not really viable. For the purposes of this instructable I am going to assume the model is being printed using Thermal Extrusion as it is by far the most common form of 3D printing. Another important aspect of the printer to keep in mind is the type of material you will be printing in, as it will limit the thickness and minimum level of detail it can print.

So, for thermal extrusion here is what you need to keep in mind.

  1. The digital model you send to the printer will be in STL format (Stereo-lithography). This is basically a 3D placement of the paths of the surfaces on your model. However, if your model has any intersecting details it will have difficulty understanding what is meant to be an exterior or an interior surface, and can easily print the wrong thing. Avoid intersecting surfaces. While it can be time consuming to find ways to connect geometry together, especially if detailed, it is necessary. Booleans are a great tool for combing/subtracting objects, but be careful with these. Multiple boolean operations to one object can cause unexpected results. If using booleans, try to compile all objects to be cut into one object before cutting. If in doubt of any problems on your model then run an STL check before exporting. Most 3D programs have the ability to do this.

  2. Don't try to send multiple objects in one STL file. As tempting as it is to just export everything together and rush through the printing setup it can easily cause problems, as well as leaving no room for manoeuvring objects in the print setup. One of the main problems here is that any models touching against each other will have a layer of support built between them, regardless of whether or not there is space in the 3D file for it, which can cause parts of your model to be lost. Individual STLs of objects also makes it easier to detect and replace faulty pieces.

  3. Thermal extrusion builds up in layers, whose thickness depends on the quality and speed of the printer. This means that any vertical detail will have layered ridges, much like a stack of paper (though often rougher as the layers will be thicker than a single sheet of paper on most machines). While flat surfaces shouldn't have a problem printing vertically, it can become an issue when printing curves. Try to limit curves to being printed horizontally. While it takes up more space on the printer bed to lie everything flat, it will reduce the number of layers and thereby the roughness of the object. Think about how you place your models.

  4. When making objects to fit inside another, don't make them flush. While 3D printing is highly accurate, there is a small amount of bleed in the plastics as they cool, and the ridges of the layers will provide grip to the sides. Trying to insert an object into an exact sized hole will be nearly impossible and require filing/sanding in order to fit. Allow a small gap (~0.5mm, depending on the quality of the printer) around the edges to ensure the piece will fit smoothly.

Phew. Ok, now that the boring part is over, let's take a look at what we're going to be making!