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marismith content audit

9 Steps To Creating Engaging Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guest blog post by Craig Silverman]: Great content can spark engagement, foster relationships and generate new leads. It can also help to establish you as a thought leader. Content is seemingly the gateway to a new world of success for every professional and business.

How To Succeed At Relationship Marketing With One Simple, Universal Method

Guest blog post by Jay Baer]: Every day, consumers get overwhelmed by a flood of invitations on the web from hundreds of companies asking them for likes, follows, clicks, shares, comments and attention. These invitations are in addition to all the legacy advertising that constantly bombards us, too.

Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Facebook Reach

Many Facebook fan page owners struggle to get more of their fans to see their posts in the news feed. On average, most Facebook page posts reach a mere 16% of fans in their news feed. However, the good news is that number could be much higher, like 47% or even more.

10 Top Pinterest Tips For Your Business

Guest blog post by Lilach Bullock]: With 48.7 million users, Pinterest is one of the top online social networks. Yet many business owners are still not sure about Pinterest; they are afraid to venture into more than one or two social networks, preferring instead to stick to the social media king and queen: Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Changes Page Cover Rules - Test 20% With This Tool

Facebook recently (quietly) changed its Page Guidelines around Cover Images. Previously, you could not have any price or purchase information, contact information, references to Facebook features, or calls to action. Now, you can. The main rule that remains in place for Cover Images is that you cannot exceed 20% text.

How To Get More Shares on Facebook - Infographic

Share is to Facebook as retweet is to Twitter. It's all about how VIRAL you can get your fan page wall posts. Of course, you want plenty comments and likes on each post - this activity certainly helps boost your post visibility in the news feed of your fans.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With These 46 Peeps Around the World

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you absolutely LOVE your customers? And all the people in your extended community, too? I sure do! In fact, I'd like to celebrate this global day of love by showing some LOVE to these special peeps in my community.

Biggest Moments in Social Media - Campaign Wins and Fails

As the worldwide social media audience continues to grow, the impact of brands' wins and fails are amplified that much more. If you create a big win, your victory is awesome. But if you fail, your mistake gets played out on the biggest virtual public stage.

Affordable Microphone for Recording Quality Videos

Here's another fun video tutorial for you in our Year of the Video series! This one is all about how to ensure you have excellent AUDIO when recording your videos. There's nothing worse than coming across what appears to be an excellent video that you really want to watch...

Think Like Zuck: 5 Secrets Marketers Can Learn from Facebook

Guest blog post by Ekaterina Walter]: In 8 years of existence, Facebook has fundamentally changed the way we connect and communicate online. It is the world's largest social network and probably one of the most addictive. We cannot imagine our lives without Facebook-it created a sweet addiction of 24/7 conversations and information flow that we apparently all craved.

Best Video Lighting Set Up For Quality Video Production

2013 is the year of the video! That means you'll want to ramp up your video content creation, production, editing and distribution... BIG time! I've said for years that NO amount of sophisticated technology will EVER take the place of real, live, in-person, face-to-face connecting...

One-Word Theme of Abundance for New Year 2013!

At the end of each year, I like to select a single word as my main theme for the coming year. I've found this practice to have a profound effect in all areas of my life. Sometimes the results are not obvious right away.

Facebook Begins Rollout of Single Column Timeline

As reported by TheNextWeb, among others, back on October 31st, 2012, Facebook began testing a new Timeline layout with a single column of posts. And now, the new design just rolled out on my personal profile . Awesome!! No more eyeball ping-pong bouncing back and forth to read content.

12 Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Holiday Marketing

Guest post by Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack]: It might be too soon to start untangling the holiday lights, but it's never too early to be thinking about how to use Facebook effectively for holiday promotions.

Organize Your Facebook News Feed With Interest Lists

As more and more content from the one billion Facebook users and the tens of millions of business pages pours into our News Feed on a daily basis, it's getting harder and harder to see the content you really want to see.

How To Blog Your Book And Own Your Niche As An Author

Guest blog post by Nina Amir]: An enormous amount of content comes across the transom of social networks like Facebook. We share business and personal information, news, entertainment, inspiration, and a whole host of things in between. And we do this for a variety of reasons depending upon our goals.

Facebook Marketing Makeover Contest

To celebrate the release of my newest Facebook marketing book - Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, Second Edition - coauthored with Chris Treadaway, I just launched a fun contest on my Facebook fan page ! The grand prize is a "Facebook Marketing Makeover" worth $1,000.

10 Tips For Using Google+ Hangouts For Your Business

Guest blog post by Kevin K. Lau. Have you signed up for Google+ yet? If you're not yet active on Google's social network, you're missing out on a powerful business tool. One of Google+'s best features is Hangouts which enable you to host a video chat with one or more people that you have in your Circles.

Facebook Timeline For Fan Pages: 21 Key Points For Marketers

If you have not yet converted your Facebook fan page over to the new Timeline design, your page will automatically convert on March 30th, 2012 which is coming up fast. This post covers the majority of basic settings and features you need to know. Even if you've upgraded, you'll find some tips here!

Facebook Launches New Offers Product for Businesses

A few select brands on Facebook are currently running tests of a new Facebook product for businesses called "Offers." The most recent Offer, which generated a fair amount of buzz in the past week, was posted by Macy's. Macy's first posted the Offer on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:11am Pacific with an expiration date of February 26th.

Facebook Groups New Design Featuring Large Cover Image

The din of excitement about Facebook Timeline for Pages might be drowning out any news about a new look for Facebook Groups! first announced this change on February 2nd, showing this group with the new design. But, I didn't see or hear much more about it. Until now!

Facebook Timeline for Pages - Coca-Cola Testing Now?

Facebook's Timeline design for Pages is coming very soon! As mentioned in this post, rumor has it that Facebook will be announcing Timeline for Pages at the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference on February 29th in NYC. (The conference is invite-only, but save the date as the event will be livestreamed!

Facebook Changes - Timeline, Ticker, Photo Viewer, Messages

Every time you log on to Facebook, you may notice a subtle change... or a massive change! This post serves to address a few of the smaller changes you may not have noticed yet, and also to let you know about a couple of major changes coming in 2012! 1.

Facebook Timeline Cover Image - What Are The Rules?

When you switch to the new Facebook Timeline, one of the first new features you'll see is the ability to add a large "Cover" image. You'll also be able to see the Cover images of all other Facebook users who have switched to the new Timeline.

New Year 2012 - One Word Theme Of Growth:

It's that time of year again where I ruminate for a while on which one word I would like to choose as my overarching guide for the entire following year. I find this practice to be very powerful, yet simple to implement.