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The Psychology of Google Hangouts

This article explores how we can gain new perspectives through using Google+, as we interact with people within a global community. To do so, we will consider Multiple Perspectives and dynamics within Google+ using the analogy of a 'Silent Disco'. Introduction Google Hangouts are a new form of communication that combines both group chat and video calls.

Streamline & Automate Online Tasks with

Attention: Organisations, businesses and individuals - here's how to automate many online processes using Over the past couple of weeks I have been exploring how to use, especially in the context of Google+...

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business will help companies "discover a better way of working" through their cloud based services. If you have yet to experience Google Apps, it can make a tremendous difference to how you think about collaborative working. Introduction When I starting using Google Apps my online world changed forever.

What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog)

If you think Google Plus is just another social site, you are in for a big surprise. What has been created is, put simply, a phenomenal tool for human communication, and much more. But it takes you to experience it, embrace it and 'get it' before this realisation really comes.

Martin Shervington

This is a step-by-step tutorial for people looking to get started on Google+, perfect if you want to build up a following, like the one you may have on Twitter and Facebook - but you must keep in mind that Google+ is rather different! Introduction (AWESOME NEW VIDEO!)

What is 'Google Adwords'? And how to use it with 'Google Plus' to improve business...

Google Adwords is the advertising system from Google. If you have a website you may well already be 'paying per click' for relevant traffic. But how about the relationship between Google Plus and Google Adwords? Well, this is something you will may well want to explore as well as it could increase your results...

What are 'Google Circles'? The Ultimate Guide!

Google Circles are a central feature to Google Plus and in this user guide you will get a step-by-step approach to how you have use them best to tailor your experience even more. What then are Google Circles? Google Circles are a way to group people together based around the relation you have with [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Google Plus Posts

The key is in trying different things. The look and the message of your posts matter very much, but there are other variables too which you should be mindful of. Here are a few suggestions on the practical elements as well as the psychology of posting on Google Plus.

Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts

With the launch of Google Hangouts, the world just got a lot more social! As + Vic Gundotra puts it, Google is now connecting people in new ways, with one of the new ways being Hangouts. Never heard of Google Plus Hangouts? Read on and discover one of the most useful tools for global socializing and collaboration.

Google Glass - the start of something truly incredible

Google Glass is project to be launched from the lab of 'Google X' for the masses. But maybe you thinking "this just another gadget"? Well, when you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together you too may start to think this is a step along the way to 'think and search' capabilities for the Google Search engine, telepathic machines and the creation of human connections in very new ways.

How To Write Awesome Marketing Copy! | The Psychology of Marketing

This article is a real "back to basics" on writing marketing copy with loads of hints and tips. Do you ever feel swamped by all the marketing channels now available? Should you be tweeting, setting up a Facebook page, managing your Adwords account, utilising log ins on Foursquare, Google+?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using Google Plus

In the past couple of years Search Engine Optimization may well have gone through a transformation. Since the launch of Google Plus people are talking more and more about Social SEO. As such, I would suggest this has as much to do with psychology as it does with hyperlinks...

The Psychology of 'Comment Threads' on Google Plus

Every thread on a post, especially those I have observed on Google Plus, has a culture... So, how does a culture get built? How does it develop? And what do you do when it starts to shift in an odd direction?

What is Google Local? And how to set up a Page!

In 2012 'Google Places' changed it's name to 'Google Local'. If you are a local business with a physical location then this part is something you will want to set up. In essence, it is a Google Plus Page and has the ability for people to give you local reviews as well.

Complete User Guide to your YouTube Channel

I have been working with clients lately to Google Plus their business and part of the process involves linking up to YouTube. The initial process of linking a Google+ account and a YouTube account is very simple indeed. There are, however, quite a few things I have learned along the way.

The Psychology of 'Trends' on Google+

A trend occurs on Google+ when there is enough impetus behind a theme to enable it to 'lift up' enough and rise into trending topics. But sitting behind every post is a person and those people are really the ones influencing this results with every action they take.

Google Authorship, Author Rank and Social SEO with Mark Traphagen

Here is a video interview I had the honour to conduct with + Mark Traphagen. We cover the subject of 'Google authorship' 'author rank' and social search engine optimisation. It is over an hour long and crammed through of instructions and tips as well.

Google Plus and the copyright issues of sharing images

Introduction One month ago, I set myself a challenge. It was a bit like Lent but without the binge on pancakes prior, not quite as long, not quite as successful and far from being religious in any traditional sense of the word.

The Psychology of Connecting on Google+

Introduction. (Part 3 of 3 'Psychology of Google+' articles: Engaging, Relating and Connecting.) Let's begin with considering a phrase: a meeting of minds... As we all know, it means to get along well with someone collaboratively. But sometimes we don't think about the meaning of phrases that are embedded within our cultures.

The Psychology of Relating on Google+

Introduction What does it mean to "relate" to someone or something on Google+ and how can we do it even better? (Part 2 of 3 'Psychology of Google+' articles: Engaging, Relating and Connecting.) So, what is the meaning of relate: v. re·lat·ed, re·lat·ing, re·lates 1. To narrate or tell 2.

The Psychology of Engaging on Google+

Do you engage, or are you a member of the audience? And the cheeky concept of getting 'shareshagged'... If no one +1s, comments, shares one's content then Google+ may well seem a very quiet and lonely place. Google+ is, however, a place full of engagers.

Already 'Googled it'? Then Commoogle it!

Introduction Since the launch of Google Search, when people have a question they tend to pull out their phone, tablet or computer and type it into Google. But there is something occurring within the Google+ environment that is increasingly changing how we behave... Sometimes when you ask a question you don't actually want or need the answer.

5 quick marketing steps for building opt-in Circles on Google+

Another guide to Circlecentric Marketing on Google Plus In sales training it is common to hear "it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission" yet, having followed Seth Godin 's principles of Permission Marketing since 2001, I believe that permission is a great way of forming/deepening relationships.

Google Plus Communities - Complete User Guide

the whole kit and commoogle! Communities are an incredible feature from Google Plus. Since their launch, there are around 50,000 listed communities on Google+, some with tens of thousands of members, others with much fewer.

Google Plus for business or personal gamification

Google+ is many things to many people. To me, it is simply genius. It has taken my Internet experience to a whole new level, open doors to new realms and connected me with a multi-faceted social experience.