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Wine Review - 2011 Günther Steinmetz Riesling

2011 Günther Steinmetz Riesling Price: $15 ABV: 11% Size: 1 liter Verdict: Buy! Nose is sweet with peach, sugar cane and a hint of white flower. Palate is crisp and clean with green apple and great acidity. A definite buy especially since you're getting a whole liter for the price.

Wine Review: 2011 Weiser Kunstler Riesling Feinherb

2011 Weiser Kunstler Riesling Feinherb Price: $20 ABV: 6.5%-10.5% Rating: 90pts Verdict: Buy! Riesling is very culty. Back in 08-09 when I'd gotten a bit of fame in wine, I would talk to regular people and totally blow their minds when I told them that wine nerds totally thought Riesling is the best thing in the whole...

6 Highly Rated People Who I Think are Still Underrated

I was having dinner the other day with a buddy of mine and I was talking about how Rafael Nadal is underrated. He started laughing and said, "how can Raphael Nadal be underrated? He's so rated!" We got into this kind of philosophical discussion and it lead me to this post today.

Emptying the Bucket

As a manager, the more you have to do, the fuller your bucket gets. Make sure to empty your bucket from time to time to keep it from overflowing. -- Over the last couple of months (actually more like a year and a half), I've been really heads down building VaynerMedia, my agency and taking...

I Can't Code and You Can't Sell Crap.

So I've been spending a lot of time thinking about why I'm not angel investing as much lately, and I think there's a conversation there that I'd like to talk about and bring into our space. And the title of that is: I can't code, and you can't sell crap.

Five Companies You Should Be Paying Attention To

People often ask me how I stay on top of tech. It's literally one of the top three or four questions I get at Q&As when I give talks. It's always like "well, how do you stay on top of it? There's so much going on!"

19 People You Should Be Following On Twitter But Aren't (Pt. 2 of 2)

Here is part-two of my list of up-and-comers to be following on Twitter. Who did I miss? Let me know what you think! [Link to Part 1] Matt Mazzeo (@mazzeo) is a really exciting one for me because he's a VC at lowercase capital.

19 People You Should Be Following On Twitter But Aren't (Pt. 1 of 2)

Lately I've been on stage and I'm talking more and more about value. Whether you have a product or a service, whether you use all the gadgets or the new toys or not, at the end of the day if you bring value, you have a real chance at winning in the consumer market.

My Biggest Weakness: Q&A

This was an Interview I gave to New media Rockstars conducted by Benny Luo Posted by Benny Luo on Friday, April 12, 2013 · I first discovered Gary Vaynerchuck back in 2008 when my friend shared a YouTube video recording of one of his famous talks at Web 2.0 Expo NY.

Treat Your Business Like Your Second Child

So, knowing that I have a lot of young fans, this may not resonate, but for all of you "older peeps" like me that are lucky enough to have two children... Something interesting happened the other day. We had some great friends over, Erin and François.

Why Bret Hart is a Better Businessman Than You

So this weekend is Wrestlemania, and it got me thinking about a wrestler by the name of Bret "The Hitman" Hart. You see, Bret Hart was a wrestler in the WWF (now WWE) for a very long time, originally with the tag team partner of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, they were known as The Hart Foundation.

Why is Raising Money More Celebrated than Making Money?

I'm concerned, a little bit, with the culture of celebrating the fund-raise. My dad taught me that when you borrow money, It's the worst day of your life. Just now, we didn't clap for Red Rover, because they didn't raise 6 trillion dollars, but I was sitting here like "Good stuff!"

The Yes Virus

I have The Yes Virus. What is The Yes Virus? The Yes Virus - and I think a ton of you have this, at least the good peeps - is when you want to say yes to everything, when you feel like you can do everything, and most of all you don't want to let people down, or you just want to check off a lot of boxes or accomplish a lot of things.

How to Get Advertisers on Your Blog

An oldie, but one of my favorites. Content is the #1, A+ best way to bring value, but what happens after you've created it? The hard part is over, but the hustle has only just begun! It's as simple as a Google search and a phone-call.


I just want to make a statement to help marketers out there. It’s a definitive statement, so get ready.

If you are targeting 13-20 year-olds I just want to clarify it for you right now. The only things they give a crap about for storytelling platforms are Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. This is not a Facebook/Twitter conversation for that demo. So you’re just learning about Facebook and Twitter and it’s already passing you by.

Understand what’s going on there if you’re trying to reach them.


I’ve been thinking about something that a lot of people aren’t talking about: I don’t understand how people don’t realize that they are all the patriarchs of their family. Let me explain. Everybody who is in the, let’s say, 20-40 year old range is putting out so much content through their Facebook posts, their Tweets, and their other pictures, that they are basically starting a foundation of digital content that every generation, I’m talking great- great- great-grandkids, are going to look back at as a starting point. Even with the family that took the most polaroids in the world, there is only so much content they could have ever made. Meanwhile you have a vast amount of content. Look at me. I did Wine Library TV every day for six years, and those videos are going to be in place for all my children.


For the last six months, I’ve been baffled.

Looking at startups, the client work that we do here at VaynerMedia, work that other agencies and our brands have done, looking at competitive work when we audit things, what baffled me was how many people still don’t design their websites or experiences for the mobile web, or don’t even think about building mobile apps.


Hey everyone! I really wanted to make this video. There was a classic video in my world where I cold-call an advertiser for my fake beer show. A lot of you have seen that and thank you for that! (Want to get advertisers on your blog?). But yesterday, I wanted to make a point by doing something similar but the context of the situation and the way you go about it changes the game.


I was up 5-2 in a tennis match today and it was Love-30 – he was serving. And I lost 7-5.

Two days ago, I was playing AJ in corn-hole. I was up 13-0 in a game to 15 in the third game of a three game series. And he came back and won.

These two comebacks and my lack of concentration to finish people off is totally unacceptable and crushes my soul. And now, my competitive spirit is at an all time high to never let it happen again. I am very upset. I am sorry to myself and to my family. Don’t let this happen to you. Always concentrate and finish things off.


Just the other day I was talking about “Why Not Both” when it comes to quality, quantity, and content. And today I’m making a quick little video because I feel like a lot of people are asking me questions about what happend today which was that Fast Company reported that I’m working on another agency called Grape Story to represent Vine celebrities, which is true, and then on the same day Facebook and Instagram announcing that they’re doing 15 second videos on their platform…


A lot of people have been talking about quantity versus quality of content. My question is ‘Why not both?’
Here’s a link to Scott Monty’s blog that I mentioned.

So about 10-14 times a week, I get an email, or someone stops me in the street – literally – and says “Gary you always talk about working so much. The hustle. All the hours you need to put in. Well hey man, I know working hard is great, but I work smart. That’s why I’m going to win just as much.” And I always say to them, “Why not both?” Why not working smart all the time and hustling? Because the people who really crush are doing that. You’re working smart and hard. Why not both?


Social media in small business.

“If you’re not on Facebook and Twitter in 2013, you’re basically not a relevant business in today’s society.”

I got the chance to go on CNN to give a lesson on Social media in small business and help Flora make-over her wig company with the use of social media. We talked Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more, but the best part? Watching Flora post her first ever Instagram photo. She’s already crushing it!


ROI of Social Media

Everybody’s worried about ROI of Social Media. What about the hidden ROI of what happens in real life when you care about your customers? What’s the ROI of your mother? No really. Because I’m telling you right now, the ROI of my mom is everything. The only reason I’m standing here is because I was perfectly parented. My mom sniffed me out and executed against my skills, and schlepped my baseball cards at six in the morning to go to baseball card games. That’s caring. So when you ask me about the ROI of social media, I ask you, what’s the ROI of your mother?


Social Media In The Workplace - Not allowing your employees to speak on Twitter or Facebook, or any other social network in fear that they may say something wrong out there that may affect your business is insanity, and I guess the picture that I want to paint is, that it’s like forcing all your employees to ride a horse to work. And what I mean by that, the ship has sailed. The day of employees not being able to talk is over, and what you need to do, is not treat it like a communistic thing anymore — “we’re not gonna let them do things”, you need to treat is as a capitalist thing; let them talk, react, and if someone tweets, “I hate my company… our products suck”, you fire them, and you issue a heartfelt, not bull-crap, public apology.


What’s happening in 2010 is not that if you pray hard, or if you work really hard and “crush it” until 5 in the morning, that it’s going to happen. What I am talking about and what I am outrageously passionate about and what I think about on a daily basis, whether it’s consulting for my brands or it’s for you at home right now who loves the smurfs and smurfs it up. It’s not about the fact that if you work hard enough you’ll get it it’s a fact that it’s practical to have that bat. It’s like not everyone, I want to be freakin’ Mark Sanchez and be the QB of the NY Jets, but I can sit here all I want, even if I trained football all day I dont know if you see it, its not going to happen. However, in the business world, building a business in 2010 or back in 2008 we have at bats. We have a chance…