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10 Most played card games in the world

Do you think you could guess the ten most played card games in the world? If you do, there's a big risk that you would be wrong, for sure. Check this list with the actual top ten games, and you will be surprised.



Sources for the card game research

Sources for the card game research

The source for the top ten most popular card games in the world, comes from the website, which focus entirely on research and data for basically everything, that can be ranked top 10 in the world.

Information is also gathered from a trusted source called, which is a card game site that lists all the most popular card games around the globe.


#1 Solitaire

#1 Solitaire

Yes, you read it correct! Solitaire is the biggest card game in the world. Now, "Solitaire" is in reality a category of card games for a single player. But one can't ignore the fact that even a specific Solitaire game like The Spider, is so huge, that it alone takes a place on the top 10 list.


#2 Poker

#2 Poker

This probably doesn't come as a surprise, most people would most likely have guessed that this massive classic would end up at the top of the list. If you just imagine how many people that are playing poker right now, at all casinos and online gambling sites around the globe. We are probably talking about hundreds of thousands, at least.


#3 Blackjack

#3 Blackjack

This might come as a surprise, and to be fair, it's really tight between blackjack, UNO and Spades. But as a gambling game, it's the same situation as with poker, with hundreds of thousands people around the globe playing day and night at casinos, night clubs, bars and online. It's perhaps the easiest gambling card game that most people are familiar with and knows the rules for.




Here we have the remaining card games on place 4-10, and very few of you are probably surprised by UNO, Spades, Rummy, Hearts and Go Fish. However, Spoons and Crazy Eight might raise a few eye brows.

Is there any game that surprise you? Leave a comment!

  1. #4 SPADES

  2. #5 UNO

  3. #6 RUMMY

  4. #7 HEARTS

  5. #8 SPOONS

  6. #9 GO FISH


More popular card games

  1. #11 EUCHRE


  3. #13 LET IT RIDE

  4. #14 OLD MAID

  5. #15 SPEED


How popular is Solitaire really?

How popular is Solitaire really?

Did you know that 15 million people around the globe search for "Solitaire" every month on Google?
And that's just the English name for the card game category.

Here are the countries with the highest search volumes for Solitaire:

  1. United States 7 M
  2. United Kingdom 1,6 M
  3. France 1,5 M
  4. Canada 1,0 M
  5. Australia 0,7 M
  6. India 0,4 M

Source for search volume: