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Gmail promotions tab: Escaping the Impact

Yesterday a friend emailed me and said "Did you know your emails go in my promotions folder?" And of course I didn't as I'm one of the few people that don't actually use Gmail. Why don't I use Gmail? It was a friend that told me that sometimes ads displayed as links in her email, it was a long time ago...

Internal linking when blogging

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : We've had some news over at Birds on the Blog, and it's not on general release (so I shall apologise right now for the cryptic opening to th[..]

Social Media: 7 ways to look like you're present

(Even when you're not). So you're automating your social media content. Good for you. You've got no time to talk to people, what would you want to do that for? Why would you make sure that people actually engage with your posts?

10 ways to use audio in your marketing

Got a smartphone? Then the chances are you listen to some audio using it. If you listen to audio, perhaps your customers do too. At the bottom of this post I'll give you a free report on using Skype and Pamela to record audio in exchange for sharing this post.

The hottest question of the year: Which social network should I use?

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : It's London, and it's hot. The summer in the UK had just begun (and it's lasted longer than 3 minutes so far) and I'm under the spotlight; [..]

Google Hangouts: any good for business?

We've recently celebrated the 2nd birthday of Google Plus and over the next few days I'm going to take a deeper look into Google Hangouts. There are a lot of people who think Google Hangouts had a slow start.

4 reasons why visitors don't buy from your blog

This post is the first in a two part series on making sales from your blog. This article is about the visitor experience and the second post will be about the sales experience and managing customer expectations. So why don't visitors buy from your blog? You're getting traffic.

Visual Thinking: 5 Ways to Make More Sales Using Effective Images

I'm going to share with you 5 ways to engage, become trusted, and generate sales. Some of these may seem obvious, but people frequently ignore them - others will need a little more thought.

Bloggers: Why structures, templates, formulas and blueprints don't work

I'd never thought I'd write this post. I love templates and formulas when blogging. It's all very logical to me. I love them because as you learn to write, create content and find your voice you find your own pathway. Structures, templates, formulas and blueprints are like training wheels - they help keep you steady as you learn.

Are your customers ignoring your emails?

An email marketing campaign starts with getting names and emails, remember we gain permission first. But that's not the end of your email campaign, not by a long shot. People need to be emailed in order to read them! I know too many businesses that collect the emails but get too scared to email their customers!

3 tools for faster Kindle books

Time is money, we know that. But sometimes we have a small budget and it doesn't stretch as far as outsourcing the written book for someone else to convert to Kindle, upload it and do all the fancy-schmancy stuff to the product description...

Generic social media advice you should never listen to

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : (Let alone act upon)It goes without saying that if you don't have a plan then you have a plan to fail. In this post I'm going to share wit[..]

Winning by Pinning: Food and Drink Case Studies on #Pinterest

A few days ago I posted about case studies on your pinboards building credibility. A reader emailed me and said okay Sarah, where are your Pinterest case studies? When I took a look at my boards the ones that I'd put together came from my previous site that had got hacked...

That's Pinteresting: How to create boards that get noticed

You're a business owner, and you've heard all about Pinterest and you want a slice of that social media action for your business, and who can blame you? You've got your business Pinterest account and you're not quite sure what to do with it.

Pinterest: 7 ways to Gain Exposure, Explode Traffic & Generate Sales

You already have a Pinterest account set up, you know the basics of how to create boards and add pins to your various boards, but you want to really leverage Pinterest (and all it has to offer) to drive traffic to your website, increasing your business' exposure and ultimately gaining more business.

Pinterest: 6 ways to Establish Credibility in Your Niche

Trust, integrity and credibility are very important goals for any business, online or offline. When your audience views you as credible they not only see you as an expert in your niche, they also trust your advice. In order to gain credibility it's important to demonstrate your knowledge and capability.

The 5 Key strategies to a successful website startup

This guest post is written by Tim Harwood, founder of, a health comparison website. I honestly thought that building a website would be easy and making money from it would be easier still. In the early days my partner and I often used to joke that once the website was built we would literally just 'sit back and watch the money roll in'.

Bloggers: How to Tweak Sales Page Headlines To Get Better Results

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : As bloggers you have something to sell - you might not think it but you do. At the very least you have sell the reason why someone should su[..]

Should you tell your story in your sales page copy?

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : After reading Yolanda's post here - you don't need a sales page decided to take a dose of my own advice and remember I am not my own ide[..]

72 Places to promote your Kindle book when it's free

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : You've enrolled your book in Amazon's KDP and you now have up to 5 days in a 90 day period to give away your book for free. This promotion[..]

37 different online marketing strategies [infographic]

You are here: Home / Articles / 37 different online marketing strategies [infographic] This week's infographic is very visual and colourful. I love the presentation of it and how easy it is to understand. Which ones do you not bother with and why? 50 ways to get MORE Clients from your website!

How to Optimize Video for Search Engines [infographic]

Video optimisation is becoming more and more important as more people use video in their marketing. Gone are the days when you could rank quick for a keyword at the top of the search engines with just one video... More on Video Optimization.

The State of Social Media [infographic]

It's Friday so it's time for another infographic. This one, like the one I recently shared about social media and business, has some interesting thoughts and ideas around the data and what it means. I thought I'd add to the conversation, throw in a few useful links and of course I'd love to hear your points of view as well.

Should you blog in a niche you know nothing about?

I liked this blog post at Social Media Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs go check it out : Have I told you about my journey as a diet blogger? How I set up this amazing blog about dieting? No? Put the kettle on and pull up a comfor[..]

The language of your marketplace

Learning the language the people in your market place use is a critical part of learning to craft offers and sell to them. If you don't speak their language, they'll instantly know they're being marketed to by an "outsider." They will consider you to be Walmart instead of their friendly grocer.