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Adventures in Visibility - Power Up for Profits and Online Visibility

In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I invite my long-time friend and colleague, Kathleen Gage, to discuss her new book and how you can build massive online visibility. Kathleen Gage recently launched her latest book, Power Up for Profits, and in it she provides proven solutions for how to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively establish a strong presence using many online tactics.

Put Your Stake in the Marketing Position Ground

Look at many marketing campaigns and you might find one is pretty much the same as the other. There's no major distinction between them. To achieve the outcomes you desire, and stand out in the consumer's mind, you must put a stake in the ground through your marketing position, meaning stand up for what you believe.

Adventures in Visibility - The Google Plus +1 Visibility Advantage

In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I welcome back my go-to expert Stephan Hovnanian to tell you about yet another change to the Google Plus platform. [Note: Stephan and MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid were guest experts on a free webinar I hosted about Google Plus which you can get here.]

Profitable Content Marketing - Do I Need a Call to Action at the End of My Content? (Really?)

Guest post by Jeff Herring Q: Do I need a Call to Action at the end of my article content? A: I must admit, I was a little surprised by this question. It came from someone who had purchased an entry level resource from me, and the purchase came with a bonus strategy session.

Adventures in Visibility Hangout - Recent Google Plus Updates

In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I welcome back Stephan Hovnanian to discuss recent significant changes to the Google Plus platform. [Note: Stephan and MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid were guest experts on a free webinar I hosted about Google Plus which you can get here.]

Social, Mobile and Content - The Trifecta of Digital Marketing [Infographic]

When you're building your digital marketing empire, there are three kinds of content you must create... Text Content Text is obvious. It's about content marketing, using text-based content in order to take advantage of getting found via organic search. Content marketing is generally defined as creating and sharing media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day - Is It Really Possible? [Infographic]

How much time do you spend on social media (for your business) every day? Do you wonder where the time goes and then fret that you don't have enough time to create content or products or learn new strategies and tactics to grow your business?

Adventures in Visibility Hangout - Hellobar vs Foobar

In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I take on two notification bar tools: Hellobar and the Foobar plugin for WordPress. You'll also witness me in all my experimental glory as I was distracted by my own voice coming in to my headset with a 10 second delay.

Make the Most of Your Blog Posts

Guest post by D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. I'd like to thank Denise for graciously hosting me, as a guest blogger, in celebration of the launch of my newest book, 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour. In this blog post, I'd like to share with you one of "21 Ways" to launch a successful virtual book tour.

Are You a Lazy Marketer in the Summer?

During a conversation with my business coach, we were discussing what happens to entrepreneurs and business owners in the Summer months. We both were getting a sense that business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs, tended to back off on their marketing during the late Spring and Summer months.

Adventures in Visibility Hangout - What do You Want to Learn?

With two Adventure Hangouts under my belt, I'm moving forward with the experiment. The next Hangout is scheduled for Friday, May 17 at 1 pm Pacific Time. The first two covered a visibility tip for Pinterest and a short interview with Dr. Rachna Jain about visibility vs. profitability.

Want More Visibility for Your Blog on Twitter? Nestivity May be the Answer

Does this sound familiar? You love Twitter but you wish you could have better conversations with your community of followers about what you publish on your blog? Even with a great tool like Hootsuite and creating niche lists of people, subjects and hashtags, sometimes the stream flows so fast it's difficult to keep track of conversations and get beyond " Thanks for the retweet."

Adventures in Visibility Hangout - Dr. Rachna Jain [video and contest]

The joys of technology. In the second Adventures in Visibility Hangout, I invited Dr. Rachna Jain of Profitable Popularity, to talk about visibility vs. profitability. We were a few minutes into the conversation when the Hangout crashed. We scrambled to get back online and carried on.

9 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog's Performance Overnight

Guest post by Tom Treanor. A lot of people are blogging for business because (when done right), it's a proven way to establish authority, to stay top of mind in social media and to generate new sales leads. With that said, we all have room for improvement.

Adventures in Visibility Hangout - Pinterest Tip [video]

Ta da! Introducing the first Adventures in Visibility live hangout... In this Hangout, I experimented with the screen sharing tool to demonstrate a simple way to promote your events on Pinterest, and the one mistake you do not want to make with your images.

What Have You Got To Lose? [Audio]

Previously I mentioned I had been challenged to give a TED-style talk at a mastermind meeting. It was optional, but in keeping with my new approach to life, I took up the challenge. And it was a challenge for me.

Join Me for An Adventure in Visibility

Are you ready for an adventure? Next week, I'm launching a new series of trainings done via Google Hangouts. They will be short and sweet and live. You'll be able to ask questions about tools, strategies and tactics about boosting your online visibility so you can step and serve the people whose lives you can help transform.

Do You Inspire Action From Your Followers?

Have you ever been inspired by a TED Talk? I asked my Facebook friends what TED Talks inspired them and received some great recommendations for videos to watch. I asked because I've been challenged to create and deliver a TED-style talk at a mastermind meeting.

A Simple Two-Step Process for Profitable Product Creation

If you've been online for any length of time, you've likely heard how profitable information products can be. There is no shortage of experts who claim they make hundreds, even thousands of dollar a day selling information products.

Google Plus Hangouts On Air - What's Not to Like?

Google+ Hangouts On Air are unbelievably cool. While prepping for my webinar on how to use Google+ to boost your visibility and your business , I was preparing a slide with a list of ways you can use Google Hangouts for your business. I came up with 10 ways, though I'm sure there are many more.

Business Blogging Q&A with Denise Wakeman [videos]

Recently I was invited to be the business blogging mentor on Tea Silvestre's game-changing training program, Prosperity's Kitchen. Tea, aka The Word Chef, has developed a program designed to help students consume, learn and actually implement what they learn so they can see real results from their online marketing efforts.

Google Plus - If You Want More Online Visibility, It's Time to Get On Board

When Google+ (also written as Google Plus) launched in June 2011, most people who pay attention to these things figured it would flop. And while it's not as popular and doesn't have as many active users as Facebook, Google+ has become a site you must not ignore anymore.

Build Your List, Your Visibility and Your Bank Account in Any Market! Why This Business Model Rocks!

Have you tried different online marketing strategies...but your results keep coming up short? As the old saying goes "there are many different ways to skin a cat". One of the least known, but highest-payback, business models for online success is hosting your own ongoing expert interview series.

Adventures in Visibility - Brag About Your Blog Goes On Air in a Google Hangout

Brag About Your Blog Day has been a popular feature on my Facebook page and now, I've decided to experiment with taking it live and on air with a Google Hangout.

Digital Publishing Trends for Online Entrepreneurs [audio]

Digital publishing in all its varied forms, is the currency of the Web and the means by which you boost your visibility, enhance your credibility and attract the right prospects to your business. "If we're putting content online, we're publishers whether we like it or not."