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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 17, 2021
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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip to the Philippines – Plan the best holiday

The Philippines, made up of over 7000 islands, is a favoured holiday destination. Despite English been widely spoken and a lovely 'carefree local attitude' there are some dangers best avoided. Read on for mistakes to avoid on your first trip to the Philippines.


Contrary to popular belief, the Philippines is safe to travel

Practising safe travel methods and using common sense, makes the Philippines just as accessible and enjoyable as other Southeast Asian destinations. You may want to avoid remote areas like Mindanao, which would not affect your plan to visit popular tourist areas. Besides, some of the world's top hotel chains are located in Manila – the capital. For example, you can enjoy world-class comforts at hotels in Ortigas Pasig by choosing popular serviced apartment accommodation in Manila. With the best like Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila located there, you can enjoy safe and comfortable accommodation.


Check weather patterns before you visit the Philippines

Weather in the Philippines is one of the dangers. But that hazard too can be avoided with a little pre-planning. The Philippines has four climates. Hence not all parts share the same weather pattern and without proper planning, you may arrive in the middle of a monsoonal downpour. Hence, a little research of each destination will help you choose where and when to go to enjoy the best weather. Consider booking your Manila hotel avoiding the height of the monsoon; peaking from July to September. And typhoon season, although not limited, is most predictable from June to December. Make sure you are well updated on weather patterns before you go.


Stick to a flexible plan

The biggest mistake travellers to the Philippines make is planning every step of the trip, which in reality is an over-planning pitfall. Keep in mind that bus and boat schedules are erratic, and will change due to various reasons; the most common culprit is the weather. Don't make plans around chilling on a particular beach. This is because once you get there you may not like it and you've got a choice of hundreds more to choose from. Making advance travel plans is not a necessity in the Philippines. Plenty of domestic airlines offer easy, affordable, and regular connections to local destinations, while train and bus tickets are best bought from the station at the point of departure. So, go ahead and set off on your holiday with an adventure on the cards and lots of excitement.


Respect karaoke

Karaoke is the national pastime in the Philippines. And sooner or later, you are going to be up there belting out your favourite song. How you sound does not matter. Because Filipinos are tolerant of each person's talents. Hence, the gesture must be reciprocated. Never criticise or laugh at another's karaoke skills (or lack of), it is considered offensive and rude.


Stay cool and pay the extra dollar

Don't lose face causing a ruckus over a few bucks. Remember the Philippines is an affordable destination to travel and offering that requested extra dollar or two for a taxi fare through Manilla's horrendous rush hour is alright; pay it and keep mum.