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List of Unforgettable Experiences in the Maldives - There's more to the Maldives than what meets the eyes!

We won't blame you if all you see are images of overwater villas, sunbathing and delicious drinks when you think of Maldives. This nation conjures up images of beautiful, turquoise oceans and powdery soft sand beaches. Read on to find out more unforgettable experiences!


Beaches that light up vividly!

The sparkling beaches of Mudhdhoo in the Baa Atoll are a must-see for anybody who enjoys a night sky filled with stars. Initially suspected to be generated by phytoplankton, a sort of luminous sea creature, the Maldives' glittering, starry beaches are due to ostracods, a small crab. This phenomenon happens most often between September to November; however, it is very dependent on the moon as well as the weather. The glowing beach is a natural phenomenon you can't miss out on!


Scuba diving expeditions

It should go without saying that the Maldives' rich, diverse and distinctive aquatic eco-systems provide for fantastic diving. Gorgeous corals, a rainbow array of colourful fish, and a variety of marine creatures including eels, lobsters, puffers, shy clams, as well as conchs may be seen by both professional divers and beginners. If you are a beginner, you have nothing to worry about. Almost all resorts offer a PADI certified diving school on site. Head to some of the luxury Maldives resorts the likes of Heritance Aarah Maldives for scuba diving expeditions.


Swim with Whale Sharks and Mammoth Manta Rays

Wear your snorkelling or diving gear and plunge into the waters for the most incomprehensible underwater experience. Owing to plankton-rich underwater protected areas like Manta Point, visitors to the islands may swim alongside manta rays and whale sharks.


Indulge in an underwater meal

How about you indulge in an underwater meal when in the Maldives? They offer an exquisite gourmet European menu with supper choices and set lunches. Besides, what could be better than enjoying a delectable cuisine while seated beneath a glass arch that has swimming marine life!


Watch a stingray feed

Many varieties of marine creatures call the Maldives home, including inquisitive stingrays that may be seen near some resorts. Although you shouldn't get too close when you swim or wade through shallow waters, you can still capture a casual feeding in some places in the Maldives. There are interactive marine labs that showcase nightly stingray feedings that take place in shallow seas off a pier.


Renting Your Own Private Island

Well, renting your own private island seems to be all the rage these days, just ask Steven Spielberg, Julia Roberts or Johnny Depp. You can consider this nation to be your ticket to a dream that can come true.


Go for a swim in the Coral Reef Breaks

The Maldives, believe it or not, is considered to be a treasure in the surfing world. As the archipelago is made out of entirely coral reefs, surfers may ride in infinite reef breaks. Pasta Point is among the most well-known. You can almost always count on a crowd-free surf area and gorgeous weather.