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Unity Spine & Health

We are both board-certified Chiropractors and we provide hands-on, evidence-based, patient centered treatment for adults, children and families in the London, Ontario area.

Acupuncturist: Acupuncture Services London, Ontario | Unity Spine and Health

Best-rated acupuncture clinic in London, ON. Call 226- 223-2437 to schedule your appointment! Relieve stress and pain caused by a variety of conditions and injuries.

Custom Orthotics Near Me | Orthotic in London, Ontario | Unity Spine and Health

We provide orthotic treatments for a range of conditions, including foot pain, leg pain, back pain and more. Call us on 226- 223-2437 to book an appointment.

Pregnancy 4: 4 Exercises To Relieve Your New-Mom Backache

During pregnancy your belly expands for your growing uterus and because of this your abdominal muscles have stretched to make room for birth. This is a common cause of back pain in new moms because your back muscles now have to work overtime to support your spine and keep you upright. Here are 4 core exercises you can do with your little one to help decrease the pain and ache. PELVIC BRIDGES Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the ground. Place your baby on your pelvis wi

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What is IASTM?

Also known as “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” is a massage technique that involves using a specifically designed tool to assist in detecting and treating pain, muscle adhesion, dysfunction, scar tissues and soft tissue restrictions. This technique is effective in treating most muscular and soft tissue injuries especially sports related conditions.

Is your smartphone causing you neck pain? Learn simple tips that can help your neck.

The term "Text Neck" is often used to describe pain in the neck resulting from excessive watching or texting on hand held devices over a sustained period of time. Often times it is also coined as "anterior head syndrome". This has become a growing concern especially in young children and teenagers as well as adults in today's population as more mobile devices are being use in our daily lives. Over time, if not addressed properly, the neck can also cause shoulder pain, upper back pain, thoracic

New Patients | Hyde Park Chiropractor London | Unity Spine and Health

We offer comprehensive initial visits to understand and diagnose the root cause of your pain or injury. Our services are evidence-based and safe for the whole family.

What is Muscle Release Therapy?

The muscle release therapy technique helps to relieve pain by releasing the trigger points in the muscles.

Sports Chiropractor | London, Ontario | Unity Spine and Health

Our Chiropractors are experienced in acute care for sports injuries and preventative care for the athlete of all levels. We use various sports therapies including manual therapy, Kinesiotaping, and rehab exercises.

Lower Extremity Pain | West London, Ontario | Unity Spine and Health

Our Chiropractors are experienced in providing pain relief in hip, knee, ankle and foot regions through custom-tailored and evidence-based techniques.

Osteopath vs Chiropractic

Find out why an osteopath is different than a chiropractor, and how each can help you. We'll also tell you the benefits of seeing both! | Unity Spine and Health

Natural Chiropractic Treatment | Unity Spine and Health

Learn how you can benefit from a natural chiropractic treatment, while staying in touch with your body's own internal system. | Unity Spine and Health

The Activator Chiropractic Technique

Table of Contents: What is the activator technique and how does it work? Advantages of using an activator What is the definition of an activator? This is a spring-loaded device that sends a low-force impulse, to generate movement, restore motion and increase function. What is the activator technique and how does it work? The surrounding muscles and tendons attached to the joint can stiffen causing a painful sensation. Is it a painful experience? No, because the activator generates such a low for