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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 15, 2021
Headline for 5 Museums Around City Hall Singapore – Fascinating Places for History Buffs
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5 Museums Around City Hall Singapore – Fascinating Places for History Buffs

City Hall located in downtown Singapore is a vintage artefact constructed in 1920s. The area surrounding the building is home to iconic attractions, including shopping and dining. This article updates you on 5 museums around City Hall no history buff should miss exploring.


The National Museum of Singapore

Get updated about the past, present, and future of vibrant Singapore, wandering along the halls of the National Museum of Singapore. The interactive, fun, and exciting exhibits will take you on a journey of the country's history. Covering war, culture, and the roots of its multi-racial people. Explore Singapore's world of fashion, art, and of course, architecture; heavily influenced by the nation's colonial years. This museum very skilfully brings together all of Singapore's historical sites. The experience is one to remember and unique. You can visit the complex anytime between 10 am and 6 pm. The museums in the City Hall district are well-worth exploring. Do so at your convenience from hotels like Grand Park City Hall just 2 minutes from the National Museum. It's a good option for enjoying the best hotel rates in Singapore!


The Mint Museum of Toys

This one is for the young and old alike. The Mint Museum of Toys will take you back to your childhood, evoking a million memories. Go there to stare glassy-eyed at the rows of vintage toys and collectables on display. Around 50,000 vintage toys are on display with an acute update of each piece's history and the era to which it belongs. It's a treat indeed because some of the artefacts at the museum are over 150 years old. Stay at a City Hall hotel in Singapore and you can visit the place as often as you like.


Peranakan Museum Singapore

Known as a hybrid community within South Asian nations, the Peranakan community consists of three ethnicities – the Chinese, the Malays, and the Indians. Also, these are the three main communities of Singapore. At this museum, you can explore the fascinating history and culture linked to this vintage community. The complex consists of three floors and each one is dedicated to a particular type of artefact relating to the Peranakan culture. One of the fascinating tours you should not miss is the traditional 12-day Peranakan wedding traditions. The experience is enhanced with the traditional furniture, textiles, and antique jewellery used for the ceremonies kept on display. The museum is located on Armenian Street close to City Hall hotels and is open from 10 am to 7 pm.


Asian Civilisations Museum

Learn about Asian and Singapore's heritage at the Asian Civilisations Museum. The complex is fascinating to explore as it allows you to delve deep into the colourful traditions, customs, and lifestyles unique to foremost nations like China, India, and other influential countries in Southeast Asia. There are guided tours on offer and a large cafeteria as well. There you can enjoy authentic Singaporean dishes. Get there early and start your tour with breakfast at the cafeteria and leave after lunch. The museum is housed within the Empress Place building and is open from 10 am to 7 pm.


Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

This museum houses an incredible collection of flora and fauna hailing from all across the Southeast Asian region. Some of the specimens here date back to the late 1800s. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is popular for its towering dinosaur skeletons that are displayed in the main atrium – these are nicknamed 'Apollonia', 'Prince', and 'Twinky'.