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Updated by Real Estate Website Design on Dec 07, 2021
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Real Estate WordPress Themes

Best real estate WordPress themes, we have one of the popular and leading names that you might be familiar with if you’re in the WordPress industry for long. Astra is one of the popular and widely used WordPress multipurpose themes which can be used to create any kind of website for your business.

Best Real Estate WordPress Themes To Follow in 2021 - Wordpress Website Design | SFWP Experts

Are you looking to know the best real estate wordpress theme for your website? If yes then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some of the best real estate wordpress themes that you can consider for your real estate website.

ADA Checklist: ADA Website Compliance Guidelines To Follow In 2021 – SFWP Experts

If you wonder who should consider ADA compliance? Then remember any state and government agencies along with private businesses with 15 or more employees should ensure that their website is ADA compliant. Apart from that if any of the business or company is operating for public benefits then they need to ensure that their website is ADA compliant.

How To Make WordPress Websites Mobile-Friendly? (8 Proven Tips To Follow In 2021) - SFWP Experts

As we have mentioned earlier the number of mobile users is continuously increasing, if you are ignoring to make your WordPress website mobile friendly then it can harm your website in different ways. A recent report by Statista states that 58% of the American adults make use of the smartphone and nearly 55% of the traffic is generated from mobile devices. Read more on

5 Key Elements Of Responsive Web Design To Know In 2021 - SFWP Experts

If your business is selling products online then you need to ensure that the web design you are offering is highly responsive. Because if you are looking to convert your prospects into paying customers then you need to offer the best user experience on mobile devices which can only be achieved when you create and offer a highly responsive web design to the audience. Mobile devices have made it easy for the user to shop online.

9 Tips To Improve WordPress Website Accessibility In 2021 – SFWP Experts

If you wonder why your business needs to focus on improving WordPress website accessibility then remember it helps in enhancing the website and business reputation. When you create a website design that can be easily accessed by anyone then you will automatically be able to attract more and more site visitors to your website.

6 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins To Use In 2021 - SFWP Experts

First in the list for best WordPress responsive plugin we have one of the popular and widely used plugins called “WPtouch Mobile Plugin”. If you have already visited multiple blogs of WordPress mobile plugins then you must have found this particular plugin in the list due to the popularity and features offered by the plugin. Read more on

13 Best Responsive WordPress Themes To Use In 2021 - SFWP Experts

If you are running a WordPress website for a long time then you must be aware of the fact that WordPress offers a huge library of themes that can be used to create any kind of website. But with the wide variety of options, there are high chances that you might end up selecting the wrong theme for your WordPress website. Read more on

36 Best Award-Winning Website Designs To Consider In 2021 - SFWP Experts

ETQ website design was awarded as the best website design of the day by in the year 2015. The minimalist design used by the company makes the product look more luxurious and the approach toward the design enhances the shopping experience as well. Read more on

How To Create Mobile Friendly Ecommerce Website? (10 Effective Tips To Follow In 2021) - SFWP Experts – Telegraph

A responsive design automatically detects the screen size and shifts the size of the layout depending on the resolution of the screen size. An online shopper interacts with the ecommerce website using different devices and a responsive design ensures that they are able to easily access the online store regardless of the device they are using. Today poor mobile navigation, scrolling, and inaccessible elements become the primary reason behind higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.  

An effective and engaging copy not only helps in gaining trust and authority but also helps your website to get a better and higher ranking in search engine results for competitive keywords. The design you create might attract only site visitors but the website copy you create will help site visitors as well as search engines. Read more on

7 Types Of Modern Navigation Menus For Effective Website Design - SFWP

If your website is failing to offer swift navigation then it can result in poor user experience and lower engagement. Remember the navigation of your website acts as the roadmap that helps users to land on the right page and get the information they are looking for in your website. Read more on

A custom-built WordPress website loads faster and offers better performance compared to pre-built WordPress themes. It happens because custom-built websites are created using a pre-planned structure and keeping business requirements first priority. Not only that but website developers also ensure that they write clean and lightweight code to optimize website speed and performance. Read more on

8 Restaurant Website Design Tips To Consider

A restaurant website design can offer benefits to your prospects in a number of ways right from offering details about your restaurant to providing an in-depth idea about the dishes you have got to offer. A normal menu can contain only the name of the dish and the price of the dish. Read more on

8 Questions To Ask From A Website Design Company - SFWP Expert

The website design company offers both types of websites, template-based, and custom coded websites, and sometimes the customer template-based website. So before asking the question make sure you know what type of website you need. You can also make your decision based on the type CMS offered by the website design company. Read more on

Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme To Use In 2021 - SFWP Experts - WordPress Website Design

When it comes to flexibility then Neve shop is something that should be present in every best ecommerce WordPress theme list. When it comes to creating a fully functioning ecommerce website the flexibility is vomiting that you need to consider. The more flexibility you have the easier it will become for you to create a fully functioning ecommerce website for your business. Read more on

Ecommerce Web Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rate In 2021 - SFWP Experts

Before we start to highlight some of the best ecommerce website design tips for better conversion we would like to highlight some of the key components of good website design. Before you start to make changes to your ecommerce website, having a detailed idea about these elements will help you to make more effective plans. Read more on

Top B2B Market Research Practices For User Analysis - SFWP Experts

Research is an indivisible part of marketing, whether online or offline. Without marketing, there’s no use in your business plan. Marketing carries your products & services from the place of manufacturing to the place of end consumption. As such you must pay attention to your target consumers rather than your target customers. Read more on

Best Ways To Improve Ecommerce Website Speed In 2021 - SFWP Experts

By now you must have recognized that the eCommerce website speed is the foundation of a better user experience. The more time your page takes to display the elements the higher the bounce rate will be. By opting for these practices you are indirectly asking your site visitors to select your competitor’s website over others.

Like we have mentioned earlier the responsiveness of the website is dependent on the elements you use in your website. So before we are going to higher tools based on different categories like typography, CSS and fluid grids, flexible images, and many more. Read more on

Best Tips To Improve Mobile Website Interface In 2021 - SFWP Experts

The first and foremost thing that we recommend you to do is get a better understanding of your prospects. Once you have a clear idea about your prospects’ preferences then it will automatically become easy for you to create an effective mobile UI. Most of the time websites directly jump into the interface engine process with less to no idea about what actually their prospects want for the website. 

School Website Design Guide: 8 Tips To Consider While Designing A Website For School - SFWP Experts

Most of the time the popular school in your city and location might not have established any website for their school but still, they are able to get more still because of their popularity. Those schools are your direct competition and to gain the competitive edge against them it’s the best time to establish an official website for your school. Read more on

Because they are aware of the fact that an experienced professional can bring their years of expertise in creating the best and result-driven design which may take years if done on your own. Even though you plan to hire an experienced wordpress professional for your website you need to be aware of the theme that you wish to include in your website. Read more on

Website UX & UI: How Google Analytics Can Be Used To Improve Website UX And UI? - SFWP Experts

When it comes to optimizing website UX/UI then there are multiple metrics taken into consideration but among them, user behavior and user intent are the two areas that every UX/UI designer should focus on. When it comes to optimizing your website flow, is it essential to understand what the user is doing after landing on your website? Read more on

Ecommerce UI Design Guide: How To Improve Ecommerce Interface For User? - SFWP Experts

If you are running an ecommerce website then must be aware of the fact that an ecommerce website comes with a bunch of pages and information. The UI design of every ecommerce website focuses on dealing with the complexity of the website that comes with a bunch of information and pages. Read more on

6 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Admin - SFWP Experts

Here’s a nifty trick to solve your WordPress Admin slow issue. We use LiteSpeed Cache and we noticed that when we turn off the automatic cache for WP-Admin, the loading speed improves dramatically. You can also choose to disable automatic caching for selected user roles too! Read more on