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Join The Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh. IIFD is most popular Fashion Design Institutes in India which offering professional training in Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh. Enroll With IIFD!!


What Qualifications Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer?

Online Programs:

To make it easy for people who are engaged in other commitments, there is also the availability of online short courses in interior design. In the online course, you will get to learn about the following subjects.

What is TEXTILE? A Simple Guide To Different Types Of Textiles

Textile is a material that is created through weaving/knitting/knotting/crocheting etc. the process of obtaining textile is as follows


Fiber is a thread like structure that can be obtained from plants/animals or can even be man made. It is then converted into yarns-strand like structure, through the spinning process. These yarns are further converted into yards of fabric through textile methods like weaving, knitting, crochet etc.


Interior plays such a vital impact on people that they can spend their riches on a meal and a couple of drinks just because of the furniture choices in a bar or a restaurant which is simply amazing. Interior designers can make the most uninteresting place look remarkable.


By far for many youngsters the prevailing style is jeans, cool sneakers and messy hair for men and jeans, cool sneakers and neat hair for women. But Generation Z youngsters who in fact wish to express their own style in an anonymous manner as per the view shared by the youth.
We do see a few elements like rave look, pop art style skirts printed with giant coco cola logo, tie-dyed maxi dresses and rainbow chokers barring resemblance to Generation X.

How Do I Start a Career in Textile Design?


I would like to tell you if you are opting for textile designing and studying the same in a reputed institute then within 2 years you will grasp most of the basic knowledge about textile manufacturing.


In today’s world fashion designing has become highly competitive and one of the most rewarding, alluring and exciting career option for students who have a flair for creativity, style and originality.


Textile designing is a creative field that includes fashion design, carpet manufacturing and any other cloth related field. Textile designers marry a creative vision of what a finished textile will look like with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of production and properties of fiber, yarn and dyes.

Facts and Importance Of Interior Designing - IIFD

If you do not like a specific musical style, the theater bores you or you are not attracted to the work of art, you can almost always avoid them. Interior Designing, however is different. A poorly thought out project will affect the lives of many people consistently and for a long time..

Questions for Prospective Fashion Designers - IIFD

Questions for Prospective Fashion Designers - IIFD

Scope of Interior Designing - IIFD

Interior designing is the art or job of choosing colors, furniture, and carpets etc to decorate the inside of a house. It is the concept of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using that space.

Fashion – Art of Designing - IIFD

Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Basic Fashion Designing is always influenced by culture and social latitudes and has varied over time and place. Fashion Designing involves a set of skills that range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection. All the fashion designers guide the process of inception to production.

Skills For Interior Designing - IIFD

Humanity is spending more & more time indoors, which is indirectly impacting our wellbeing & health. In the current pandemic of covid-19 we gain a sense of how important interior spaces are for our well-being and even for the prevention of diseases . Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items such as colors, lightning and materials.

5 types of knitting needles in the apparel industry

Needle is the basic element used for knitting. Different type of needles are used for forming loops of yarn in knitting machines during manufacturing of garments in fashion or apparel industry. Read more.

Effective Vastu Shastra Tips for Home Decoration and Interior Design

Vastu Shastra is very much effective in home decoration or interior design in order to store the positive energies. Follow these helpful vastu tips of interior decoration for your home, office, and workplace.

Importance of Visual Merchandising

Introduction to Fashion merchandising the term merchandiser defined as a person who do buying and selling of goods for the purpose of making a profit in fashion industry. There are…

Psychological Impact of Fashion Marketing on Teenagers

Today most of the young generation running behind fashion are one who doesn't carry it might face less importance over fashionable Fashion is well understood by people and experience mostly…

Trends of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is termed by creating methods those minimize the wasteful or unethical practices, address of the materials that are used are the labor methods that are implant implemented sustainable…

Fashion Designing trends in year 2020

As we bid goodbye to 2019, we also leave behind old fashion trends. New year, new beginnings & new plan. So why not plan for new fashion trends.

Fashion - How does it appeal to you?

Fashion is a trend that we follow proportionally by the time. It is the fusion appropriate to different artists that designed into a piece of visual form.

How to choose right fabric in Fashion Designing

There is great importance of choosing right fabrics in clothing design. Follow these key points to choose latest high quality fabrics for fashion designing clothes.

6 Fold Types of Clothing Design Every Illustrator Must Know

Do you have interest in clothing designing then it is most essential for every illustrator to know about 6 types of folds used in clothing designs. Read more.

How to Look Fashionable in Summers

How to look cute and fashionable in summer. Follow these tips, ideas to freshen your dress up and look stylish in this summer. These fashion ideas will work you year after year.

Latest Interior Design Trends That Can Be Easily Added to Home

Here are some interior designing trends 2019 that can be added to you home to give attractive look to your home interiors and make it stylist. Easy and affordable home decoration tips applicable to home interiors.

What is the role of technology in fashion designing?

Use of technology, tools and softwares has made the complicated fashion designing tasks so much easy hence technology has important role in fashion industry. Computer aided fashion designs created by the use of technology are more effective, eye catching, time saving.

Key Skills a Fashion Designer Resume Must Include

There are some key skills that every fashion designer resume must include to impress employer. These fashion designers resume skills list will help you to create effective resume and get desired job in fashion industry.