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3 Things Your Cat can Teach You about Life

If you have a cat look no further for a Life Coach as he can teach you many things about life. For free. There are many things that a cat can teach you about life, these are the 3 most important: Note: I use the human pronoun when referring to animals; I know it's not correct English but I think that animals are not things but living beings and I talk of them accordingly.

Anger Management: Are You a Pitbull or a Rottweiler?

The Pitbull and the Rottweiler can teach us a thing or two about Anger Management as they represent two ways to deal with it. I love animals in general, dogs and cats in particular as they really are man's best friends.

Napoleon Hill's Key Success Factor to Mastery

Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill? If not you're definitely missing a fundamental step in your road to success, whatever you mean with it. You can find success without reading it but you simply can't miss your goal if you apply the key success factors Napoleon Hill outlines in his book; apply persistently obviously.

7 Ways to Radically Transform Your Life

Do You need ideas to transform Your Life? At some point in every woman's life, it is a good idea to take a deep breath and reassess how career, parental responsibilities, physical environments and enjoyment can be better balanced. Below are some tactics that women of all ages can use to transform their lives for the better.

The Hypnotism Weekly

how would your life be if you were different? Probably Better right? And what would You think if I tell You that since Life Can Change In An Instant You can be a lot different tomorrow? Are you interested? Listen to me then.

Be an Influencer: Is it What you Really Want?

What is an Influencer? According to the general definition an influencer is someone having many followers able to influence their behavior to get specific results. Relating to the blogosphere they are usually called A-List Bloggers, those that when they publish a post get immediate shares and tweets and comments and traffic and sales.

Weight Loss Resources: Hypnosis

If you look at yourself in the mirror and find that you would really need to lose some pounds you might be right, but you also might be wrong. I think that as regards needing or not a weight loss program the first thing to do, beside talking with your doctor, is looking at the Body Mass Index and see if you're really that far from your target weight.

Forensic Hypnosis: What it Is and How to Do it

Of the almost infinite uses of Hypnosis a very interesting one is during investigations, the so called Forensic Hypnosis also known as Investigative Hypnosis. There are many myths about it but in reality, at least as I see it, is a very simple technique. Problems arise when the Hypnotherapist make it complicated.

True Love: 11 Things to Consider when Looking for It

I want true love, what can I do? If you're so lucky that you already have it that's wonderful but if you're still searching for it then there are some things to consider that can help you in finding true love. We are all searching for love aren't we?

How to Find Creative Solutions for Common People

Each one of us has to face problems both in everyday life and in business yet some seems to be able to always come out with creative solutions which solve problems in a snap while others struggle to find a way out. Are they gifted ones having natural creative minds or do they follow a particular process?

Advertisements with Subliminal Messages: are they a real Threat?

The first known example of advertisements with subliminal messages dates back to 1957 when a man named James Vicary inserted the words "eat popcorn" and "drink Coca-Cola" into a movie at very high speeds that was barely visible to the naked eye. He claimed that after the movie ended, popcorn sales increased a 57.8%!

Something Scientific-Psychic: can it Exist?

Is there something more impossible than being a mixture of scientific-psychic? Can we put together these two worlds which seem to be at the antipodes? How can we demonstrate something which happens in the mind and can't be measured with instruments? Tough job indeed.

3 Key Success Factors for an Online Presence

Even if it's not the core of my website being bothered by all those "advice" you can find everywhere on the web detailing the key success factors to have an efficient online presence with this article I'm going to give you a couple of advice which if followed can greatly increase your chances to succeed.

Better Health with Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis be used to achieve a better health? Yes, of course. The mind has a direct influence on the body so being Hypnosis the best tool to work with both the Conscious and the Subconscious mind it can be very well used to get better health.

Highway Hypnosis: Have you ever Experienced it?

Maybe you don't know but probably you've been already hypnotized, by yourself. If you've ever experienced Highway Hypnosis that's an example of what means being in a trance state. You've done it naturally, without courses or Self Hypnosis techniques, and it's the best proof that there's nothing really complicated about Hypnosis.

Are Psychic Readings Reliable?

I know a girl who does psychic readings using Tarot cards and believe it or not sometimes she does prove right and what she sees actually happens. Not all the times but enough to say that it's not a matter of chance or probabilities.

How to Find your Fate

You want to find your fate, but do you have a fate? Is there really something written about your life you can't change and must just follow? Are you destined to live your life as it is? No, clearly what happens around you has an influence on your life, but your fate is what you make of it.

How to Choose Your Destiny

How can you choose your destiny? Using the power of choice . If you don't make the right choices or take the right decisions then someone else will and your life will be shaped by another person but not you. The good news is that every day of your life you can do it again.

The Hypnotism Weekly

Hypnosis does work if it is used correctly and if the desired outcomes or changes are possible and believable. There is no proof that Hypnosis can help you to grow wings like a bird or become immortal.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Do you know that if you are around 40 years old you've probably already survived cancer some tens of times? And that there is an alternative cancer treatment which could potentially keep you safe from cancer? Because there is only one reason why people develops tumors and it is that a part of the immune system quits working and protecting people from cancer.

A Psychic Definition and Explanation

A psychic is someone who possesses and uses powers and abilities of the mind uncommon to the average human being. This is my definition and being considered a psychic doesn't necessarily mean having supernatural powers, uncommon doesn't mean unreal.

The Hypnotism Weekly

Hypnosis is known as being probably the best tool or technique existing for self improvement capable of providing fast and permanent results, but is it true? Is Hypnosis real or a kind of fake ability useful just for stage shows?

List of 20 Affirmations for Weight Loss

Especially during or after holidays when everyone appreciates food a list of affirmations for weight loss can be pretty useful to keep back on track and lose those unneeded pounds or kilos. The first question you should ask yourself is if you really need to lose weight.

Questions and Answers on Hypnosis, the Psychic Eye, Telekinesis, etcetera

A couple of readers of The Hypnotism Weekly dropped me a line asking for some clarifications on Hypnosis and Telekinesis, the Psychic Eye and Hypnosis for people with special needs so I think that the best way to answer to benefit the bigger number of readers is through a post.

The Psychic Eye and its Uses

There are many theories and explanations and blathering about supernatural powers possessed by some individuals and the Psychic Eye is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting ones especially because it does work. Not in the supernatural field, this I can't simply be sure.