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Building a

In the early 1990's, the life that my husband and I knew ended and a series of enormous changes started. Our country was ripped apart by a brutal civil war and along with millions of others, we started on a journey that would redefine us, the way we lived and the way we saw life.

Conference Learning Tips: How to learn everything you need to know from a conference without attending!

After six months at DragonSearch, (and one long afternoon updating Ric Dragon's whiteboard) there's one thing that has become crystal clear to me - trying to keep up with all of the SEO/Social Media conferences that go on is a full time job!

An Evergreen Toilet Seat: Content Where You Would Least Expect It

On June 10 th, 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited the Roosevelt estate known as Hyde Park on the Hudson. This was the first time a reigning British monarch had ever visited the United States and it marked an important moment in history.

Meetup Announced: Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers

It's back! The 4th annual Social Media Day is right around the corner! To celebrate, DragonSearch and the Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers Group is hosting a free social media event in Kingston, N.Y. Join fellow marketers and social media junkies/aficionados for this first-ever event.

Landing Page Optimization: How to Create Effective Landing Pages

After our successful Advanced SEO workshop at Webgrrls International in NYC this winter, DragonSearch has been invited back to give a workshop on landing page optimization. I'll be presenting on LPO and how exactly to create effective landing pages for your business, whether lead generation or e-commerce is your goal.

Matt Cutts; Quality Guidelines of Knowing a Web Spam Team Member; DragonSearch

In the middle of a call with a client he stopped me. "Rowler! Do you know that you're the first SEO that I've talked to that hasn't claimed to know Matt Cutts?" His southern accent had a tendency to take my chosen title of SEO Rouleur, a French term for a good all-around cyclists, and mispronounce it with his distinct Southern twang.

Home Brewing an SEO Strategy to Avoid the Black-Hat Hangover

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Newbie - Home Brewing Veteran With any new endeavor we face in life, it is only natural to compare these with previous, more familiar life experiences. After immersing myself into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a little over six months, I was immediately drawn to the similarities that some SEO tactics have with my previous area of expertise: craft beer brewing.

Ric Dragon's Whirlwind European Social Media Conference Speaking Tour

Digital Boost, Copenhagen and rethink conf, Oslo After a busy couple of weeks in Europe, Ric Dragon is back in the States. His first speaking engagements in Europe was at Digital Boost in Copenhagen, Denmark where he delivered the Keynote address about social media process.

Digital Marketing Seminar for Restaurants Hosted by Ginsberg's Foods

Digital Marketing Seminar for Restaurateurs Building a strong online presence is a crucial way to get new customers to know about your restaurant. With most potential patrons relying on the web, social media and search engines to aid their choices, marketing for restaurants has been transformed.

Fellow digital marketing expert Doug Motel stops by for some inside information on Video Marketing

Part of DragonSearch's "Lunch & Learn" Guest Speaker Program In addition to the ongoing sharing of digital marketing ideas, one of the great perks of being in the DragonSearch office is a diverse mix of guest speakers joining us for our weekly Lunch & Learn company meeting.

Advanced SEO Training & Workshop in NYC at Webgrrls

The invitation to present an advanced search engine optimization training in New York City for Nelly Yusupova and the amazing community of Webgrrls International was an honor for DragonSearch. Webgrrls is an on- and off-line community dedicated to helping professional businesswomen succeed by providing networking events, training and learning opportunities.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Good or Bad News for Your AdWords Campaigns? Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are coming in late July for everyone using Google AdWords advertising. For those that are not familiar with Enhanced Campaigns, Google made the official announcement in February that an 'upgrade' to AdWords campaign settings, targeting, and bidding would be released to make account management and reporting much easier for the multi-device world in which we now live.

February Speaking Events for DragonSearch Speakers

February is a busy month for DragonSearch. Ric Dragon is presenting talks at Social Media Action Camp and Community Managers UNconference. Etela Ivkovic and Josepf Haslam are presenting an advanced SEO workshop with Webgrrls International. The rest of the DragonSearch social team will be attending various Social Media Week events in New York City.

Review of Aimclear's new book

The role of "Community Manager" in technology goes back to the late '90's, when many organizations recognized that they needed some help in managing their online discussion boards and other Internet-related communications. By 2001, it had become a more common job title, used at organizations like Weight Watchers and Consumer Reports.

Emerging from the Cave Into the Digital World of Content Marketing

There are certain tasks that are considered the norm for running a business, the tasks that you just do as part of an everyday routine... processing orders, balancing the books, tracking inventory, etc. Then there are the tasks that have become the norm, like creating content for your website and your social networks.

Top Search Engine Optimization; Search Engine SEO Design For Top 10 Hit Site

I know a number of professionals who do website design/development. They collaborate with clients who have a vision for their site - and once done, both are usually happy with the result. But is website design SEO design? No. Does the website developer help you achieve top search engine optimization?

SEO, SMM & PPC Marketing Scams: Why You Should Run the Other Way

As a business owner you understand the importance of lead generation and gaining new customers. When you are a digital marketing agency that practices unethical tactics that attempt to game the system, new leads are even more important. That is because these companies find themselves flying through clients more quickly than you can say SEO.

Instagram TOS is Arousing Pinterest Lately, Right?

It's been interesting lately with Instagram, right? It was barely six months ago that Facebook acquired Instagram, a phone-app that (at the time) had just added Android versions of their service along with the original, well-known iPhone offering. They were relatively quiet after the acquisition for a few months, up until now.

Ric Dragon Guest Posts

I've been writing a few guest posts on other blogs this past year. To me, a fair amount, although my friend Lisa Barone heartily scoffed at the number. I'm fortunate to be able to make this a central part of my job! By the way, the list below is a list.

Facebook Ads: Facebook Tests All Destination URLs

Facebook advertising has varying degrees of success for all industries, but I think the general consensus is that it is one of the most powerful demographic marketing platforms available to today's online marketer.

Google Analytics Tool; Google Analytics & Keywords Not Provided

I had an international client tell me about their great idea for a contest, and what they thought was an awesome prize to give the lucky one who came out on top. The winner and their guest would be granted admission to an incredible annual international event in Los Angeles!

DragonSearch Releases DragonTweet Advance Twitter WP Plugin

New York, NY and Kingston, NY - November 15, 2012- DragonSearch, the premiere boutique digital marketing agency in the Hudson Valley, has released its first WordPress plugin, DragonTweet: The Advanced Twitter Plugin. DragonTweet creates personalized, optimized Tweets ready for sharing across the Twitter community.

Getting the best results from tablets

With the introduction of the iPad, Kindle, Nook and various Android-based tablets over the past few years, DragonSearch has been monitoring the developing patterns of tablet use to find marketing opportunities for our clients. Marketers and publishers aren't yet fully aware of these usage patterns among consumers, whether for business or leisure.

Link Building with Yosemite Sam

I have a client that came to DragonSearch having been deeply impacted by Google's Penguin update. As the team and I have waded through the toxic mess of links that take us to some of the internet's bad neighborhoods, I'm often left imaging what the original link builder was thinking when they first found the link "opportunity."

Google's Disavow Links Tool - To Use or Not to Use?

One of our clients, who came to us after they got hit with both the Panda and Penguin Google updates, was excited to jump in and have us use the Google disavow tool. After some explanation and education, they realized that this tool should not be our first step.